Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 633 - Chosen

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Chapter 633: Chosen

While the crowd focused on Lin Yuan and Chu Ci, they noticed #30 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence, Liu Jie, sitting next to Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie was a hero from the Radiance Federation, and he was held in especially high regard in Cold Frost City.

Lin Yuan’s reputation in Cold Frost City resembled that of Lin Yuan in Millstone Town.

Even if Liu Jie did not do anything else for three years, he would still hold the rapt attention of everyone in Cold Frost City.

Since Liu Jie had forcefully taken back his title of Sequence #30, his popularity had become comparable to that of the top 20 Sequences.

Despite not being able to guess who Chu Ci and Lin Yuan were, the crowd had begun to speculate the relationship between Lin Yuan and Liu Jie.

The buzz of chatter and discussion rose.

The guidance battle continued, and a few guild clubs cycled through.

It was only when it was the Savage Snake Guild Club’s turn that the crowd resumed paying attention to what was happening in the dueling ground.

After all, the Savage Snake Guild Club had killed the lucky participant’s fey in last year’s Allstar Match.

The matter had caused a large commotion.

Everyone who came had hopes of being chosen to try and dazzle the Radiance Federation with their performance in the arena.

Besides the 200,000 people that were present, the Allstar Match was also being live-streamed on Star Web.

However, when the time came for the Savage Snake Guild Club to pick their lucky audience member, none of the audience members wanted to be picked.

The people present were prepared to immediately forfeit even if they were picked.

If a Savage Snake Guild Club member went into a fit again and killed the opposing fey, that audience member would be ruined.

At that moment, the Savage Snake Guild Club finished picking.

Huo Zeyuan announced in a booming voice, “Congratulations, lucky audience member A0217. The Savage Snake Guild Club has picked you.”

When Huo Zeyuan made his announcement, the spectators scrambled to see who the unlucky A0217 was.

All eyes were once again on Lin Yuan and Chu Ci.

“Wow, the Savage Snake Guild Club picked the boy next to War Goddess Iron Bull!”

“It sucks to be chosen by the Savage Snake Guild Club. The previous year’s participant had to suffer the death of his fey during the challenge. Who can say if this year will be any safer?”

“All of you are talking about the upcoming challenge. Am I the only one who thinks that he’s kind of handsome?”

Lin Yuan was oblivious to the fact that he was currently being pitied as an unlucky person.

When Meng Xu had been picking the audience member’s seat number, Lin Yuan’s eyes had narrowed.

He had heard about what Zhang Xiaobai had to suffer through. He had not outwardly expressed his hate for the Savage Snake Guild Club, nor had he explicitly said that he was going to help Zhang Xiaobai with his problem with the Savage Snake Guild Club.

After White Devil had said that she was going to help Zhang Xiaobai, Tan Ran, Lu Pinru, and Xin Ying take back the stolen five senses, Lin Yuan had not mentioned the Savage Snake Guild Club to Zhang Xiaobai at all.

It was not that Lin Yuan did not want to help Zhang Xiaobai.

If Lin Yuan did not treasure his friendship with the four of them, he would not have used spiritual ingredients that could have snagged a Class 3 Creation Master to heal Lu Pinru’s soul injury.

After experiencing so much, Lin Yuan knew how to ease Zhang Xiaobai’s pain whenever he was in trouble.

Zhang Xiaobai might have already dissolved his contract with the Extreme Guild Club, but the other three were still tangled up with the Extreme Guild Club.

Zhang Xiaobai and the rest had always been aiming for the S Tournament.

Lin Yuan had their careers to consider. Thus, it was not smart to start trouble over this matter.

However, when Meng Xu picked Lin Yuan, he instantly narrowed his eyes.

Since Meng Xu had chosen him, he would not need to help White Devil retrieve the stolen five senses after the Allstar Match.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard Zhang Xiaobai’s voice sound out from next to him, “Lin Yuan, why don’t you just forfeit? The Savage Snake Guild Club’s reputation is in the dumps because of last year’s S Tournament. This year, they were extremely vicious in their fights against the other guild clubs and even caused the death of some feys. Their actions also attracted some radical fans. The Savage Snake Guild Club will likely continue down this path. Even the guidance battle won’t be safe.”

Zhang Xiaobai’s intense worry was hidden under his serious expression.

Zhang Xiaobai knew that Lin Yuan was Black. Every time Black had a match on Star Web, Zhang Xiaobai would go to the Celestial Stairway’s video library to watch it a few times.

Hence, he was very clear about Lin Yuan’s power.

They had also fought to the death alongside each other in Millstone Town. At that time, Lin Yuan had demonstrated the height of his power.

In the past six months, Zhang Xiaobai had been in awe at the rapid rate of Lin Yuan’s improvement.

However, Zhang Xiaobai had also faced off against Meng Xu before and knew that Meng Xu had two Platinum feys.

One was the Sense-Stealing King Venom, which specialized in psychic attacks.

The other was the Armored Demon Scorpion, which specialized in close combat. All of its attacks came with terrible venom that could decay any flesh with which it came into contact.

When one fought against the Armored Demon Scorpion, even the emergency helpers would struggle to intervene in time when it launched a deadly attack.

If the Armored Demon Scorpion injured Lin Yuan’s fey, it could be healed by the Guild Alliance later.

Unfortunately, spirit qi professionals were much weaker than feys.

If Lin Yuan was stung and the Armored Demon Scorpion’s venom entered his body, it would most likely lead to his roots being damaged.

It could very well greatly affect the rest of his life.

Zhang Xiaobai saw Lin Yuan stand up.

With all eyes on them, he patted Zhang Xiaobai’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. It’s very safe.”

Lin Yuan’s assurance stunned Zhang Xiaobai.

“Is everything going well with the procedures regarding the Extreme Guild Club?” asked Lin Yuan.

Zhang Xiaobai’s lip twitched, and he smiled derisively.

“It’s going well. When the Extreme Guild Club’s captain heard that I wanted to start the procedures for Xin Ying, Tan Ran, and Lu Pinru’s termination, he did not even insist on following the protocol for verification. He immediately greenlighted my request, and the procedure was completed within an hour.”

Lin Yuan felt his heart go out to Zhang Xiaobai when he heard the scorn in his voice. He knew that Zhang Xiaobai’s derision was directed at himself at the eager hard work he had contributed to the Extreme Guild Club.

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