Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 640 - Finding A New Husband  

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Chapter 640: Finding A New Husband

Xiao Lingyu, who had been scammed by her son, did not know how much of a commotion she had caused after she left.

“Oh, I remember now. This woman is the Peach Blossom Beauty!” Even though some young men had only seen Xiao Lingyu briefly, they felt she looked very familiar. Then, they were reminded of the Peach Blossom Beauty. It had to be her!

“Hey, young man, what is the Peach Blossom Beauty?” The Auntie asked curiously.

“Auntie, there is this picture that appeared on the backpacker’s forum half a year ago. In the background of the photo, there is a beautiful woman standing next to the peach blossom. Everyone on the forum called her the Peach Blossom Beauty!

“At that time, that photo went viral on the forum. Back then, the peach blossom was in full bloom. Many backpackers came here seeing that picture.

“The peach blossoms all over the mountains and plains are simply too beautiful to be imagined. Meeting a beautiful peach blossom fairy is very exciting too.” The young man was still looking at Xiao Lingyu’s back as he said these words.

“Oh, so that’s how it is!” The Auntie said.

The young man frowned slightly and said with some confusion, “But at that time, the forum said that the Peach Blossom Beauty was the boss of all the mountain orchards.”

“The Orchard Boss?” Someone next to him said in surprise, “Doesn’t that mean she’s the Village Farm Resort’s boss?”

“Oh, wait. Wasn’t this woman the boss of Green Fresh company that caused a stir on the Internet a few days ago? At that time, her photo was also published on the Internet!”

“Oh, I remember now too. It’s her. Oh My God, she looks even better in person.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a woman who’s so beautiful even without makeup.”

“If she’s really the boss of the Taoyuan Green Farm Resort and the boss of the Taoyuan Village Green Fresh Company, then isn’t she very rich?”

“Someone conservatively estimated the assets of the Taoyuan Village Green Fresh Company to be over 100 million.”

The Auntie, “…” She felt a little dizzy and wanted to take a break! How could a man abuse such a beautiful, capable, and rich woman?

The Auntie asked, “Young Lady, is there any information about this boss on the Internet?”

The girl who was asked took out her phone and said, “There used to be, but now it seems to be gone.” It was obvious that the information about the boss had been blocked.

“Is such a beautiful boss really bullied by her husband?” The auntie asked.

The girl shook her head and said, “I don’t know. However, someone revealed that boss Xiao does have a child, and this child is…” a bastard.

However, not long after this revelation, the entire internet was blocked.

This was the information era, and young people had their phones attached to their hands. When the news about Green Fresh and Taoyuan Village exploded, they all knew about it.

“Is this boss married or not? If she isn’t, I think I should give it a try.” A man with acne on his face said with confidence.

Someone beside him immediately sneered, “Are you handsome and tall? Or do you have hundreds of billions of assets? Stop dreaming! Why do you think the beautiful woman would stoop to your level?”

The pimply man, “…” he was so angry!

He said unwillingly, “Hmph. I don’t think anyone can fit that child’s requirements. Those who are good-looking may not have money, but those who are rich and good-looking. Even if she is beautiful, men are all lustful animals. Those rich men simply can’t stay with her for the rest of her life.” How many men could be faithful, especially those rich men? In the beginning, it might be novel, but after a while, they would get bored.

As for the wives, if they were obedient and sensible, they would guard their home well and take care of their husbands and children in peace. The husbands would not mistreat her. If they made trouble every day, the husbands could easily divorce them.

When Auntie heard this, she didn’t agree at all. She said disdainfully, “Just because you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that other men can’t. A short and poor man like you really shouldn’t daydream too much!” Then, the Auntie left.

The pimply man, “…”

The remaining tourists, “…”

Then, many people looked at the acne man strangely.

The man with acne raised his eyebrows and immediately defended himself, “What are you looking at? I’m talking about the majority of men. Isn’t that right?” With that, he turned around and left in an imposing manner.

The tourists, “…”

However, some of the male tourists had their own thoughts when they heard this. Who wouldn’t be tempted by a rich and powerful woman?

Of course, Xiao Lingyu didn’t really have time to entertain these people. She spent most of her time in the company or on business trips.

Now that her business had expanded, she naturally had more things to do. Business trips were a common occurrence.


“Big Sister, are you from here?”


“I want to ask, is the owner of the Taoyuan Village Farm Resort married?”

The person being asked happened to be Eldest Aunt Xiao. She looked at the bespectacled man in front of her suspiciously and asked, “Why are you asking?”

The bespectacled man instantly felt a little embarrassed and said shyly, “I heard that the owner is looking for a husband. I want to apply too.”

“What did you say?” Eldest Aunt Xiao thought she heard wrong when she heard the bespectacled man’s words.

The bespectacled man’s expression froze for a moment, but he still said once more, “I heard that the female boss of Taoyuan Village Farm Resort is looking for a husband. I want to apply!”

Eldest Aunt Xiao was shocked.

‘Yu ‘Er is looking for a husband? Why don’t I know about it? No, this is not right. Why would Yu ‘Er be looking for a new husband?’

Eldest Aunt Xiao suppressed the shock in her heart and asked with some confusion, “Young man, I want to ask, where did you hear that our boss is looking for a husband?”

There’s no smoke without fire!

For a stranger to suddenly talk about this, there must be something wrong.

The bespectacled man said truthfully, “I heard it from a friend. He said that there’s a small child standing under a peach tree with a sign that says, ‘I’m looking for a new husband for my mom!’.”

