Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1209

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Chapter 1209: Totem Come to Life on the Source Sacred Body

The Marsh Ground Sphagna excitedly waited for Lin Yuan to unleash his dictator body.

It had no idea that Lin Yuan was going to use the secret weapon that the Moon Empress had given him in a last-ditch attempt.

“Marsh Ground Sphagna, since you know the giant purple scorpion, do you know the giant white crocodile as well?”

Lin Yuan felt that if the Marsh Ground Sphagna knew the giant white crocodile, it would have let him know when he first caught the White Evil Marsh Crocodile.

Thus, it was very likely that the Marsh Ground Sphagna was not acquainted with the giant white crocodile.

Nonetheless, he still had to ask as any information regarding the giant white crocodile would help Lin Yuan make a more accurate decision.

The Marsh Ground Sphagna replied respectfully, “Lord, the East Vast Large Lake is gigantic, and I’m just a predator plant with limited ability to move. When I was by the Drugged Snake Eagle’s side, I occasionally had the opportunity to see other places. If I hadn’t become Lordess Wendy’s Favored Believer, I wouldn’t have been able to escape that stupid scorpion’s territory to come to your territory. As such, I’m more familiar with the scorpion’s territory.

“However, from the way the stupid scorpion seems so fearful of the giant white crocodile, it must mean that the giant white crocodile’s faith power is on a higher level than the stupid scorpion’s. I can say with enough certainty that the giant white crocodile’s faith power is around average or higher average.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes started to sparkle.

He considered the relationship between him and the giant white crocodile while wondering if releasing the moonlight domain in the Extreme Token would be enough to defeat the giant white crocodile if they ended up being unable to see eye to eye.

Even if the moonlight domain could seriously injure the giant white crocodile, it would still be stronger than the Invisible Demon and Liu Yanshan.

At that moment, the sacred aura in the giant white crocodile’s mouth shot toward the giant purple scorpion. The giant white crocodile snarled, “Don’t look at me with your native eyes. The Ghost Dragonfly isn’t fit to be mentioned in the same sentence as me. Which part of East Vast Large Lake is closed off to me? As a Marsh Crocodile Apostle, there’s no way any Dictator will spare me a second glance.

“But despite that, my faith power has reached a higher average. The East Vast Large Lake is nothing more than a small portion of the Marsh East Region. All you know is the East Vast Large Lake, and you’ll never be capable of leaving the East Vast large Lake. Why don’t you give your faith power to me instead so that I may stabilize my faith power.”

The giant white crocodile’s words exposed information about itself to Lin Yuan.

Just as the Marsh Ground Sphagna said, the giant white crocodile’s faith power had reached higher average.

While he was conversing with the Marsh Ground Sphagna, Lin Yuan found out that this place was called the East Vast Large Lake.

This was the first time that Lin Yuan was hearing of the East Vast Large Lake. He did not have time to understand this place, but he knew that it was a part of the Marsh East Region.

Lin Yuan now knew that the marsh world was separated into regions, and his territory was situated at the most remote corner of the marsh world.

He should be happy that he had gained information about the marsh world, yet his brows were currently tightly furrowed.

The giant white crocodile’s words indicated that it had garnered impressive experience.

This made Lin Yuan feel more pressured to pretend to be a Dictator. There was a chance that the giant white crocodile would see through his farce.

He thought, Oh God! Who can tell me what I should be doing in order to seem more like a Dictator?

Due to the giant white crocodile’s sacred aura attack, the giant purple scorpion lost another one of its tails after using it as a shield.

One of its tails had already exploded apart while the other now exploded to pieces. Evidently, the giant white crocodile’s second attack had been much stronger than the first.

The giant purple scorpion’s shell had dimmed.

It had considered fleeing until it heard what the giant white crocodile said. The air around it changed, and it turned its head in mid-air and maneuvered into a fighting stance.

It said with a heavy tone, “You’re just using the disappearance of your son in my territory as an excuse to hide your true intentions of killing me! If so, you’ll continue hunting me even if I flee. If we fight head-on, you might have stronger faith power than me and a stronger source sacred body, but you’re an outsider who hasn’t seen my source sacred body. You have no clue what I can do with my source sacred body. Aren’t you afraid of the tables being turned, and we both end up seriously injured?”

The giant purple scorpion’s faith power exploded, and the amber source power gave it an ethereal sheen.

As the purple light fell away, a tall mature-looking woman dressed in armor of purple crystals appeared in the sky.

The woman had thin eyes, which made her appear exceptionally beautiful and menacing.

Her long purple hair was braided into three scorpion braids that were held aloft just like real scorpion tails. However, two of her braids were messy. The messier of the two braids looked as though it was going to come undone at any moment.

The totem that had been on the giant purple scorpion’s head was now on the back of the woman’s neck. The totem had been bright but now had turned into a black hole that continuously leaked faith power.

The woman’s aura intensified, and the aura that leaked out of the hole turned into three amethyst scorpions that stood by the woman’s side.

Before it had changed into its source sacred body, the totem on the giant scorpion’s head was the image of three scorpions with their tail raised. It was as though the totem had come to life.

As the giant white crocodile looked at Dark Scorpion’s strongest battle form, its look of derision sharpened.

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