From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1162 - Odds of Success

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Chapter 1162 Odds of Success

“If you encountered that man from thirty years ago, what are your chances of winning?” Mu Ruohai asked A Yong.

When Anna mentioned this, Mu Ruohai remembered this possibility. It could pose a huge problem for him.

He did not want anything to stop his plans. He absolutely had to get his hands on the Goodman family compass.

“I don’t know. However, my father once lost to him,” A Yong said with a cold and expressionless face. The martial arts in his family was passed down through the generations. A Yong learned his martial arts from his father.


If his father could not defeat that man, the probability of Ah Yong defeating him wasn’t high either.

Upon hearing this, Mu Ruohai frowned. “However, my father said that he shouldn’t be alive in this day and age,” A Yong added.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Apparently, he’s dead.”

“Dead? How did he die?”

“Even though he was invincible in battles, he was unable to protect the person he loved. And thus, that resulted in her death. As he was devastated by this, he drove whilst drunk and encountered a car accident.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Ruohai felt slightly better.

If this person hadn’t appeared in thirty years, he wouldn’t appear right now for no reason.

And even if he were to appear, Zhai Yunsheng would not be able to request that person for


And thus, if Zhai Yunsheng wanted to win against him, he could only ask Jian Yiheng for help. A Yong had already watched clips of Jian Yiheng’s competition. He was confident that he could win against Jian Yiheng. In fact, he said that Jian Yiheng was not even considered a threat.

“Got it. Prepare well. If you win, I will arrange for your mother’s treatment costs and her surgery.” “Okay.”


Yu Xi was making laps around the garden. Although he believed in Grandpa Sun’s words, he was still incredibly nervous.

In fact, he didn’t know how much hair he had left. He kept pulling at his hair over the past two days.

Jin Jin looked at Yu Xi as he sighed for the eightieth time. She walked over and said: “Don’t worry about it too much. Master Sheng seems confident in himself. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Miss Jin, where do you think Grandpa Sun is from? Why is he so strong? If we were to measure his combat abilities, would it break the measuring tool?”

“I don’t know. I never knew he was so strong before. I’ve only seen him hit people with brooms. However, I just assumed he was easily angered.”

Jin Jin only recently discovered that this strange old man was secretly a martial arts expert. Yu Xi: “Well, what is he doing here in the mountains then?” According to Yu Xi’s understanding, these martial art experts usually work for prestigious and famous families. If they weren’t working for those individuals, they would typically have their own business.

“Well, everyone has their own aspirations,” Jin Jin replied. “Maybe he just likes life inside these mountains.”

Yu Xi let out another long sigh: “Ahh, I hope that Grandpa Sun is even stronger than he shows right now. I don’t want Master Sheng to lose this bet.”

Yu XI hated Mu Ruohai’s face. Just thinking about him made Yu Xi feel disgusted. It would be even worse if Mu Ruohai won!

“It’s useless for you to worry about it. Just let it be,” Jin Jin said. “You’re quite optimistic,” Yu Xi commented. He knew what Jin Jin experienced in her lifetime. Both her parents passed away and she had a jerk of a brother. Even though she was living alone, she never complained and always tried her best to cope with everything.

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