Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 466 - The Internet

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Chapter 466 The Internet

“Feng ‘Er, what’s wrong? Why do you look so pale?” When Qin Junfeng arrived at his sister’s room, Madam Qin noticed that there was something wrong with his expression.

Then, she noticed the thing in his hand. She asked curiously, “What’s that thing in your hand?” She reached to take the thing from Qin Junfeng.

Qin Junfeng looked at his sister with a strange expression. He clenched his hand tightly. He asked with concern, “Sister, how are you now? Are you still uncomfortable?”

Qin Yan smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, brother. I’m quite well now.”

Qin Junfeng nodded and patted her shoulder, saying, “Well, that’s good. You rest well in the room. I have something to discuss with mom.”

Qin Yan immediately acted up. She pouted, “Brother, is there something that you can’t let me know?”



Qin Junfeng smiled and said, “Sister, you’re not young anymore. You need to stop pouting like a child.”

Qin Yan smiled and said, “No matter how old I am, I’m not as old as you, brother. So It’s natural for me to act like a child in front of my brother.”

Qin Junfeng nodded and said, “You are right. You are my younger sister. I’ll always be there to protect you.”

Madam Qin chuckled, “Girl, don’t you know that your brother dotes on you the most?”

Qin Yan stuck out her tongue and pulled Qin Junfeng’s sleeve. She chuckled, “Of course I do. My brother cares about me the most!”

Madam Qin was a little displeased. She scolded with a smile, “Girl, are you saying that your father and I don’t care about you?”

Qin Yan turned her head and pulled Madam Qin’s hand as she said with a smile, “Mom and Dad also care deeply about me.”

Then, Qin Yan noticed the photo in Qin Junfeng’s hand. She reached out to take the photo from his hand, “Big Brother, what is that thing in your hand?”

Qin Yan’s movements were too fast. Before Qin Junfeng could react, she had already taken the photos away from him. He tried to snatch them back, and one photo scattered to the ground.

The picture entered everyone’s eyes. Qin Junfeng quickly bent up to pick the photo up, trying to hide it.

“What is that?” Madam Qin asked with a very stern expression. “Give it to me!”

If she was not mistaken, the photo was a picture of Yan ‘Er. But if it was true…

Madam Qin felt dizzy.

When Qin Yan saw that photo, she was first dumbstruck, and then the color of her blood immediately faded. Her face was extremely pale, and her expression was extremely flustered. She felt uneasy.

Qin Junfeng looked at his sister’s expression and frowned slightly. However, he did not say anything. He only pursed his lips tightly and looked at his mother. “Give it to me!” Madam Qin shouted sternly again. “Qin Junfeng!”

Qin Junfeng had no choice but to hand the photo to Madam Qin.

At this moment, Qin Yan suddenly reached out and quickly snatched the photo away.

Madam Qin and Qin Junfeng looked at Qin Yan with serious expressions. “Yan ‘Er!” Madam Qin shouted sternly with a very serious expression.

Qin Yan held the photo tightly. Her face was pale as she bit her lips. She looked at her mother with a flustered and aggrieved expression. Then, she called out, “Mom!”

Madam Qin said, “Yan ‘Er, give me the photo!” Qin Yan didn’t dare to go against her mother when she was so serious.

Madam Qin saw how frightened her daughter was, and she cooled down slightly. Madam Qin said in heartache, “Yan ‘Er, I am your mother. No matter what happens, no matter what you have done, I will always be on your side. Good girl, give me the picture. We need to see what has happened before we can solve it.” Then, Madam Qin turned to Qin Junfeng and asked sternly, “Qin Junfeng, what’s going


She looked at the other photos in Qin Junfeng’s hands and said, “Give them to me!”

Qin Junfeng glanced at his sister and sighed softly. Then, he handed the remaining photos to his mother.

Madam Qin took the photos and flipped through them one by one. Her pupils contracted violently, and her expression was incredulous.

‘How is this possible? How can the slutty woman in the pictures be her beautiful and pure daughter?’

Qin Yan saw Madam Qin’s expression and immediately felt nervous and afraid.

She frantically snatched the photos from her mother’s hands. As she flipped through them, her eyes shook, and she revealed an expression of disbelief. Then, her face turned pale.

“No, no. This isn’t real!” Qin Yan flung the photos away in anger and fear.

The pictures were all unsightly.

Qin Yan shook her head nervously and said, “No, no, the woman inside the pictures isn’t me. It’s not me…”


Her nervous and flustered reaction caused Madam Qin and Qin Junfeng to frown. The pictures must be real for her to react like this.

“Yan ‘Er!” Madam Qin cried out with a heartache, “Mom knows that you’ve been framed. Yan ‘Er, you have to calm down.”

Madam Qin knew her daughter very well. She knew whether Qin Yan had been framed or not. However, Madam Qin was ready to lie to herself. Someone had framed her daughter. Therefore, Qin Yan was still the innocent daughter she knew. “Mom… It’s true. I’m framed.” Qin Yan knew her mother well too. Madam Qin was very protective of her daughter. So she wouldn’t want to believe the pictures were real. Then, she would convince Qin Yan’s father, Qin Xingbao, that the pictures were not real too. Then, everything would be fine. If her father found out about the truth, the family law would be worse than a whip.

Madam Qin comforted Qin Yan and then asked her son seriously, “Feng ‘Er, where did you get these photos from?”

Qin Xingbao shook his head and said, “Someone delivered them to the house for Dad. But I intercepted them, so Dad still doesn’t know.”

Madam Qin immediately nodded and said, “Feng ‘Er, you did the right thing. We need to investigate this matter clearly before we let your father know. Otherwise, I’m afraid he will beat Yan ‘Er to death.”

