From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1102 - I Feel Honored for Her to Rely on Me

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Chapter 1102: I Feel Honored for Her to Rely on Me

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“Yiling, is he telling me the truth?” Zhai Yunsheng asked as he looked at Jian Yiling.

A pair of deep and dark eyes gazed at her.

Jian Yiling’s hand that was gripped onto Zhai Yunsheng’s waist tightened.

“Fake… Fake…”

Her voice was as quiet as a mosquito’s buzz.

“Then tell me, what is he here for?”

“He… The compass…”

Jian Yiling whispered as she nervously hugged Zhai Yunsheng.

She was anxious.

“He wants the Goodman family compass?” Zhai Yunsheng asked Jian Yiling. He roughly understood her words.

Jian Yiling nodded as she continued to lean against Zhai Yunsheng’s chest. As she was nodding, she bumped Zhai Yunsheng’s chest a few times with her head.

Upon receiving this response, Zhai Yunsheng’s eyes darkened when he looked at the middle-aged man again.

The smile on the man’s face became even more obvious as he said: “Your girl is quite capable. When her boyfriend isn’t accompanying her, she calmly speaks to me. She’s not nervous at all. However, when you’re next to her, she just nestles into your arms and is unwilling to leave you. It’s as though she’s a frightened lamb.”

“She’s my woman. I feel honored for her to rely on me,” Zhai Yunsheng responded in a cold voice. “As for you, I think you should leave with Superintendent Ruan and the others.”

“A Sheng, you’re hurting your uncle’s heart. When you were young, I even hugged you,” the man said.

Jian Yiling’s grip on Zhai Yunsheng tightened again.

It hurt much more to be deceived by someone you know than to be deceived by a stranger.

When he sensed Jian Yiling’s anxiousness, Zhai Yunsheng reached out to pat her on the back. He said: “Don’t worry. He can’t affect me.”

Although he did not know what Mr. Mu did to make Jian Yiling anxious, he assumed it was something related to himself.

Zhai Yunsheng knew Jian Yiling quite well. He knew that her mood would only change when it involved her loved ones.

At this moment, Superintendent Ruan finally arrived.

He and his subordinates surrounded Mr. Mu to ensure that he could not get away.

“Mr. Mu, you can’t escape from us. As you’re suspected of murdering Zhai Bochen, we’re here to arrest you,” Superintendent Ruan said as he glared at the man viciously.

This was the murderer that their team had been chasing for nearly twenty years.

Upon hearing Superintendent Ruan’s words, Zhai Yunsheng’s body froze.

The murderer… Of his father…

In an instant, a chill rose from the bottom of his feet. It appeared as though the chaos in front of him had disappeared.

Instead, the ground surrounding him was flowing with blood. The blood slowly seeped into his shoes.

The deadly silence… He couldn’t hear anyone’s voice.

Zhai Yunsheng appeared to have withdrawn himself from the world. He was immersed in his memories.

“A Sheng.”

A soft voice called out.

Zhai Yunsheng’s thoughts were pulled back by this voice.

He lowered his head to look at the girl in his arms.

There was no blood.

“I’m alright,” Zhai Yunsheng said as he gently patted Jian Yiling’s back.

Mr. Mu laughed as he asked: “Police officer, you must be joking. Why should I run away? I am a good citizen.”

“You just admitted that you’re the murderer of Zhai Bochen!” Superintendent Ruan snarled as he looked at Mr. Mu. He had the urge to tear off the other person’s mouth!

How dare he smile? He was a murderer!

“I was joking around with Yiling. I’m friends with A Sheng’s parents. Naturally, I know she’s A Sheng’s fiancee.. I just wanted to tease her,” the man explained.

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