Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1633 - Gongyang’s Strategy

Chapter 1633: Gongyang’s Strategy

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Swish! Swish! Swish!

As people were keeping a lookout below—as long as Jiang Yi remained in the center of the stone stage, everyone was reassured. However, that young master didn’t head up again this time. He didn’t want to crawl anymore and risk his life; this wasn’t his problem anyway, and he definitely wasn’t going to be overly zealous about this.

The seven accelerated their speed this time as they climbed as swiftly as they could. On the forty-fifth step, they sped up at the same time. Unfortunately, Jiang Yi had already released many Sword Emanations Race beings around him. One by one, he sent them crashing downwards and ultimately caused all seven to fall back to the ground.

“Continue going up; how big is his spatial divine item? How many puppets could he have? Hadn’t a few million been destroyed just now in the gorge outside and the battle before? He should not have many puppets left.”

Dao Feng’s howl rang out, each word laced with venom and fury. Dao Zhan and company had no choice but to continue charging up. They all actually knew that based on this, they could not kill Jiang Yi; they only continued moving upward just to give Dao Feng face. Probably after heading up and crashing down more than ten times, Dao Feng himself would also give up, right?

One time, two times… five times!

Jiang Yi’s Sword Emanations Race beings seemed to be endless; he didn’t need many to deal with the seven of them, actually. Every time they charged, he only needed to send tens of Sword Emanations Race beings downward. After a few rounds, Dao Zhan and company were really furious.

“Bastard, bastard!”

Dao Feng’s face that was still charred was full of anger. Once a young master’s normally polite, gentlemanly, and graceful airs were torn apart; his true self was normally uglier and more hideous than normal people’s.

Dao Feng’s heart also sank. Jiang Yi had released a few million Sword Emanations Race beings in the gorge; he had also let out another million or so just now. If he still had a million Sword Emanations Race beings with him, none of them would be able to make it up to the stone dais. What if the Sword Emanations Race beings were not a type of puppets he had collected but a special mystical ability of his that he could congeal them at will?

The treasure hunt in the Demon-Killing Palace only lasted for one day; if it was wasted on Jiang Yi, it would be such a pity. Who knew how long it would be before the Demon-Killing Palace was activated again? However, things had already come to this point; if Dao Feng retreated like this and word spread, what face would he have left?


Just when Dao Feng was in a bind, a sound of shuffling footsteps came from the west. Following that, tens of figures appeared. Dao Feng glanced over and was instantly overjoyed. However, he then hurriedly averted his gaze as the shame and fury he was feeling reached a climax.

People from the Heaven Domain great family clans had come. The most powerful of them were two beautiful young mistresses, Young Mistress Gongyang and Young Mistress He.

Dao Feng didn’t really bother with Young Mistress Gongyang; he wasn’t interested in her. However, he had been wooing He Nongying for a long time. To let her see him in such a disheveled state, Dao Feng even wanted to die on the spot.


Young Mistress Gongyang, He Nongying, and the thirty-odd men behind them looked at the two stone dais as their eyes lit up instantly. However, this was soon turned into shock. At this moment, Dao Zhan and company were rushing upward and had just been sent crashing again by Jiang Yi’s Sword Emanations Race beings. They turned again and looked at Dao Feng’s charred face, and their expressions grew even more complexed.

He Nongying had chosen the fourth route. She had been attacking that stone peak on the second level not because it contained treasures, but because there was a passageway there to the third level.

After she destroyed the stone peak’s restrictions and the passageway had appeared, she then entered the third level. That passageway was active for an hour, and Young Mistress Gongyang had coincidentally brought some people along, saw it, and entered as well.

He Nongying had a special scent to her, and as Young Mistress Gongyang was familiar with that scent, she had followed He Nongying into the fourth passageway. Everyone had successfully entered. As to why it took them so long to reach this place, it was because everyone had initially entered a side hall and had combined forces to attack for a long time before they got a few treasures for themselves.

He Nongying was very surprised that Dao Feng had actually found the third level’s entrance; he had also arrived before her? More surprisingly, Jiang Yi was also here and was causing Dao Feng and company so much grief?