Qin Xingbao loved his daughter very much. However, there was something that he loved more than Qin Yan, and it was their family reputation.

Qin Yan heard her mother’s words, and she shivered. Her face revealed a terrified expression. She also knew the consequences.

Qin Yan shook her head, and her hands tightly gripped her mother’s sleeves. She said with a very panicked expression, “Mom, save me. I don’t want to die!”

Madam Qin gently patted her shoulder and said very firmly, “Yan ‘Er, with mom around, that will not happen.”

“Feng ‘Er, do you know who sent these photos?”Mrs. Qin asked.

Without waiting for Qin Junfeng to answer, Qin Yan suddenly shivered. Her eyes suddenly widened, and she said in surprise, “Could it be him?”

“Who is it?” Madam Qin and Qin Junfeng asked quickly.

Qin Yan said, “It’s that person with the surname Leng!”

Leng Feiyang had brought up her dirty history when she made a deal with him. In any case, Qin Yan was certain that only Leng Feiyang knew about her salacious history when she was abroad.

Madam Qin and Qin Junfeng’s brows wrinkled.

When Jiang Tao interrogated Qin Yan, Qin Yan threw the man with the surname Leng under the bus.

After Jiang Tao left, Qin Xingbao and his wife pressed Qin Yan for more details about this Leng man. Qin Yan told them that he was just a normal private detective. He was the one who captured the picture of Gong Tianhao and the woman.

At the time, Qin Yan didn’t tell them the private detective also had some dirt on Qin Yan! Madam Qin felt like fainting.

She had to find the man with the surname Leng. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Who is this man?” At this moment, Qin Junfeng asked with a serious and puzzled face.

Qin Yan’s heart skipped a beat, and her whole body shivered involuntarily.

Madam Qin said, “He’s a private detective. Yan ‘Er has worked with him before. However, he threatened her in the end.” Madam Qin didn’t hide this from her son because she still needed his help.

“A private detective?” Qin Junfeng asked with even more confusion, “Sister, why would you need a private detective? And why would you work with him?” How did you end up being threatened by him? His sister shouldn’t be that stupid.

Qin Yan’s skin shivered. She opened her mouth and said, “I…”

However, Madam Qin interrupted, “Yan ‘Er asked this man to investigate her fiance.”

“Jiang Tao?” Qin Junfeng frowned in surprise. “Yan ‘Er, why would you investigate Jiang Tao?” Jiang Tao was the heir of the Jiang Family, and he was groomed by Old Master Jiang when he was young. He was not someone that could be trifled with.

Madam Qin immediately interrupted her son’s question and said angrily, “Why else could it be? Your sister suspected that Jiang Tao had another woman. So she asked this detective for help. How is Yan ‘Er wrong?”

“Huh? Is Jiang Tao cheating on Yan ‘Er?” Qin Junfeng frowned. He found it unbelievable.

Similar to Gong Tianhao, there was no woman by Jiang Tao’s side too. However, different from Gong Tianhao, the women by Jiang Tao’s side would disappear for no reason.

As time passed, no woman dared to get close to him anymore.

Madam Qin knew her son. He would find out the truth if they continued this questioning.

Madam Qin said, “When Yan ‘Er was with Jiang Tao, she found out that he had another woman. That man is really a bastard!”

Madam Qin was still angry that Jiang Tao had come to interrogate her daughter. “So Yan ‘Er asked a private detective to investigate him. However, in the end, the private detective threatened Yan ‘Er instead.”

Qin Junfeng was even more confused.

He asked in puzzlement, “Why would the detective suddenly threaten you? Doesn’t he want future business anymore? This doesn’t make sense. Sister, what exactly is going on?”

Qin Yan hid behind her mother. A guilty look flashed across her face, and then she became aggrieved and angry,

“That Leng guy is a bastard. He liked my beauty and wanted to befriend me. I rejected him. He became angry out of embarrassment. He said he had things about me when I was abroad.

“I was really scared at that time. But I still refused him. I spent a lot of money to escape from his nest. Brother, do you know how scared I was at that time?

“If I didn’t give him the money… I didn’t know what would have happened.” Qin Yan conveniently explained away the money she had given Mr. Leng.

However, Qin Yan didn’t know that one lie would have to lead to a lot more lies. Eventually, the whole thing would be exposed.

“Yan ‘Er, with your mother, father and brother by your side, no one will be able to harm you.” Madam Qin comforted, “We will teach that Leng Bastard a lesson!”

Qin Junfeng heard his mother and frowned again. He did not say anything but stared at his sister with a sharp gaze. “Feng ‘Er, you must find that bastard,” Madam Qin instructed her son. “You must teach him a lesson. Also, you must not let him spread these photos!”

Madam Qin didn’t care if the photos were real or not. However, she knew that if they were spread, many people would think they were real.

“Okay!” Qin Fengjun nodded.

At this moment, Qin Junfeng’s cell phone rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was a call from his subordinate.

“Speak!” Qin Junfeng spat out a word coldly.

“What did you say?” When he asked this, his gaze deliberately stared at his sister and then said, “Okay, I got it. Immediately notify the public relations department and quickly take down this news.

“What? They can’t be taken down?! What are you doing? Can’t you handle this small matter? Stop wasting my time. If you can’t do it officially, find a hacker. Get this done. If you fail, don’t come back to the office tomorrow.”

Qin Junfeng’s face was solemn and cold, giving Madam Qin and Qin Yan a fright.

After he hung up the phone, Mrs. Qin immediately asked, “Feng ‘Er, what happened?”

Qin Junfeng said seriously, “These photos have been posted on the internet. They are now for the whole world to see!”


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