Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1418 - Refusing a Toast only to Drink a Forfeit

Chapter 1418: Refusing a Toast, only to Drink a Forfeit


A metal fist came soaring by as the Divine Boat was hit heavily and flew out a hundred thousand feet away, its restrictions shining repeatedly as they swiftly dimmed. Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat was almost blown into bits. It was also evident that this Heaven Emanations had preserved his strength. If not, he could have easily smashed the Divine Boat to bits.


The Heaven Emanations transformed into a beam of white light. His speed was too fast, and he easily caught up with the Divine Boat, stopping ahead of it. He looked at the Divine Boat coldly, and it was evident that if Jiang Yi did not cooperate, he was going to blow the Divine Boat up.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Qin Yuewen and company also swiftly arrived as they surrounded the Divine Boat tightly. With five hundred Earth Emanations and two Heaven Emanations present, Jiang Yi could not escape.

“Very good!”

Jiang Yi controlled his Divine Boat to stop as he proactively deactivated the restrictions as he stood outside the door of the Divine Boat. He looked at Qin Yuewen as he said, “Young Mistress Qin, this generous gift that the Qin Clan had given me, I will remember it in my heart. In the future, I will remember to head to the Earth Emanations City and repay your kindness.”

The Qin Clan’s base of operations was the Earth Emanations City. Jiang Yi had only casually said a few words but had alarmed Qin Yuewen and the two Heaven Emanations. They thought that Jiang Yi was going to find Mo Lingqiu to seek justice.

The Qin Clan was the number-one clan under the Earth Emanations Sovereign’s control; that was true!

However, Mo Lingqiu was the Earth Emanations Sovereign’s clan brother; he was also the Earth Emanations Sovereign’s spokesperson in the Earth Emanations Domain. He was one of the top five formidable martial artists in the Earth Emanations Domain. If Mo Lingqiu was unhappy about this incident, the Qin Clan’s status in the Earth Emanations Pavilion from now on would be much lower. After all, not showing Mo Lingqiu face was equivalent to not giving the Earth Emanations Sovereign face.

Qin Yuewen paused for a moment as she grudgingly forced a sliver of a smile, saying, “City Lord Jiang, strictly speaking, we are one big family. This time, we had inadvertently offended you; we actually just wish to verify something. If it is a misunderstanding, I will naturally serve wine to you and apologize when we get back.”

“Hahaha, we are one big family?”

Jiang Yi laughed mockingly. His face then became cold immediately as he said arrogantly, “Young Mistress Qin, if we are indeed one big family, then let’s go to the Blue Eagle Prefecture to discuss this matter. I am pressed for time. Of course, if you do not treat me as such, you can kill me right here right now! I am cheap and don’t have the status to drink your wine!”


Qin Yuewen and company’s faces all changed. Jiang Yi was not going to give them any face at all? He was so arrogant? Qin Yuewen had spoken to him very politely and had given him a lot of face. By right, he should return the favor. Instead, he was actually becoming even more arrogant? Could it be there was something wrong with his brain?

There was nothing wrong with Jiang Yi’s brain!

He had his intentions for doing this. As the Poison Spirit was not within his spatial divine item at this moment, he was not afraid of the Qin Clan’s investigation. If the Qin Clan wasn’t prepared to go head-on with Mo Lingqiu, they would definitely not dare to kill Jiang Yi.

Since they did not dare to kill him, what was there for him to fear?

He wagered that if this matter blew up and all the Qin Clan formidable martial artists were lured here, the Poison Spirit’s chance of survival would be much higher. He did not have a choice when he left the Poison Spirit in that cave; Jiang Yi was feeling very bad about that. He naturally wanted to help the Poison Spirit as much as he could. The Poison Spirit was very important to him. If the Poison Spirit could bring him to the Saint Spirit Domain next time, things would be much smoother.

“Jiang Yi!”

Qin Yuewen took in a deep breath, controlled her rage, and said, “Don’t think that because you are connected to the Assistant Pavilion Lord, you can do whatever you like in the Earth Emanations Domain. If… you accidentally die here, I believe that if the Assistant Pavilion Lord cannot get any proof, he wouldn’t say anything at all.”

Qin Yuewen had started out calling Jiang Yi ‘Hunting Envoy Jiang’, then calling him ‘City Lord Jiang’. Now, she was calling him by name. This showed how angry she was at the moment. Furthermore, it was clear from her tone that if Jiang Yi still did not wise up—even if she killed him today, Mo Lingqiu would not be able to do anything to the Qin Clan anyway.


