Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 639 - The Son Out to Scam His Father  

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Chapter 639: The Son Out to Scam His Father

After Xiao Letong made up his mind to find another husband for his mother, he put his plan into action.

Whenever he had the chance, he would go out because that was the only way he could find a good man.

His mother was so beautiful and so capable. She definitely had to be matched with the best man.

“This man is too fat, no. That man is too long and too thin, no. This man is good-looking, but he is not capable, this…” Xiao Letong squatted by the roadside, talking to himself.

Today, Xiao Rourou and Xiao Lulu were playing with Xiao Letong.

“Little brother, what are you doing?” Xiao Rourou asked curiously, “What tall and thin?”

Xiao Lulu also looked at Xiao Letong with a puzzled expression.

Xiao Letong looked at his two sisters with an elderly gaze. “Sisters, you won’t understand!”

Xiao Lulu furrowed her delicate little brows and said with slight dissatisfaction, “What do you mean we won’t understand? Little brother, no matter what, we are several years older than you. If you can understand, we will definitely understand!” Although her little brother was very smart, usually they would be able to understand him.

Xiao Letong turned his face and looked at her sisters seriously. He scrunched his little face and said mysteriously, “My good sisters, I’ll tell you, but you have to keep it a secret, okay?”

The two girls nodded seriously and said, “Yes, we will definitely keep it a secret. Little brother, quickly tell us, what are you doing?”

Xiao Letong frowned and said with a little anger on his small face, “Haven’t those brats in the village been laughing at me for being a bastard without a father? Now, I’m looking for a man to be my father!”

The tourists who passed by them quickly stopped in their tracks curiously.

Was this child looking for a husband for his mother and a father for himself?

Whose child was this?

Oh, this child had white and tender cheeks. He was really beautiful and cute.

‘I wouldn’t mind taking him home and raising him!’

When the sisters heard Xiao Letong, they immediately became furious and said, “Who called you a bastard? We’ll go settle the score with him! How dare they? They are courting death!” Then, they dragged their little brother to find the culprit.

The passing tourists, “…” The girls look so quiet and beautiful, but they can be quite fierce!

Xiao Letong was pulled along by his sisters and immediately said, “Sis, Sis, don’t be angry. Listen to me.”

The two sisters let go of him and then nodded very seriously, saying, “Yes, little brother, tell us. We’re listening.”

Xiao Letong smiled, shook his sleeves, and said proudly, “Hehe, two sisters, you know me. I don’t hold grudges because I took revenge on the spot. I have already beaten those two brats that they went back crying to their parents.”

The passing tourists, “…” The child looks no more than two years old. He’s good at talking but also fighting too?

Then, a tourist asked with a smile, “Little friend, are you two years old yet?”

Xiao Letong looked at the beautiful sister and said with a smile, “Sister, I’m not even two years old. To be precise, I’m only one year and seven months old!”

“Huh? One year and seven months old?”

This number stunned the group of visitors around them.

“You’re only one and a half years old, but how can you speak so well?”

The two sisters were proud.

Xiao Rourou said, “Sister, my brother is really smart. He can speak at eight months old, and at nine months old, he can speak fluently with adults. At ten months old, he can read, and at less than one year old, he can memorize the entire dictionary.”

The stunned visitors, “…” What a genius. A one-year-old child memorizing the entire dictionary. This was unimaginable.

Ren Yingying and Shi Xiaoqi, who was asking the question, were also stunned. How could the child be so smart?

The two of them looked at each other and suddenly thought of something.

“Little children, where are your parents?”

There were so many tourists coming and going, and these three children were still young. If they were targeted by bad people, what would happen?

Xiao Letong showed a cute smile and said, “Sister, we are from here.”

Ren Yingying frowned, “Hmm?” Then she came back to her senses and asked with a smile, “Are you from Taoyuan Village?”

“Yes, we’re from Taoyuan Village!” Xiao Rourou and Xiao Lulu nodded.

Shi Xiaoqi said very seriously, “Even so, it’s still very dangerous with so many people coming and going. Tell sister where your house is. We’ll take you back.”

Xiao Rourou hesitated for a moment and then said very politely, “Thank you, Sister. But we’ll go back on our own!”

Ren Yingying hesitated for a moment, “But…”

Xiao Letong also said with a smile, “Sister, we can go back on our own. Sister, you guys go and play.”

Ren Yingying and Shi Xiaoqi helplessly nodded and said, “Okay, then you guys have to pay attention to your safety!”

After saying that, the two of them left.

This was the second day they arrived at Taoyuan Village. Taoyuan Village was neither too big nor too small. They decided to stay for two days.

