Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - Chapter 3460: Untitled

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Chapter 3460: Untitled

“Master Saint!”


As the saying goes, a stone can raise a thousand ripples. All the believers of the churches of mechanics and steam were beaming with joy and shouting crazily at Gus and Grey.

The two siblings were caught off guard and did not know what to do. Their faces were flushed to the ears.

“What do you mean? We—we are not ‘Holy Sons’ or ‘Saintesses’.”

Looking at Luo Xinglong, Gus stammered, “What are you doing?”

“Of course, you are the ‘Holy Sons’ and ‘Holy Virgins’ of my sect. You came to the human world with the mission of banishing the false gods and building up the faith of the real gods. Of course, the decree of the real gods is too mysterious and profound for you to know.

Luo Xinglong looked at the two of them and said, his eyes glittering, “You must’ve noticed that enormous cracks have been appearing in the sky five hundred kilometers to the north of our city, too, after the giant cracks in the sky in the south. Something must’ve come into being.

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“This is the sign that the false mask of the ‘Fist God’ can no longer hide its weak and evil face, the arrival of the spokesperson of the true god!

“You, on the other hand, are the messengers of the real gods, with tremendous strength that you are not aware of.

“If you were not the ‘Holy Sons’ and ‘Holy Virgins’ that I taught you, how could you have broken out of the hunting team led by Lei Lie, the high priest of the Fist God Hall? I’m told that you even killed almost a hundred experts who were adept at boxing.

“It must be noted that, of the dozens of towns near Heavenly Origin City, Red Gold Town has the toughest martial arts style, the largest number of boxing clubs, and the strongest combat ability. The priest of Red Gold Town, Lei Lie, had more victories than losses even when he participated in the competition between the priests in the Temple of Fist in Heavenly Origin City.

“If it weren’t for the protection of the True God, you two wouldn’t have been able to defeat Lei Lie’s little finger. Am I right?”


Gus was lost for words.

Naturally, he knew that the reason why his sister and he were able to break out of the siege was because of the devil Lu Qingchen.

Although they were all devils according to the Temple of Fist, Lu Qingchen was not the same as the ‘mechanical demons’ and the ‘steam demons’. The strength that Gus received far exceeded the power of steam, too.

However, Lu Qingchen had reminded him not to tell the truth to anybody he met. Besides, Gus did not like the crazy believers, either. He felt that they were just two sides of the same coin.

“If you are not the ‘Holy Son’, how did you break out of the siege?”

Luo Xinglong smiled and said, “Especially you, Gus. I’ve heard a lot about you from your father. I know that you are not very strong, if not weak, by the standard of the Iron Fist Art.

“Don’t get me wrong. The Way of Steam and the Way of Iron Fist are two completely different systems of strength and evaluation. The weaker a person is in the system of Iron Fist, the more outstanding they are in the measure of the Way of Steam. They have endless potential!

“What we want to know is, what did you do during the storm in the mountains to make Lei Lie so frustrated and frustrated?

“I—I don’t know.”

Gus could only reply vaguely, “I—I felt that the world was spinning, and I was in a trance. After a long time, I saw broken limbs all over the ground. The pursuers suffered heavy casualties. Even my uncle, Lei Lie, ran away.

“That’s right, Master Saint. That’s right!”

Luo Xinglong waved his fist in excitement and shouted to his surroundings, “You don’t even know what’s going on, and you’ve already slayed almost a hundred strong pursuers. What else could it be but the arrival of a True God?

“Therefore, the two siblings, Gus and Grey, must be the ‘Holy Sons’ and the ‘Holy Virgins’ of my sect. The God of Steam sent them to cleanse the sins and blind faith of the world and establish their true beliefs!

“Ladies and gentlemen, the false ‘Fist King’ has been deceiving the world for almost ten thousand years. Over the past ten thousand years, our world has been living in seclusion, ignorant, backward, bloody, and brutal. The noble human beings have turned into muscular barbarians with simple brains, or even animals that drink raw blood!

“Those who tried to ignite the flames of wisdom in the darkness and find a way out were hunted and suppressed by the claws and teeth of the ‘Punching King’. Year after year, generation after generation, the blood had already gathered into an ocean, and the bones had already piled up into a mountain.

“Today, the faith of the true gods finally has a new hope. In the south, the army of steam has already gathered, occupied the towns, demolished the temples of the false gods, and bombarded the so-called invincible ‘iron fist army’ of the false gods with the invincible steam cannons.

“In the north, the beliefs of the true gods were spread out in countless towns in secret, too. They were unstoppable like wildfire, until the sky was torn apart and ‘Holy Sons’ and ‘Holy Virgins’ descended.

“Their arrival means that the strength of the false gods has been weakened to the minimum. The day when they raise the flag of justice in the north and roar is not far away. The false gods will be defeated. Long live the true gods. The false gods will be defeated. Long live the true gods!”

Luo Xinglong’s voice was getting louder and louder.

Sweat the size of beans leaked out of his forehead and turned into white smoke, making him look like a steam engine that had been driven to the limit.

“False gods will be defeated. Long live the true gods!”

“False gods will be defeated. Long live the true gods!”

The believers below were all in a frenzy, too.

Gus and Grey felt dizzy.

He did not expect that their arrival would trigger an unstoppable chain reaction.

As it turned out, the forces of the Mechanical and Steam Brotherhood in the north, especially those in Qianyuan City, had expanded to an unimaginable level.

The expansion and activity of the organization would certainly be detected by the Temple of Fist.

Since a battle was inevitable, it was better to make the first move.

Over the past few days, the news that the ‘Steam Legion’ had defeated the ‘Iron Fist Legion’ from the south had boosted the morale of the believers in the north.

A giant crack appeared in the sky, which was more like a cardiac stimulant that strengthened the beliefs of the believers and made them believe that the old gods were dead and new gods were standing.

The news that Gus and Grey had broken out of the siege and almost killed Lei Lie, the high priest of the Fist God Hall, was an out-and-out miracle, and even a ‘miracle’ was a signal that the real gods had sent to their believers.

If he didn’t take it, he would be blamed.

When the news reached them, the believers of the Mechanical and Steam Churches in Qianyuan City had been restless for a long time.

Now, Gus and Gray had appeared right in front of them. It was like a horn that had been blown right beside their ears!

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