Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 484 - Renewal Endorsement

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Chapter 484 Renewal Endorsement

Wang Zi had an ulterior motive. Because the purpose for inviting Fang Mo’er was not to make amends, that meant that she did not know what to say. That made the situation a little awkward.

Fang Mo’er was not really bothered with her. If Wang Zi did not say anything, she would not say anything. Mu Ye did not speak much either. In addition to Fang Mo’er, there were also other people present, so he did not speak either.

“Miss Fang, Mr. Mu, please see if there’s anything else that you like to eat. You can add a few more dishes since I didn’t know what you two like to eat either. The dishes that I’ve ordered are all the specialty dishes of this restaurant.”

After a moment of silence, Wang Zi had felt really uncomfortable and had finally spoken



Mu Ye ignored her, merely glancing at Fang Mo’er before starting to look at some documents on his phone.

Fang Mo’er smiled at Wang Zi and said kindly, “It’s alright, I’m not picky. Since you’ve already ordered the special dishes, let’s try them together.”

They chatted for a while before the waiter finally served the dishes.

Fang Mo’er had thought it was just an ordinary dish, but when she saw the waiter serving it, she was shocked.

The waiter was wearing white gloves as he gently placed the tableware on the table.

The dishes were served on a glazed plate. The plate was crystal clear and it was obvious that it was expensive.

There was only a small portion of each of the exquisite and delicate dishes on each glazed plate with some rose petals scattered around them.

After the dishes had been served, the waiter brought over two silver candlesticks and lit the candles. After lighting them up, he scattered some petals on the table.

Although the dishes had all been served, he had not brought any cutlery.

After the waiter had arranged everything, he turned off the main light, leaving behind a dim yellow light. With the burning candles, it gave off a strange and intimate feeling.

After doing all this, he silently left. Fang Mo’er looked at the table with only the dishes and no cutlery, the look in her eyes suddenly changing

Wang Zi, who was sitting at the side, also noticed it and said in embarrassment, “It looks like the waiter forgot to bring the utensils. Please wait for me. I’ll go get them.”

Fang Mo’er said, “There’s a phone here. Just call and let them know. It’ll be sent over.”

Wang Zi’s eyes flickered, but she quickly regained her composure. She smiled and said, “I’ll go and rush them. I’ll also get something else to eat. I’ll be back soon.”

Wang Zi left after saying that but did not forget to close the door.

The dim yellow lights and the flickering candlelight made Fang Mo’er feel uncomfortable. At that moment, she and Mu Ye were the only ones in the private room and the two of them had nothing to say.

In order to avoid the awkwardness, Fang Mo’er took her phone out and pretended to read something.

Mu Ye acted very naturally. Taking the red wine and the wine glasses on the table, he poured two glasses. Then, he passed one of the glasses to Fang Mo’er and said, “Miss Fang, originally I had wanted to treat you to a meal so that we could discuss the endorsement deal. However, since someone else has already made this connection for us, I just decided to go with the flow.” “Thank you, but I don’t drink.” Fang Mo’er refused the drink, but accepted the wine glass. However, she placed it in front of her without drinking it.

Seeing this, Mu Ye did not force her. He continued, “The company is very optimistic about your future development, so I wanted to ask your opinion on whether we should renew the contract.”

Fang Mo’er was stunned for a moment and asked doubtfully, “Didn’t we just sign the contract not too long ago? It should still be quite some time before it expires.”

Mu Ye said, “Indeed, but after some deliberation among the company’s board of directors, it seems they are very optimistic about your future development. If you renew the contract now, you will be able to obtain the greatest benefits at the smallest cost.”

Fang Mo’er smiled. “You’ve already said that my future development will be good, so wouldn’t it be a loss for me to renew the contract with you now? Aren’t you afraid that I will reject it if you just say it out loud?”

“It’s not too late to decide whether to reject it or not after you’ve read the contract’s terms and conditions.”

Mu Ye passed the contract document to Fang Mo’er and continued, “Of course, I just want to see what your intentions are now. This contract is just a draft. I’ll inform you about the details and the date of signing the contract.”

Fang Mo’er glanced at it briefly. Other than the sky-high endorsement fee, the additional conditions attracted her attention.

If the contract was renewed, as long as Fang Mo’er’s movies in the future were not removed from the shelves, they would all be able to get the prime time slot.

In other words, as long as any of Fang Mo’er’s movies were still playing, they would definitely be allotted the best time slot. This was equivalent to advertising in disguise.

The conditions were very attractive, so Fang Mo’er happily nodded her head and agreed.

Just as she was about to discuss the contract with Mu Ye in further detail, the door to the private room opened.

Fang Mo’er turned around and saw that Wang Zi had returned. Behind her was a waiter with cutlery and a bottle of expensive red wine on a tray.

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