From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1148 - Beat Up Jin Feng (1)

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Chapter 1148: Beat Up Jin Feng (1)

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Every day Grandpa Sun appeared at Jin Jin’s house to teach Zhai Yunsheng some martial arts.

At first, he was quite reluctant. However, after discovering Zhai Yunsheng’s talent, he became rather happy.

Furthermore, the equipment that Jian Yunmo had promised him had been flown in.

At first, Jian Yunmo volunteered to install the equipment for Grandpa Sun. However, Grandpa Sun refused this offer. Instead, he asked Jian Yunmo for the installation method before he carried everything back by himself. He refused to let others near his hut.

Zhai Yunsheng’s physical condition was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Furthermore, the scars on Jian Yiling’s body also began to gradually fade away.

‘When Yu Xi, An Yang, Jian Yunmo, Liu Ting, and Wen Yan saw this, they were all incredibly happy.

There was also another change.

Jian Yiling’s cooking was initially quite bland. She made things to take care of Zhai Yunsheng’s fragile stomach.

However now, there was meat available in every meal.

In fact, she would cook roughly ten to twelve dishes every meal. This never happened before!

It seemed as though they were all very lucky.

As Jian Yiling was determined to fatten Zhai Yunsheng up, she made all kinds of delicious foods.

And the result was Zhai Yunsheng’s regained quite a bit of weight. However, everyone else gained weight too.


Jin Feng, Brother Bao, and the others had been walking behind a big tree not far away from Jin Jin’s house for quite a while.

“Jin Feng, your sister knows a lot of amazing people now!” Brother Bao exclaimed as he slapped Jin Feng’s shoulder.

Jin Feng awkwardly smiled as he said: “Yes yes…”

“So, when are you planning to pay back the money you owe me?”

As he said this, Brother Bao’s threatening eyes fell onto Jin Feng’s body. It was as though he was searching for something that Jin Feng had on him that was worth a bit of money.

“Brother Bao, don’t do this!” Jin Feng hastily begged for mercy. “Brother Bao, my sister now knows Brother Yang and other people! If nothing bad happens to her, her potential is unlimited. I’m her brother. There’s definitely a way for me to get money from her!”

“Then do something about it! Don’t just sit here looking at them. Money won’t just appear in your hands!”

“Then… Could you give back the phone you took from my sister? I’ll… Return it to her…” Jin Feng asked cautiously.

“What do you mean by that? I should do you a favor or something?”

Brother Bao looked as though he was ready to beat someone up.

“Brother Bao, it’s better for me to take the phone away from you. If Jin Jin reports this to Brother Yang…” Brother Bao’s lackey said quietly.

When Brother Bao heard this, he realized that this was the truth.

Brother Yang could remove him from the surface of the Earth in a matter of seconds.

“alright, I will give the phone back to you. Hurry up and give it to your sister. You have to tell her that I took the initiative to give her back her phone. Also, apologize to your sister for me. Do you understand?”

Thankfully, he didn’t sell this phone to a second-hand store. If he did this, Brother Bao wouldn’t know how to get it back.

“Understood, I will definitely make sure it’s done.”

After Jin Feng got the phone, he hurriedly ran to the door of Jin Jin’s house.

He wanted to enter but he was stopped by Zhai Yunsheng’s bodyguards.

And thus, Jin Feng shouted Jin Jin’s name.

Jin Jin was currently helping Jian Yiling in the kitchen. When she heard the noise, she walked out.

“What do you want?” Jin Jin asked Jin Feng. She was no longer scared of him as there were many bodyguards next to her.

“Sister, you’re misunderstanding. I’m here to bring you your phone,” Jin Feng said as he held up Jin Jin’s old phone.

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