As he said this, the bespectacled man took out his phone and showed it to Eldest Aunt Xiao. He then said, “My friend sent me the picture. It has to be true.”

Eldest Aunt Xiao saw on the man’s phone that there was indeed the picture of a small bun holding a small sign under the peach tree in the west of the village. The sign said, “My mother is twenty-eight years old and as beautiful as a flower. I can’t bear to see her being abused by my father anymore. Therefore, I want to find her a man who can save her from suffering.

“We’ll talk about the conditions in person!”

Eldest Aunt Xiao’s expression changed, and said, “What is this child up to?”

Then, she thanked the young man and rushed to the west of the village.

When Eldest Aunt Xiao arrived, some people from the Xiao family also arrived.

Then, they heard…

“You’re too short.”

“You’re too tall. You should be more than two meters, right?”

“Hehe, I’m two meters and one meter!”

“That’s too tall, no!”

“You’re too white, and you’re too black…”

“Do you have money?”

“Yes, my family has a million in savings, two houses, and a car!” Such conditions were indeed not bad for ordinary people.


“No, you’re too poor. If you want to marry my mother, you have to have over a hundred billion in assets.”

The Xiao family, “…”

They were originally very shocked when they heard the news, but when they saw this scene, they found it funny.

This child was really too ridiculous.

He actually dared to play with his mother’s marriage!

“Xiao Tong!” When Mother Xiao saw Xiao Tong working so hard and wholeheartedly, she did not have the heart to disturb him, but she had no choice but to interrupt him.

Xiao Letong was having a good time when he suddenly heard his grandmother’s voice. His voice seemed to be stuck, and his body froze for a moment.

Xiao Letong turned his head and saw several members of the Xiao family.

He immediately looked around vigilantly. When he didn’t see his mother, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he raised his head and smiled sweetly. “Grandma, Great-grandma, First Grandma!” Then, he asked, “Why are you here?”

Mother Xiao smiled and asked, “Why do you think we’re here?”

Xiao Letong immediately understood that they had received the news. He lowered his head and muttered, “How did they get the news so quickly? I’ve found a very remote place!”

Mother Xiao and the other two, “…” Is the child playing hide-and-seek with us?

Xiao Letong immediately said, “Grandma, I… I’m just playing around, really.”

Mother Xiao didn’t get to say anything because the onlookers had already cut in. “You’re only playing around? Your idea of play sure is interesting.” How could he play with his mother’s marriage?

The majority of the tourists who came to apply were just playing along. After all, who would believe that a child who was not even as long as their legs would really decide his mother’s marriage?

However, there were a few who treated this seriously. What if they got lucky?

“Grandma? Doesn’t that mean you’re the boss’ mother?” Someone immediately asked, “Then, is your daughter really finding a new husband? And why is it your grandson who is going around interviewing people?”

“Auntie, you look really young. I heard that your daughter is twenty-eight years old, so you should be in your forties, right? But you look like you’re only in your early thirties!”

“Auntie, what do you think of my conditions? I’m handsome, I have a house, a car, and a savings account. I can also be considered a rich man, right? Can you please marry your daughter to me?”

Mother Xiao and the others, “…” Are these people kidding?

Just as Mother Xiao was about to reject them, Xiao Letong stood on the table with one hand on his waist and said loudly, “This is an entertainment program I created for Taoyuan Village. Does everyone think it’s fun?”

Mother Xiao, “…”

The tourists, “…”

Fun? Aren’t you afraid that your mother is going to spank you?

Then, Xiao Letong turned around and explained to Mother Xiao with a smile, “Grandma, I think our farm needs to be more lively, so I think this marriage candidate search activity should add some fun.”

However, Eldest Aunt Xiao said with a slightly serious tone, “Child, but you can’t play it like this. Do you think your mother’s marriage is a joke?”

Xiao Letong explained, “First grandma, this… Anyway, no man is qualified to marry my mother, so don’t worry about that!”

He knew that no man was qualified other than his real father… Well, there was another man. It was his mother’s friend called Yan Siming. If he really came to apply to be his new father, would Xiao Tong really agree?

The tourists, “…” Why are we fighting so fiercely then? The boy is just playing with all of us!

Eldest Aunt Xiao, “…” That doesn’t make things better.

Xiao Letong smiled and coaxed, “Grandma, Great Grandma, and First Grandma, please don’t tell my Mommy!” Otherwise, she would definitely spank his butt.

Mother Xiao picked up Xiao Letong from the table and said with a smile, “You’re so smart. Do you think your mommy won’t know about this?”

Xiao Letong immediately touched his butt reflexively and said, “Grandma, you must save me. I don’t want to be spanked again.”

Grandma Xiao laughed and said, “If you don’t want to be spanked, why did you do this without discussing it with anyone? How did these people even play along with you?”

Grandma Xiao found it unbelievable.

Eldest Aunt Xiao smiled and said, “Mom, maybe they thought it was fun.”

Xiao Lingyu flipped through her phone and saw a message on her friend’s page. Her expression changed, and the corner of her mouth twitched.

An Xiaohui carefully observed her superior’s expression and asked carefully, “CEO Xiao, you… are you really going to find a new husband?”

Xiao Lingyu said in a bad mood, “I can work, I can earn money, and I can raise the child on my own. Why would I want a burden to weigh me down?”

An Xiaohui, “…” So for CEO Xiao, marriage is a burden?

However, what made Xiao Lingyu want to roll her eyes were the conditions her son had set for her new husband. The first condition was rather normal, but the others were preposterous.

Who other than his father could meet these requirements?

Tianhao, I miss you again!

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