Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 699 - Approaching The Truth (1)

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Chapter 699 Approaching The Truth (1)

In fact, Mu Tingfeng had been waiting for Zhao Youlin outside a long time ago. It was only because he had not seen Zhao Youlin that he started looking for her.

Zhao Youlin took a deep breath and glanced at Zhao Youming thoughtfully. She decided not to waste more time with him. She chuckled and said, “My ride is here. I’ll be leaving first. I’ve taken note of your words. If there’s a chance next time, I’ll continue to discuss the topic with Chief Zhao.”

Zhao Youming smiled and nodded. He remained unperturbed about Mu Tingfeng’s sudden appearance.

After Zhao Youlin got into the car, she kept staring at Zhao Youming’s back, which drew Mu Tingfeng’s attention.

In fact, when he drove over and saw the two of them standing face to face, he had already noticed the unusual atmosphere between the two of them. The reason why he didn’t walk over immediately, but chose to wait patiently… was because he felt that Zhao Youming was just a single man, and Zhao Youlin should be able to handle him.

Moreover, the two of them were standing at the gate of the Zhao Corporation. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, no matter what Zhao Youming was scheming, he would not dare to step out of line.

However, even when Zhao Youlin was already in his car, she was still staring at Zhao Youming, Mu Tingfeng realized that although the two of them did not fight just now, they were not just exchanging veiled pleasantries. Something else must have happened that concerned Zhao Youlin.

Frowning, Mu Tingfeng thought for a moment and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Did Zhao Youming say something to you just now?”

Zhao Youlin hesitated, but she still repeated what Zhao Youming had just told her to Mu Tingfeng.

Mu Tingfeng’s face darkened. He asked in a slightly dangerous tone, “Do you think that the people who attacked you and Yue Yue have something to do with him?”

Zhao Youlin shook her head. “No, it’s the exact opposite.”. Although Zhao Youming was a rotten soul, he was very cautious. If he had really done this, he definitely would not have come to me in such a brazen manner and throw threats at me. He still doesn’t have the ability to confront me directly. He should know this better than anyone else. What he did today just proves that he wasn’t the one who instigated this matter, so he has nothing to fear. He knows that no matter how much we investigate, we won’t be able to trace it back to him.”

Mu Tingfeng nodded, as if he also felt that Zhao Youlin’s analysis was very reasonable.

“But…” Zhao Youlin seemed to have thought of something. Her eyes flickered. “I guess he dropped those hints because he wants me to find out the mastermind as soon as possible. Then… When the fishes fight, the fisherman will benefit.”

Zhao Youlin turned to look at Mu Tingfeng and said with a smile, “Who do you think is the biggest threat to Zhao Youming in the Zhao family, besides me?”

“You mean…” Mu Tingfeng was not a fool. Zhao Youlin’s words quickly reminded him of the person that Zhao Youlin suspected.

“Of course, that’s just speculation. We’ll have to get our hands on solid evidence.” Zhao Youlin watched Zhao Youming disappear at the end of the corner before she looked away. “Hasn’t my brother been communicating with the police recently? With the help of the Su family, I believe we will soon get the information we want from those prisoners.”

Mu Tingfeng nodded and started the car. “So now are we… Going home?”

Zhao Youlin was about to nod and agree when her phone suddenly rang. Zhao Youlin was startled. She gestured to Mu Tingfeng to wait for a moment before she picked up the phone.

“Yes, yes, it’s me. Is there anything I can help you with downstairs?” Zhao Youlin’s expression changed when she heard the person on the other end of the phone.

Mu Tingfeng, who was standing beside her, saw that she was worried. He wanted to ask, but knew that now was not a good time. He could only wait patiently for Zhao Youlin to finish the call.

“Have you really found everything? Are you sure that the information is reliable? Yes, okay. I’m already at the entrance of the company. Tell someone to bring down the documents. I’ll wait for you at the coffee shop next to the company. Remember, don’t let others find out. Yes, okay, that’s it.”

“What’s the matter?” Mu Tingfeng immediately asked as soon as Zhao Youlin put down the phone.

“Bear with me first. Coffee shop, next to the company. Someone from our company wants to hand me some papers.” Zhao Youlin said as she took a deep breath and turned to look at Mu Tingfeng. She smiled and said, “You’re right. We’ll know when we get our hands on some evidence.”

Mu Tingfeng was stunned. He remembered that he had asked Zhao Youlin about something the other day. Could it be…

Zhao Youlin said nothing else. They went to the coffee shop and waited for someone to send the documents over.

The person who came happened to be Qin Huai’s cute cousin. After Zhao Youlin took the documents from him, she glared at him doubtfully and reminded him to keep his mouths shut about this matter. Then, she sent him away.

After taking the document, Zhao Youlin didn’t open it on the spot. Instead, she followed Mu Tingfeng and drove home first. After returning to her bedroom, she carefully opened the document bag.

Mu Tingfeng stood beside Zhao Youlin and watched her face change several times before it finally turned completely gloomy. She couldn’t help but mutter, “It’s really her, it’s really her.”

Mu Tingfeng frowned and reached out to hold Zhao Youlin, who was on the verge of collapse, to prevent her from accidentally falling down.

When Zhao Youlin regained her composure, she turned her head to look at Mu Tingfeng with some difficulty and smiled at him to comfort him. “I’m fine.” As she spoke, she handed the document in her hand to Mu Tingfeng, motioning for Mu Tingfeng to look at it for himself.

Mu Tingfeng took the document and quickly glanced at it. His face changed. “What’s on this…”

“I asked someone to look into it recently. It’s

it a man and some unknown past of this man and Sun Fengzi when he was young.”

Mu Tingfeng did not answer. He had already guessed something, but he still waited for Zhao Youlin to confirm his guess.

Zhao Youlin did not let him wait for long. She clenched her fists, and her eyes were cold as she said, “This man is also the culprit who bribed the nurses in the hospital and moved my brother from the delivery room to the hospital, as well as… Zhao Youming’s biological father.”

“Zhao Youming’s biological father?” Mu Tingfeng’s expression changed slightly. A rare look of disbelief appeared on his usually calm face.

If Zhao Youming’s biological father was this strange man, then wouldn’t Zhao Shunchang be..

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