Game, Live Stream - Chapter 116.2

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Chapter 116.2

An explosion?

He lost all consciousness in an instant.

…But wait a minute! What’s with that film flashback? That was too inauspicious!

Who said he must die? He had already died once, so he shouldn’t have died so quickly for a second time, right?

And what happened “before death”? He knew he wouldn’t die!


“Qiuqiu! Wake up!”

Xiao Tangqiu opened his eyes instantly, and Tang Mianmian’s familiar face came into view.

“…Why is it you again?”

Tang Mianmian originally had a look of joy, and when he heard Xiao Tangqiu’s words, he suddenly snorted, “What’s the matter with “me again”? It’s you! Why did you faint again!”

“I fainted? Yes, I fainted… Why did I faint? It seems like something exploded?”

Xiao Tangqiu’s mind was a mess and it took a long time to remember what happened before he fainted.

“Yes, it was an explosion! You just rushed into the demonic flower and then you both exploded with a boom!” Tang Mianmian described vividly.

Xiao Tangqiu, “…I also exploded? Then why am I okay now?”

Tang Mianmian looked excited, “Guess!”

Xiao Tangqiu froze for a moment, then his eyes widened in disbelief, “…No way?”

“Yes! You guessed it!” Tang Mianmian jumped up to reveal the person who was standing behind him.

Xiao Tangqiu stared at the person in front of him blankly. After a while, he moved his lips, “…Shen Yuan?” His voice was very soft, as if he was afraid that he would break the illusion in front of him if he spoke any louder.

Shen Yuan stood in front of him, looking at him deeply.

“That’s impossible!” Xiao Tangqiu shook his head subconsciously, “I must still be asleep&#k2026; No, I must be dead&#k2026;”

Shen Yuan looked at Xiao Tangqiu deeply and he suddenly smiled, “It’s me.”

Xiao Tangqiu was completely dumbfounded, “How is this possible? This is impossible&#k2026;”

He clearly had the idea of dying along with the demonic flower. After all, based on his luck, he was really not sure about being able to find the demon flower’s weakness before he died.

Why was it that right now, not only was he not dead, but Shen Yuan was also back?

How was this possible?

He had been so unlucky for twenty-five years… How could his luck suddenly explode at this kind of time?

Xiao Tangqiu was completely stunned until Shen Yuan smiled helplessly and slowly said, “Actually, I didn’t figure out what was going on at first… I was already dead, how can I come back to life again? But after listening to what they said, I think I understand what’s going on.”

Xiao Tangqiu echoed, “What’s going on?”

Shen Yuan said lightly, “The Book of Light, I have also seen it before… If I am not mistaken, the heart of the God of Light can indeed resurrect people who have died, but this resurrection is conditional.”

“What’s the condition? It can’t be a life for a life? Sacrificing someone else’s life to resurrect the person you want to resurrect?” Xiao Tangqiu frowned.

“Of course not. If it is this method of resurrection, what’s the difference between the God of Light and those demons?” Shen Yuan shook his head and continued, “The Book of Light that I read says that only someone with a pure and courageous heart, with a spirit of self-sacrifice and desperation, can withstand the test of the God of Light and resurrect those who they want to resurrect.”

“A person with a pure and courageous heart?” Xiao Tangqiu didn’t react for a while, and then silently pointed to his nose after a long time, “…Me?”

Shen Yuan, “I believe that the Book of Light that Bai Yushan got should be fake, or it has been tampered with. Only the content related to the demonic flower is true and everything else is wrong.”

“The Abyss Demon planted the demonic flower on the God of Light’s heart, trying to consume the power of the God of Light. For so many years, the heart has been polluted by a large amount of demonic energy and has fallen into a state of chaos. Bai Yushan tried to revive Bai Yuru with the same sacrifice method as demons is of course impossible, but your act just purified the God of Light’s heart… So I was successfully resurrected.”

Xiao Tangqiu blankly stared at Shen Yuan for a long time before speaking, “Are you really alive again?”

“Of course it’s true,” Shen Yuan took a step forward, grabbed Xiao Tangqiu’s hand and placed it on his face, “See, I am warm. This is not your imagination.”

Xiao Tangqiu felt the warmth on his fingertips. He stared at Shen Yuan’s face blankly, and reluctantly blinked, “It’s really real… You’re really alive again…”

“Okay! That’s enough! Don’t waste any more time!” Duan Hongzhen finally couldn’t bare it and interrupted their mutual staring by taking a step forward, “…Although I know that the captain’s resurrection is a happy event, I beg you, the most important thing is to escape from this instance right now. There will be no time! If we can’t leave here before the time limit, we will all be wiped out!”

