From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1161 - Certain of Victory (2)

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Chapter 1161 Certain of Victory (2)

“Then I’d be writing a biography,” Anna replied playfully.

Mu Ruohai smile became wicked as he asked: “Who do you think will win between me and Zhai Yunsheng?”

“What has that to do with me? If you win, even if the compass falls into your hands, you won’t become the legitimate owner of the compass. The Goodman family will still not recognize your identity.” “Oh really?”

So what if that was the case? As long as he got his hands on the compass and as long as he found the treasure, why would he still need power from the Goodman family?

He could grow his own power. He wouldn’t have to care about them anymore.

“However, it seems as though you’re well-prepared and confident about winning against Zhai Yunsheng,” Anna laughed.

Mu Ruohai almost never made losses. If he dared to make such a bet against Zhai Yunsheng, Anna was confident that he was well-prepared.


“But as far as I know, the Zhai family is incredibly powerful. There are also many martial art experts in the Loyalty Alliance. Furthermore, Jian Yiling’s cousin is also known to be one of the best in our country. He hasn’t suffered a defeat yet,” Anna said. She did her research on people around Jian Yiling. “Anna, it appears as though you don’t know much about this country. Even though Jian Yiheng is strong and he’s portrayed as a martial arts genius by the media, truly strong people do not show themselves off in front of the media. They would never participate in those kinds of competitions.”

“Well, I’m not from here. And thus, I don’t know what you’re talking about. But it seems as though you’ve found someone super strong. Someone strong enough to give you such confidence.”

Mu Ruohai’s smile became mysterious as he said: “You will learn about this on the day of the competition.” Anna’s guess was correct. Mu Ruohai indeed found someone incredibly strong.

This made him fearless in the competition. No one from the Loyalty Alliance would be a match for the man he found. Even Jian Yiheng would not be a match against him.

Of course, Zhai Yunsheng was definitely out of the question already. “Oh? Did you find the man who reigned over everyone thirty years ago?” Anna asked.

“Oh, it seems as though you know quite a lot of things,” Mu Ruohai commented.

Mu Ruohai knew of the man Anna mentioned.

However, that man already disappeared for thirty years. No one knew where he went.

Even though A Yong was not that man, he was the strongest person out of the many reclusive families.

“Ahh, forget it. Where is my room? I want to get some rest. I’m tired from taking the plane,” Anna said as she walked away.

When Anna disappeared into her room, Mu Ruohai’s eyes turned cold.

“Mr. Mu…” A Yong said. The young man sensed Mu Ruohai’s hatred towards Anna. He could also probably sense that Mu Ruohai wanted to get rid of Anna.

“Anna… Sooner or later, I will make sure she’s unable to laugh.”

He would definitely get rid of this eyesore.

However, it was not the time for it yet.

He needed much more power to do that.

Despite having a lot of supporters already, if he wanted to deal with Anna, the most trusted person in the Goodman family, it would still be incredibly difficult.

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