Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 638 - Where Exactly Did This Immortal Come From?

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Chapter 638: Where Exactly Did This Immortal Come From?

The red energy radiance, which was overflowing with vitality, suddenly shot at the giant insect monster, which was wiggling its body and emitting a shriek.

Lin Yuan had previously been in a conflict with his identity and had already planned to expose his identity as Black. However, who would have expected Meng Xu’s trump card, the Platinum VII/Legend Combined Body Sand Worm, to fuse three feys into one fey?

Ever since Lin Yuan had contracted the elemental source-type lifeform, Source Sand, it already formed Lin Yuan’s core combat system. The main combat force would always be the Source Sand.

However, during his time in the dimensional rift, Lin Yuan had invested a large quantity of spirit qi crystals and a Sea Burial Crystal formed by the carcinoma fey, Sea Burial Lotus Flower. At present, Lin Yuan’s strongest combatant had changed from the Source Sand to the healing-type Jasmine Lily.

The Platinum I/Fantasy Jasmine Lily had strength that was already comparable with Diamond I/Legend feys.

Due to the Jasmine Lily’s Fantasy III quality, it allowed the Jasmine Lily to have the strength of a Diamond VII/Legend fey.

Furthermore, compared to regular Diamond VII/Legend feys, the Jasmine Lily had an additional exclusive skill.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the Jasmine Lily had been getting increasingly unorthodox since it evolved into Platinum/Fantasy.

Originally, it had been a healing-type fey that specialized in healing and control, but now, it was a fey that could damage, control, and heal too.

Back then, when Lin Yuan had checked on the Jasmine Lily’s changes when it just reached Platinum/Fantasy III, he realized that the Jasmine Lily was now placing more emphasis on damage.

After its evolution, the Jasmine Lily’s healing ability was all concentrated on the newly formed Bud of Mountain Jade.

The Fasciated Flower Stand and the Crystallized Main Flower now had effects that were opposite to healing. Instead of pouring vitality into the target’s body, it was now extracting life energy from the target’s body.

Lin Yuan didn’t summon the Jasmine Lily. Instead, he simply used the ability Heal from the Fasciated Flower Stand.

The red energy radiance landed on the insect monster, and it immediately placed the monster into an extremely comfortable state.

This extremely comfortable state made the insect monster twitch its fat body with pleasure.

The scorpion tail that grew out of the fat body constantly smashed on the wall, the insect wings on the back were fluttering excitedly, while the mouth was letting out strange insect sounds of joy.

It felt like a nerd who saw his Internet wife crawling out of the mobile phone.

Huo Zeyuan was originally commenting with a suspended heart while constantly giving eye signals to the rescue staff at the side. He was trying to ask the rescue staff to prepare to step in at any moment and stop the insect monster.

However, who would have expected that the red energy from Lin Yuan’s hand would control this monster.

The insect monster might be in an extremely strange state, as though it had just crawled up from an insect queen, but it was indeed being controlled.

This sudden change of events flabbergasted Huo Zeyuan.

While the audience was flaring up, the eyes of each guild club member widened suddenly.

Shi Xu was originally thinking about how to confess to Zhao Xiaochun at night. Still, after seeing the red energy shooting out of Lin Yuan’s fingertips, he said with a change of tone, “Without summoning the fey, the attack released directly is actually at the level of a Diamond IV/Legend fey. This fey’s true strength should be at least Diamond VII/Legend.”

After Shi Xu finished speaking, a young girl with white skin seated at the back suddenly spoke while using a hand to hold her twin ponytails. “It isn’t a Diamond VII/Legend fey.

“This youth didn’t summon the fey, but the energy contains a presence of willpower. The willpower presence might be faint, but it is very pure.

“Therefore, I deduce that this youth’s contracted fey should be a Platinum II/Fantasy III fey.”

In response, Shi Xu frowned slightly. Where exactly did this immortal come from? He is so young and already has such strength.

While looking at the figure of the youth on the dueling ground, Shi Xu didn’t know why his mind recalled that youth who controlled the Class 3 abyss dimensional rift. The silver-masked youth who had used sand to protect thousands of adventurers.

They were both prodigies, but it seemed like this youth on the dueling ground was slightly superior to Black.

A Platinum/Fantasy III fey—this was already the condition to be at the front ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence!

At that moment, Li Ang, who sat beside Shi Xu, asked the girl with the twin ponytails, “Tiantian, you are a Class 2 Creation Master. By observing the vitality contained in the red energy, do you think that youth’s contracted fey is a healing-type fey?”

The girl with the twin ponytails had a conflicted expression. After observing the red radiance that was constantly stripping vitality from the insect monster, she paused for a moment and said, “It should be a healing-type fey!

“The difference that healing-type feys have with other types of feys isn’t merely the healing ability.

“Combat-class feys are mostly able to control all sorts of elemental energy, while healing-type feys control life energy.

“But if this fey is a healing-type fey, aren’t the control and damage abilities too ferocious!?”

Meng Xu’s originally arrogant smile froze on his face for ten seconds.

Meng Xu’s spiritual energy was connected to the Sense-Stealing King Venom, Armored Demon Scorpion, and the Combined Body Sand Worm. Now that all three feys were fused together, the spiritual senses that Meng Xu had were tripled and much more intense.

During the earlier spiritual senses, Meng Xu could feel the extremely blissful state that his three feys were in. If the life energy from his feys weren’t getting constantly extracted, Meng Xu probably wouldn’t know that he was still on the dueling ground. He would think he was bringing his three feys to sunbathe at the beach.

Lin Yuan felt the intensity of the red life energy that he released. The red energy was returning to his body and constantly storing the life energy in Jasmine Lily’s exclusive skill, Vitality Imprint.

He now had a rough understanding of the Jasmine Lily’s Fasciated Flower Stand’s power.

By relying just on the Fasciated Flower Stand, the blissful feeling was only able to control this insect monster for ten seconds. However, the vitality extracted was probably 1/10 of the insect monster’s total vitality.

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