Xiao Tangqiu immediately came back to himself. They were still in the instance! They must escape quickly!

Shen Yuan thought aloud, “If I’m not mistaken, the demonic flower’s spacial passage should be at the top of the Sacred Tree that it parasitizes. Let’s climb it!”

Xiao Tangqiu nodded without hesitation, “Go! To the top of the tree!”

A large group of islanders was still surrounding the Sacred Tree. When they saw Xiao Tangqiu coming out of the tree hole, the people underneath immediately threw stones in anger again.

“Don’t worry about them! Let’s climb!”

Xiao Tangqiu took out his mountaineering equipment, pulled the rope tight and quickly climbed to the top of the tree.

As they climbed higher and higher, the stones could no longer reach them. But before Xiao Tangqiu could breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly realized that the Sacred Tree they were climbing began to become transparent…

The Sacred Tree was about to disappear!

The Sacred Tree only appeared in the evening. Once the islanders finish gathering their food, the Sacred Tree would soon vanish!

“There’s almost no time! Hurry up!” Xiao Tangqiu urged loudly.

Everyone immediately accelerated their climbing speed, and finally, they successfully climbed to the top of the tree.

At this moment, the Sacred Tree began to disappear. Everything gradually became transparent starting from the bottom roots of the tree to the top. The few newbies who remained below wanted to climb up, but they only climbed a few steps before falling back down to the ground because of the Sacred Tree’s disappearance. They could only desperately and unwillingly shout.

As soon as Xiao Tangqiu’s group climbed to the top of the Sacred Tree, the entire Sacred Tree disappeared.

Xiao Tangqiu originally thought they would fall, but he suddenly heard a familiar system sound in their ears—

“Congratulations, dear players, for completing the D-level mission [Eternal Revival Island], the mission goal [Escape from Revival Island] is achieved, the time limit is 1 day, the player receives 500 points…

“The mission is complete, leaving the instance soon…”

They finally managed to escape!

When Xiao Tangqiu opened his eyes again, it was to the familiar transfer cabin. He couldn’t wait to open the transfer cabin and climb out, planning to find Shen Yuan first thing. But the next second, he met Shen Yuan’s eyes.

Shen Yuan was really back!

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t have a real feeling of “Shen Yuan came back” before. Until this moment, he finally realized that Shen Yuan was back… Shen Yuan was really back!

He couldn’t wait to rush towards Shen Yuan and hug him.

Shen Yuan paused, then returned a deep hug.

The two held each other for a long time. It took a long time before Xiao Tangqiu raised his head and asked Shen Yuan softly, “What on earth did you want to do at that time?”

Shen Yuan raised his eyebrows, “At that time?”

“Before you died…” Xiao Tangqiu took a deep look at Shen Yuan, imitating Shen Yuan’s move before he died, grabbed Shen Yuan’s fingers and touched the corners of his own mouth, “What did you want to do at that time… ?”

Something seemed to flash across Shen Yuan’s eyes. He opened his mouth and was about to say something, but right at this moment, a scream suddenly came.


After all the people of the Reincarnation Team climbed out of the transfer cabins, they quietly surrounded Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan. They were motionless and quiet as chickens. No one disturbed them up until the screams rang out and they all moved to look towards the noise.

A person, no, it’s a group of people… They all scrambled towards the direction of the transfer cabins.

Everyone was wounded and bled all over the floor, looking very miserable. Nevertheless, they tried their best to run towards the transfer cabins.

Tang Mianmian cried out in disbelief, “Fuck! What happened?”

In the next moment, they found out. There was a loud explosion from the Newbie Village nearby followed by countless screams.

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly saw a familiar figure from the crowd, and quickly grabbed the person, “…Su Manluo?!”

The person in front of him who was miserably fleeing was clearly Su Manluo whom he had met a few times.

Su Manluo was about to shake off Xiao Tangqiu’s hand, but when she saw that it was Xiao Tangqiu, she gritted her teeth and shouted, “Run! The Abyss Demon has invaded the Abyss City! Run!”

“The Abyss Demon invaded?” Xiao Tangqiu was stunned by the news, “Run? Run where?”

Su Manluo gritted her teeth, “Of course it is to go into the instances! The location of the City of the Abyss is fixed. Once it is invaded by demons, no one can escape. Now we can only run to the instance world for temporary refuge… The Abyss Demon went to Area S first and Area S is long gone. Other than those in the instance world, no one can escape. He’s already in Newbie Village. If you don’t escape now, you’ll never be able to escape again! Hurry!”

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