Young Mistress Gongyang took a few looks and more or less understood what had happened. She hid her smile as she cupped her hands and said, “Young Master Feng, this is Jiang Yi? It seems the Earth Domain number-one genius is worthy of his title. You were also too careless, Young Master Feng; he launched a sneak attack on you, right? Do you require our assistance?”

Young Mistress Gongyang’s words were very polite and carefully chosen; she gave Dao Feng ample face. Regardless, Dao Feng felt that he had lost much face today. If He Nongying wasn’t here, he might not feel so bad about himself. However, after He Nongying took a few looks at him lightly, Dao Feng wished he could dig a hole and hide himself inside it.

Cough, cough!

Dao Feng dry-coughed a few times as he stood and said, “Once one touches pitch, he shall be defiled. This lad’s burning flames are very powerful; no wonder it could burn to death a King-Ranked formidable martial artist from the Liang Clan. These two stone stages have very strong gravity; it is hard to get up. This lad is using the terrain to his advantage; we can’t seem to reach the top. Young Mistress Gongyang, do you have any suggestions?”

Young Mistress Gongyang took a few looks as she grew silent. A moment later, she smiled brightly and said, “While I do not have any brilliant suggestions, I have a stupid one. His puppets are limited, right? If you guys attack him from far away and destroy all his puppets, wouldn’t it be easier to kill him after?”

“No, wait…”

Dao Feng shook his head and said, “You do not know, Young Mistress Gongyang. The gravity on the stone stages is terrifying. Long-ranged attacks would not be effective and won’t be able to cause him much damage.”

Young Mistress Gongyang laughed a little and said, “In that case, why not reduce the distance? Without you saying, I know that it’s hard to climb up to the stone stages. Since it’s hard to crawl up, let’s not do that and build a few high stages ourselves. Won’t it be easier to attack him then?”

“That’s true!”

Dao Feng and company’s eyes lit up as Dao Feng stuck a thumb out and said, “I have long heard that Young Mistress Gongyang is intelligent and smart; it is as the rumors go. I would like to ask Young Mistress Gongyang to organize this to kill Jiang Yi and help me regain my face.”

“I think, Young Master Feng, you can organize this yourself.”

Young Mistress Gongyang smiled slightly as her gaze turned to He Nongying and said, “Little Sister Nongying, let’s go and take the other stone stage’s treasure, a fair competition?”


He Nongying nodded as Young Mistress Gongyang gestured and said, “All of you are to listen to Young Master Dao Feng’s instructions. I will go with Little Sister Nongying and take the other treasure.”


He Nongying and Young Mistress Gongyang rushed towards the stone dais to the left. Dao Feng also didn’t bother with the two; he had almost reached the top of that stone stage just now and knew how powerful the gravity on it was. He believed that the duo would not be able to jump at all on the stone stage, much less jump a thousand feet. Hence, no one would be able to get their hands on either treasure. He felt it was more realistic to kill Jiang Yi and vent his anger instead.

“Whoever has a spatial divine item that is about the same height as the stone stage, bring it out!”

Dao Feng ordered as many took out all sorts of spatial divine items. Someone retrieved a small palace as it grew bigger and bigger, finally becoming a few thousand feet tall and looked around the same height as the stone stage. Another person took out something like a pagoda that was also around the same height.

“Alright! Uncle Zhan, you guys split up and stand on the spatial divine items!”

Dao Feng directed a group of King-Ranked formidable martial artists to fly onto the spatial divine items. Young Mistress Gongyang had brought along eleven King-Ranked formidable martial artists with her as they all flew up onto the few spatial divine items. Dao Feng then asked someone to push these spatial divine items to surround the stone stage Jiang Yi was on.

All in all, eleven spatial divine items were around the same height as the stone stage. After they entered the region with a strong gravitational pull, it became hard to move them anymore. However, this was not a problem as the remaining young masters and young mistresses and guards started to attack the spatial divine items to move them slowly bit by bit towards that stone stage.

Young Mistress Gongyang’s strategy was quite good. As long as these eleven spatial divine items could be within a thousand-foot radius of the stone stage, the King-Ranked formidable martial artists’ attacks would definitely be able to hit the stone stage and destroy Jiang Yi’s Sword Emanations Race beings. Once they were all depleted, Jiang Yi would be waiting for death. They might easily be able to strike him and send him crashing down. When that happened, he was going to be at their mercy.