Jiang Yi laughed out loud, his face full of mockery. He suddenly shot into the Divine Boat as he activated the restrictions and said, “Since that is the case, do attack me! I warn you guys: if you dare to attack the Divine Boat again, bear the consequences yourself. While your Qin Clan might be powerful and influential, I am not some person to be trifled with. I am a Hunting Envoy of the Demon-Killing Pavilion and the City Lord of the Divine Eagle City. You guys attacked me without proper cause; even if the Sovereign is alerted of this matter, I will fear nothing!”


Jiang Yi controlled the Divine Boat and proudly navigated it forward and slammed towards the Heaven Emanations blocking the way.

“A lunatic, this is really a lunatic!”

All the Qin Clan disciples were thinking the same thing. The two Heaven Emanations did not dare to make a decision as they looked towards Qin Yuewen, waiting for her orders.

Qin Yuewen looked uncertain for a while. However, right before the Divine Boat was going to ram the Heaven Emanations ahead, she suddenly made a decision and sent a voice transmission: “Destroy the Divine Boat and injure Jiang Yi. However, don’t kill him!”

Just as she and the Fifth Elder had discussed, if today’s matters were a misunderstanding, as long as Jiang Yi was not killed, even if Mo Lingqiu heard about this incident; he would at most reprimand her for not being sensible. He would not go head-on with the Qin Clan regarding this.

If, however, the Poison Spirit was indeed hiding in Jiang Yi’s spatial divine item, even if they killed Jiang Yi here; Mo Lingqiu would not say another word. Moreover, the Qin Clan would have gotten their revenge.

Tsk! Tsk!

The Heaven Emanations’ arm glowed golden as pieces of scales formed on it. His arm became extremely thick as he brought a gale with him and charged towards the Divine Boat.


A thunderous explosion struck as a flash of light shone on Jiang Yi’s Divine Boat. Following that, the Divine Boat grew dark and suddenly broke into pieces; wooden pieces were flying everywhere as a powerful force struck Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew towards Qin Yuewen explosively, his face pale-white as snow. He seemed as if he was about to faint anytime.

“So you choose to refuse a toast and drink a forfeit[1.deciding to choose the harder option over the easier one]!”

Qin Yuewen smiled coldly as she gestured for two Earth Emanations to fly towards Jiang Yi, about to capture him. At that moment, something strange happened!


A streak of blood-red glow shone in Jiang Yi’s hand as a terrifying heat wave spread from his body. The two Earth Emanations nearing him instantly felt as if their entire bodies were on fire. They tried to flee in horror but found that their heavenly powers were being disrupted; they could not move at all.

Not only these two Earth Emanations, Qin Yuewen and company who were too close to Jiang Yi—besides the Heaven Emanations behind her—all could not move. Furthermore, a burned smell circulated around their bodies; and it was as if they were going to burn into ashes the next moment. Their veins were also scalded, and they were not able to use their heavenly powers at all, much less run away.

“Jiang Yi, how dare you!”

The Heaven Emanations behind Qin Yuewen roared. His heavenly powers were disrupted, too, though not that significantly. He flew forward, intending to take Qin Yuewen away and flee.

However, the next moment, he could not move at all. The red glow in Jiang Yi’s hand had disappeared. In its stead, an unlimited number of yellow sand worms came out from a pearl as they instantly enveloped him and Qin Yuewen.


The yellow sand worms bit on the duo’s battle armor frantically. As the Heaven Emanations was only wearing medial-grade divine artifact battle armor, it was ripped apart in seconds as tiny yellow sand worms entered his body. Within a few seconds, half his body was eaten; and he died!

As the first young mistress of the Qin Clan, Qin Yuewen’s battle armor was naturally not ordinary; it was a superior-grade divine artifact. However, she had now been scalded by the flames while worms were crawling all about her body. Her divine senses also detected that the Heaven Emanations behind her had been instantly killed. She was scared witless and did not dare to move at all. She could only close her eyes and scream, “Ahhh—”


Jiang Yi swooped forward and entered that swarm of yellow sand worms, holding onto Qin Yuewen’s waist immediately. He then leaned close to Qin Yuewen’s ear and coldly said, “Young Mistress Qin, I had warned you against offending me; you chose not to listen. Since you want me to stay so badly, let’s have a good chat.”