Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 671 - Muscle Growth Camellia

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Chapter 671: Muscle Growth Camellia

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Sun Ningxiang felt that she must have been under too much pressure during this period, which had caused her imagination to run wild.

She coughed lightly, expelling all of the thoughts in her mind.

“Sure, no problem.

“But how many pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master resources can Sky City pour into Condense Fairy Orchard?”

Lin Yuan scratched his head upon hearing this. He really couldn’t explain this issue. It was also not possible for Lin Yuan to be evolving Condense Fairy Orchard’s feys every day.

Hence, Lin Yuan carefully estimated his own production capacity in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He thought for a moment and answered, “How about if Sky City only trades high-class Creation Master resources with Condense Fairy Orchard?

“At that time, Condense Fairy Orchard can bring the feys that need to be strengthened or that need pure spirit qi for mutation to us.. As for the amount that can be strengthened, this will depend on luck.”

Upon hearing the word “luck”, Sun Ningxiang suddenly felt that Lin Yuan was somewhat unreliable.

However, she did not have any opinion on Lin Yuan’s proposition of only trading high-class Creation Master resources.

High-class Creation Master resources were the most lacking aspect of Condense Fairy Orchard.

The three pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters of Condense Chamber of Commerce had seized power, and her grandmother killed them in return. She had also executed some other Class 4 Creation Masters who had had ties to the former.

The vast majority of Class 2 and 3 Creation Masters still remained inside Condense Fairy Orchard. Otherwise, Condense Fairy Orchard would long have been unable to sustain itself.

At that moment, Sun Ningxiang observed Lin Yuan’s expression and could clearly sense what he was thinking.

Lin Yuan said, “If Condense Fairy Orchard requires Legend feys, Sky City might be able to provide them with some effort. It’s just that it’s not possible to trade Law Crystal fragments for Bronze/Legend feys. You need to trade whole Law Crystals for them.”

Sun Ningxiang subconsciously thought that she had misheard Lin Yuan’s words and couldn’t help asking, “Did you say Bronze/Legend feys?”

Lin Yuan replied affirmatively, “If in the process of cooperation, the feys you bring have been strengthened to Bronze/Legend, you need to use whole Law Crystals for trade. The exchange rate is one whole crystal for Myth I and three for Myth II.”[a]

Sun Ningxiang finally confirmed that she hadn’t misheard Lin Yuan the first time.

After refining the meaning of his words, she felt that he hadn’t taken the idea of Bronze/Legend feys seriously at all.

Bronze/Legend feys were regarded as treasures to any faction, symbolizing its power.

Which faction would be willing to trade such precious treasures?

Sun Ningxiang was now increasingly certain that her imagination had not been running wild earlier.

It was possible that Sky City had a Class 5 Creation Master presiding over it.

The price that Lin Yuan had given her just now had not been blindly quoted.

During this period, Lin Yuan had also been meticulously studying the specific prices of the Radiance Federation’s Bronze/Epic and Bronze/Legend feys through Wen Yu’s compiled data.

Although the price he had given Sun Ningxiang appeared excessive, the Radiance Federation’s elite factions had previously traded Bronze/Legend feys. The exchange rate had been one Bronze/Legend fey in exchange for one whole Myth I Law Crystal.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan realized that Sun Ningxiang’s gaze had changed. It was now full of surprise and hope.

She asked carefully, “Could you help me evolve my Bronze/Epic Muscle Growth Camellia to Bronze/Legend? If you can, I am willing to trade an entire Myth III Law Crystal for it.”

Lin Yuan immediately knew that someone very important to Sun Ningxiang must have suffered a grievous physical injury upon hearing this.

The Bronze/Epic Muscle Growth Camellia already had no effect, and Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellia was required to treat the injury, likely because the body’s muscles had shrunk and decayed.

The Muscle Growth Camellia was an extremely special fey—it was a dwarfish herbaceous plant.

After evolving to Silver, its stem would become woody, and it would grow into a very tall woody plant. Moreover, its muscle-generating effect came not from the tea leaves or camellia blooming on it but the abundant jelly in its stalk.

Hence, for Muscle Growth Camellia to have a therapeutic effect, it needed to be at the Bronze grade.

At that moment, Lin Yuan couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Even if Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellias were extremely rare, an elite faction like the Sun family would have pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters who could eventually succeed after trying their luck hundreds of times to strengthen a Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellia.

Lin Yuan thought, It looks like I really have to ask Wen Yu to investigate the ins and outs of the Sun family’s Condense Fairy Orchard and take a closer look at the kind of trouble it has encountered.

Instead of directly agreeing to Sun Ningxiang’s request, Lin Yuan said, “Ordinary Muscle Growth Camellias are not rare. They can be bought on Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

“If Sky City can create a Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellia, I will inform you. Are you agreeable to trading Law Crystals for the Bronze/Legend grade?”

Sun Ningxiang nodded in agreement.

Instead of focusing on the trade with Lin Yuan, Sun Ningxiang’s thoughts were solely on the prospect of the Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellia.

If she could get her hands on the Bronze/Legend Muscle Growth Camellia, her grandmother could hang on a little longer. She could even hang on for two more years.

During this period, Sun Ningxiang had not thought about finding other pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.

However, there were only those few pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.

Besides pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters who had established their own factions, most of the others belonged to different factions.

Moreover, her grandmother’s act of killing the three rebel pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters had angered many of the federation’s Creation Masters.

Under those circumstances, none of the pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters were willing to help the Sun family.

Now, Sun Ningxiang had finally found hope in Lin Yuan.

After reaching a deal with Sun Ningxiang, Lin Yuan left Star Web.

Upon returning to the real world, Lin Yuan immediately condensed a Willpower Rune in his mind.

His recent comprehension in Star Web finally allowed him to complete the manifestation of the Willpower Rune.

With a wave of his hand, a blue Willpower Rune containing tolerance and vastness, along with a gold Willpower Rune containing wisdom and knowledge, appeared and circled around Lin Yuan’s fingers.

[a]I don’t think this exchange rate is correct.

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