From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1163 - Massage (1)

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Chapter 1163 Massage (1)

Jin Jin smiled and said: “If you don’t be optimistic, you will spend your days worrying.”

“You’re right. We shouldn’t do that to ourselves,” Yu Xi replied. “Ahh, I will let Master Sheng and God Ling worry about those things!”

Jin Jin asked Yu Xi: “If Mr. Mu actually finds someone from those reclusive families, what will happen?”

Yu Xi: “Well, that will be quite troublesome. We don’t know the strength and power those families have. For example, if we were talking about martial arts, the Xuan Dao Clan made its mark in history many years ago. Even though we haven’t heard anything about them in recent years, during the warring times, they were incredibly active. In fact, they achieved many great things.”

Jin Jin: “Don’t think about it too much. If they chose to retreat, then they probably wouldn’t get involved in these matters. Therefore, they probably wouldn’t help Mr. Mu either.”

“Hmm, that makes a bit of sense,” Yu Xi replied. He was convinced by her logic.

Jin Jin smiled as she mixed an alcoholic beverage for Yu Xi. She placed the drink in front of him and said: “Have a drink. It will put you in a better mood.”

It was a cup of pineapple raita with grapefruit. There was the sweet fragrance of the fruit.

“Did you make this?” Yu Xi asked as he looked at Jin Jin with surprise.

“Yeah, I worked part-time as a bartender when I was studying.” In order to earn her living expenses, Jin Jin did many part-time jobs.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” Yu Xi commented. Yu Xi grew up in a circle where girls didn’t have to worry about their living expenses. It was his first time meeting someone like Jin Jin. He admired her work ethic.

Jin Jin smiled: “It’s not amazing haha. If you were put in the same situation, you would also be able to achieve this.”

Then, she turned around to go back to her garden.

Even though Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling were living in her house, their presence did not stop her from planting and looking after her vegetables and fruits.


Jian Yiling was completely exhausted after she learned martial arts from Grandpa Sun for a day.

Jian Yiling was used to using her brain.

She was also somewhat used to physical labor. After all, performing surgery was also physical work.

However, that was completely different from the training she did with Grandpa Sun.

During the training, Zhai Yunsheng wanted to ask them to stop.

After all, he hated to see Jian Yiling be in pain.

However, he did not end up saying those words.

Even though she was suffering right now, it would be better for her in the long run.

After the training, Jian Yiling went to take a shower. Then, she changed into a loose and comfortable t-shirt before she flopped down on the bed and refused to move.

“You should get up and move around,” Zhai Yunsheng said. “If you don’t do that, your muscles will hurt even more tomorrow.”

The lactic acid buildup would make her muscles incredibly sore tomorrow.

“Don’t want to move,” Jian Yiling muttered softly.

This was the first time Zhai Yunsheng saw Jian Yiling being lazy.

Jian Yiling was utterly exhausted from the training. She did not want to move. And since she was in front of Zhai Yunsheng, she just wanted to relax.

When Zhai Yunsheng saw this, he moved her onto his legs and began to massage her shoulders, arms, and calves.

If she did not want to move, he would massage her muscles for her. This would make her feel a bit better. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow morning.

Jian Yiling leaned against Zhai Yunsheng and enjoyed the massage. His hands pressed down on her muscles and it was incredibly soothing.

She snuggled into Zhai Yunsheng’s arms as though she was a kitten that was being petted.

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