Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1210

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Chapter 1210: Sacred Source Lifeform’s Secret’

The giant white crocodile did not seem to be in a rush to display its source sacred body.

It said haughtily to the Dark Scorpion, “Woman, you sure are dumb. Since I have the courage to try and kill you, it must mean I’m confident of my success. There’s no way this will end with both of us seriously injured. Don’t think too much. Death will surely accompany your defeat. I might not know what abilities your source sacred body has, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be strong enough to wound me.”

The giant white crocodile’s arrogant tone agitated the woman’s aura even further.

Faith power spilled fervently from the hole in her neck and flowed into the three amethyst scorpions next to her.

Her three braids also lit up with a crystal-tinted purple glow.

The woman started to inject all her energy into her three braids.

The three braids and three amethyst scorpions’ aura became more concentrated.

But at the same time, the woman started to look frailer with each passing minute. She looked as though she had not slept for three nights.

The moment the woman’s body ran out of energy, she shook her three scorpion braids at the giant white crocodile.

The three scorpion braids grabbed the three amethyst scorpions next to her.

At the same moment, the three scorpion braids turned ashy white, and the three amethyst scorpions turned black.

The three scorpions fused together and formed a shadowy black scorpion that was more than three times the size that the giant purple scorpion had been.

The shadowy black scorpion seemed to be imbued with a strange power as it ferociously charged toward the giant white crocodile.

The moment that the Dark Scorpion unleashed its source sacred body, the Invisible Demon released its aura.

The Invisible Demon’s aura enveloped the surrounding marsh and Lin Yuan’s territory.

In order for the lifeforms in the territory to remain unaffected by the Dark Scorpion’s source sacred body aura, the Invisible Demon could not keep its power under wraps.

The Invisible Demon’s aura attracted the Dark Scorpion and giant white crocodile’s attention but not their focus.

Although the Invisible Demon’s aura was not that of the marsh world, and it had a strange scent of sulfur clinging to it, it was only Class 12 and undeserving of the Dark Scorpion and giant white scorpion’s attention.

Moreover, the Invisible Demon was not an Apostle or even a believer. As such, it was deemed a pathetic failure in the dimensional world.

In spite of the fact that it was facing an attack that contained all of the Dark Scorpion’s faith power, the giant white scorpion remained just as full of itself. It also seemed to have no intention of dodging the large black shadowy scorpion that was hurtling towards it.


Just as the large black shadowy scorpion was about to make contact with the giant white crocodile, the Dark Scorpion smiled sinisterly.

But before its smile could stretch to its full extent, it froze.

The 3,000-meter-long giant white crocodile lit up with sacred light, and amber faith power made it appear just as ethereal as the giant purple scorpion when it was transforming.

A white-haired and white-eyed man dressed in a long white robe appeared when the light dispersed. There were crocodile scales patterned all over his long robe.

The giant white crocodile’s totem was now above the man’s left eye.

There was also a black hole above his left eyebrow. Faith power did not spill out of this hole like it did out of the hole on the Dark Scorpion’s neck.

The man, who had a soldierly appearance, swung his hands forward, and the totem came to life behind him.

The enormous crocodile that was formed had an extremely formidable air about it. It was as though it had the power to swallow every creature on earth.

The Dark Scorpion expected its large black scorpion to reduce the white-haired man to a mangled mess quickly.

Yet, the moment the crocodile behind the man opened its mouth, the large black scorpion turned into a million strings of energy that soared into the white-haired man’s open mouth.

When the Dark Scorpion saw the attack that it had invested all of its power into becoming nothing more than the man’s meal, it exclaimed in shock, “Impossible! My source sacred body’s ability is all-powerful! There’s no way you could have dealt with it as though it was nothing!”

The white-haired man smirked arrogantly and said, “The sacred ability full of disruption energy was rather good. But are you so stupid that you didn’t even stop to consider that my sacred power might have unfathomable abilities too?”

He opened his mouth, and a ball of white energy that encapsulated the large black scorpion shot out toward the astonished Dark Scorpion.

The white sacred power blew the Dark Scorpion away and blasted the Dark Scorpion’s source sacred body’s armor.

A portion of the sacred power entered the black hole on the Dark Scorpion’s neck.

The Dark Scorpion’s means of linking itself to the world was the hole.

Now that the sacred energy had detonated within the Dark Scorpion’s body, purple blood burst out of its pores.

Almost the entire Dark Scorpion’s source sacred body had been destroyed.

Soon, a giant purple scorpion shadow wrapped around the broken Dark Scorpion.

The spent Dark Scorpion’s source sacred body started to melt like snow in the noon sun.

A moment later, all that was left was an amber Three Scorpion totem.

White Speak waved its hand at Dark Scorpion’s totem, and all of its faith power was pulled into the mouth of the giant crocodile behind White Speak.

Despite consuming the faith power of a below-average totem, White Speak’s faith power did not increase by much.

The faith power of an Apostle that another Apostle absorbed should equal to the World Grace of a Myth Breed fey being absorbed by another Myth Breed fey.

Although their power had increased, it would not be by much.

Soon, something happened that made Lin Yuan’s eyes bulge out of their sockets.

Rainbow light enveloped the drained totem.

Lin Yuan slapped his leg.

This was how an uncontracted sacred source lifeform looked.

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