Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 769 - Mysterious Organization

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Chapter 769: Mysterious Organization

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She saw two people blocking the door. When they saw Fang Yi, they said, “Sister Yi, I’m sorry, but you can’t enter here.”

Fang Yi widened her eyes and chided, “I’m a P10. Why can’t I enter this place?”

The two of them coughed and looked at each other before saying, “Boss gave the order for you to accompany Fang Ming. You don’t have to come to the special department anymore.”

Fang Yi: “!!!”

Just as she was about to say something, the two of them said, “Sister Yi, do you want to go out by yourself, or should we send you out?”

Fang Yi: “…”

Everyone looked over, making Fang Yi feel embarrassed.

She bit her lip and left angrily.

Fang Yi used to have a glorious existence in the special department, but now, she was in such a sorry state. When she left the department, everyone was pointing at her, making her feel as though she had been slapped a few times.

When Xue Xi entered from outside, she happened to be opposite Fang Yi.

Fang Yi looked at her indignantly.

Before she met Xue Xi, she’d thought that by acting aloof from the world, she could get Xiang Huai’s attention. Unexpectedly, Xiang Huai did not even look at her.

With Xue Xi around, she no longer pretended to be someone else.

She felt that only by obtaining the right to be on par with Xiang Huai could she get his attention.

However, she had forgotten how dark that man’s heart was.

Now that it had come to this, how could she still not realize that she and her uncle had fallen into Xiang Huai’s trap?!

But when did it start?

Was it from the time Qian Zheng had asked for help or from when she’d told Qian Xin about the murderer?

She bit her lip.

Jing Fei said lightly, “Fang Ming has been booted out and had his power stripped.” It might look as if it had been a very simple matter to seize all that power, but Fang Yi actually understood that Xiang Huai and his father must have worked together from the inside. She did even not know how long it had taken for her uncle to be defeated!

After all!

His uncle was not alone. There was a group of people behind him.

In a place she could not see, there was already a bloodbath, but she did not know at all. She did not even have the right to interfere!

She lost.

She had lost completely.

But to admit defeat just like that?

Fang Yi stopped and looked at Xue Xi. She said fiercely, “Don’t be smug. I, Fang Yi, will not admit defeat!”

She thought that after saying this, she would be able to leave this place openly and with her head held high, but she did not expect—

The girl beside her actually only lowered her head and looked at the studying materials on her phone. She then walked past her without even raising her head… She walked over… past… past…

Just like that, Fang Yi became air. The vicious words she had just said now became awkward. At the same time, everyone in the special department turned to look at her.

Xue Xi continued walking forward and turned a corner before entering the Internet department, leaving Fang Yi in a mess.

“Sister Xi, your disregard is simply awesome!” Xue Xi’s shoulders suddenly sank. The black cat stood on it and nagged beside her ear. “This is the greatest tactic in palace warfare. No matter what happens, one must not move.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She looked up blankly and looked at the black cat in confusion. “Huh?”

The black cat continued, “I didn’t expect you to be a palace expert even though you’re usually quiet.”

Just as she was about to say something, Xue Xi’s other shoulder sank. The white cat stood on it and looked at the black cat affectionately. “Meow, meow, meow~”

The black cat instantly stood up and put up a defensive stance. “Scram!”

Xue Xi: “…”

As she had touched the black cat, she, who had learned the black cat’s special power, understood the cat language the white cat had just spoken. “Black, what a coincidence. We meet again.”

The black cat’s attitude was very bad. “The master who’d bought you here has already been stripped of his position. You’re just a useless cat now. Don’t fight for my place here! Let me tell you, I won’t be deceived by you!”

The white cat: “Meow~” I’m not. I’m not fighting for your place.

The black cat sneered. “Don’t pretend to be a white lotus just because you look innocent. I’ve seen many people like you!”

After saying that, the black cat jumped off of Xue Xi’s shoulder and walked away.

The white cat followed behind it. “Meow~” Blackie, don’t leave. I really like you.

The black cat: “Scram.”

Xue Xi: “…”

Little White was really pitiful to have fallen in love with a cat whose mind was filled with palace drama.

She shook her head helplessly. When she looked up, she saw Zheng Zhi walking past the corner in front of her. The expressionless person suddenly stopped and turned toward the washroom beside her. “Eh, I suddenly feel like going to the washroom…”

Xue Xi: “…”

Her reaction was a little slow, so she did not have the time to tell Little Square that that was the female toilet!

The corners of Xue Xi’s lips twitched as she entered the Internet department. Immediately, she heard Xiao Xiao’s sharp cries and Zheng Zhi’s begging for forgiveness. In the end, this matter was settled with Zheng Zhi agreeing to buy her a month’s breakfast as compensation.

It was bustling outside the special department and everything was on track.

The oppression that Xue Xi often felt had finally disappeared.

“X, quickly, take a look at this!”

Suddenly, someone from the Internet department spoke.

Xue Xi paused and hurriedly walked over. She saw the person pointing at the computer screen and saying, “Look at the Internet connection points. There are a few spots that are flashing with red dots. I keep feeling that it’s strange. It’s as though someone has deliberately given a signal.”

Xue Xi looked carefully and saw that there was indeed something fishy.

She asked hesitantly, “These dots form a name: Liu Tao. Who is this?”

“Liu Tao?”

The other person hesitated. “Why do I feel that this name is so familiar? Wait a minute, isn’t that the serial murderer from a while ago?!”

Xue Xi paused and looked at the computer.

After those few red dots spit out a name, there was another bunch of encrypted signals. Xue Xi’s brain worked quickly, and in no time, she’d deciphered the encryption: Hongguang District, Unit 18, Building 201.

This was… the address of the murderer?!

Xue Xi was stunned.

Qian Xin’s matter had not been resolved. That murderer had always been a huge worry. Now, if they could catch the murderer, Qian Xin’s crimes could be completely removed.

But who helped her?!

Just as she was thinking this, she saw the computer flash again and give another signal. Because the flashing was too fast, no one else noticed it except Xue Xi.

That sentence was: “I’ll give you this favor first. Are you willing to hear out our organization?”


Xue Xi’s first reaction was that this must be the mysterious organization whose name was being kept a secret!

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