There were many scenic spots such as orchards, vegetable fields, a sea of flowers, reservoirs, deep forests, and so on. They could stay for a day, but they wouldn’t have seen much.

“Little friend, I heard you say that you want to find a husband for your mother, right?” A rather handsome young man asked curiously.

Xiao Letong nodded and said, “Yes!”

The man asked, “Who is your mother?”

Xiao Letong shook his head and said, “Uncle, I can’t tell you who my mother is yet. I can only tell you who my mother is when I find a man who is suitable to be my father.”

The passing tourists, “…” How can the men you pick decide if they can’t even tell who your mother is?

“Then, little friend, why are you finding a husband for your mother? Where’s your father?” Someone was quite curious.

Just as Xiao Rourou and Xiao Lulu were about to say something, Xiao Letong’s bright smile immediately changed. It seemed like he was holding his tears in.

He said, “Auntie, you don’t know. My father isn’t good to my mother. Once my father started drinking, he would hit my mother. My mother wanted to get a divorce several times, but for the sake of a cute and smart child, she held on. She didn’t want me to grow up in an incomplete family.” Then, a few drops of tears fell from his eyes.

His biological father, Gong Tianhao, who was lying on the hospital bed, “…” He didn’t even realize his own son had slandered his name.

Beside him, Xiao Rourou and Xiao Lulu were so shocked that their mouths were wide open.

“Auntie, don’t you think my mother is very pitiful?” Xiao Letong looked at the aunt in front of him with tears in the corner of his eyes, “So, I wanted to find a father who won’t beat my mother anymore, a man who can protect my mother and be my father.”

The aunt’s eyes reddened when she heard this. She patted Xiao Letong’s small shoulder and said sympathetically, “Your father is really a bad person. You’re a good child! Good job.”

Xiao Letong’s eyes lit up, and he immediately asked, “Auntie, you agree that I should find another husband for my mom, right?”

The woman who was already in her forties said, “Child, I’m already old enough to be your grandmother. You shouldn’t call me Auntie.”

“You’re so young and beautiful. I definitely have to call you Auntie!” Xiao Letong praised with a smile. Then, he asked, “Auntie, do you think it’s a good idea for me to help my mother change her husband?”

The auntie smiled and said, “Your father is such a terrible person, and your mother is such a patient and strong person. She definitely needs a better man to love and protect her.”

“Yes, yes, that’s what I think too!” Xiao Letong nodded happily. “Auntie, if you have a good candidate in mind, you must remember to introduce him to my mother!”

The aunt was also amused. She smiled and said, “Yes, okay. But let me ask first. What kind of conditions do you want from your new father?”

Xiao Letong thought for a moment and said, “Well, he can’t be more than 32 years old because my mother is only 28 years old. He has to be tall, handsome, and rich. He must have over 100 billion in assets.”

His biological father was worth 100 billion, so if he were to find another father, his wealth would have to be at least 100 billion.

“Also, the most important thing is that this man must love his wife. Then, he has to understand the three rules and three virtues. The first rule is to follow his wife’s orders, the second rule is to stick to her when she goes out, and the last rule is to agree that the wife is always right.

“Yes, that’s all for now. We’ll talk about it when I think of more in the future!” Xiao Letong said as if his requests were very normal.

In fact, these requests were really very ordinary to Xiao Letong.

That was because he had heard from everyone that his father had treated his mother this way.

Therefore, when he wanted to find a new father, he couldn’t be worse than his old father.

The Auntie and the tourists, “…” They didn’t know if they were dreaming or if this child was dreaming.

Who wouldn’t be willing to marry a man with such conditions? Why would they introduce such a man to an old woman who already had a child?

After Xiao Letong finished speaking, he looked at the expressions of the tourists and asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong? Did I set my requirements too low?”

Everyone, “…” too low?

The Auntie smiled embarrassedly and said, “Well, little friend, isn’t your requirements too…” too high.

Before the Auntie finished speaking, she heard a light voice call out, “Xiao Letong, what are you doing?”

Xiao Letong’s body trembled, and his expression froze. Then, he turned around and ran over, hugging his mother’s leg as he said with a smile, “Mommy, this grandma is asking for directions, so I was helping her. Grandma, my mom is here to pick me up. Let’s go. Mom, let’s go!” But he had a guilty conscience on his face.

Xiao Lingyu was a little confused, but she did not think too much about it. She squatted down, picked up Xiao Letong, and said to Auntie, “Auntie, please have fun!” With that, she carried Xiao Letong and left with the two sisters.

Everyone watched Xiao Lingyu leave, especially the men, drooling.

Damn it. This woman was too beautiful.

No wonder her son had such high expectations.

It was a pity that this woman married the wrong person.

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