Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 327 - Completing a Mission

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Chapter 327 Completing a Mission

After the two of them finished speaking, they left in a hurry. They went to the sect to investigate the information regarding Li Xuan.

Li Xuan did not know anything about the matter of the pretty lady. At this moment, he was accepting a mission in the Mission Hall.

According to the rules of the Seven Stars Sect, outer sect disciples had to complete a mission every month. Li Xuan had been studying all this month and did not complete any missions. On this day, he would do it while he was at it.

At this moment, he was scanning through the missions on the mission board. Looking at the densely packed list of missions, he continued to search.

“Head to the Devil Abyss Fortress to repair the Defensive Array Formation of the city wall. The reward is 500 Spirit Stones.

“Head to the vicinity of the Devil Abyss Fortress to repair the damaged Demon Subduing Array Formation. The reward is 1000 Spirit Stones.

“Set up a Spirit Gathering Array Formation at the sect’s Spirit Herb Peak. The reward is50 Spirit Stones.

“Set up 30 Small Protective Barrier Array Formations at the sect’s Spirit Beast Mountain’s beast lair to prevent spirit beasts from randomly running out of the cave. The reward is 50 Spirit Stones, 50 blank Array Disks, and five basic array formations.” Li Xuan quietly looked at these formations and finally decided on the Spirit Beast Mountain’s mission. This mission was very suitable for him, and the reward was not bad either. It was the knowledge he needed the most about formations.

Without hesitation, Li Xuan immediately took out his identity token and prepared to accept the Spirit Beast Mountain’s mission. “Little guy, this mission is quite hard. Do you really want to accept this mission?” The young lady at the mission counter asked with a smile, her big eyes staring at Li Xuan’s handsome face.


Li Xuan nodded without the slightest hesitation.

“Alright, you can do your best. Here is the mission location and mission token.” The young lady at the counter handed the mission to Li Xuan, then took out another mission token.

“Thank you.”

Li Xuan took the item, turned around and left with large strides, and headed towards the mission location without the slightest hesitation.

The location of the Spirit Beast Mountain was not far, it was just a small mountain next door. It did not take long for Li Xuan to rush here, and he saw the appearance of the Spirit Beast Mountain.

Rather than calling the Spirit Beast Mountain a mountain, it was more like a small mound. The mountain was so small that it did not look like it. At the foot of the small mountain, there was a Protective Array Formation, seemingly to prevent the Spirit Beasts from escaping.

Around the small mountain, there were many small caves that were densely dug. These were all the Spirit Beasts’ lairs. Li Xuan’s mission was to set up a Small Protective Barrier Array Formation at the entrance of the lairs to prevent the Spirit Beasts from running around.

After Li Xuan took the mission token and entered, the person he was handed over to was a clumsy little girl. He did not see the manager of the Spirit Beast Mountain, Deacon Zhang.

“Well, my father has gone out. Why don’t we wait for him to come back before setting up the formation? Those spirit beasts are very fierce,” the little girl said weakly.

“It’s fine. It’s just some poultry and livestock. It’s not a big deal.”

Li Xuan used his God’s Perspective to scan the area and discovered that most of them were Spirit Chickens, Spirit Ducks, Spirit Rabbits, Spirit Dogs, Spirit Pigs, and the like.

The biggest one was only a Spirit Elephant, and its strength was very low. It was just a Low-Level Bronze Rank.

With such weak strength, plus they were not fierce Demonic Beasts, Li Xuan did not care at all. He directly took the tools and the blank Array Disk and headed toward the mission nest.

“I’ll help you.” The little girl took a broom and followed him with some worry.


Li Xuan did not mind it and went straight to the Spirit Duck’s cave. He took the Array Disk and set up a Small Protective Barrier Array Formation.

The mission this time was to stop the Spirit Beasts from running out of the cave. When Li Xuan was carving the formation patterns, he used five Double Formation Patterns to make the formation stronger. In any case, it did not take much time. This way, he could finish it once and for all and prevent any accidents from happening again. With this kind of carving, the first Small Protective Barrier Array Formation was quickly completed. Li Xuan placed it at the entrance of the Spirit Duck’s cave.

“Alright, next.” Li Xuan stood up and walked in the direction of the Spirit Rabbit with something in his hand.

“The speed at which you set up the formation is so fast. I need a few hours to set up a formation, and I often make mistakes that cause the Array Disk to break. Can you teach me?”

The little girl followed closely behind Li Xuan. Her large, pure eyes were filled with anticipation. Her small face was fair and adorable, just like a porcelain doll.

“This formation is rather complicated. You won’t be able to learn it.” Li Xuan shook his head.

This formation used Double Formation Patterns. Even though it was only for five Formation Patterns, it was not something that the little girl could learn. At the very least, she would need to be a First Tier Array Formation Master to have any hope of learning it.

Thus, Li Xuan decisively refused. He directly walked to the nearby Spirit Rabbit’s cave and began to set up the second array formation.

“Is that so?”

The little girl was a little disappointed, but she still mustered up her courage. She clenched her fair little fists and said, “I’ll work hard. I must learn the Small Protective Barrier Array Formation as soon as possible.”

“Mmhm, you can watch.”

Li Xuan glanced at the little girl and continued to draw the array formation. However, it attracted the Spirit Rabbit to approach.

The little girl hurriedly grabbed the broom and chased away the Spirit Rabbits to prevent them from disturbing Li Xuan. At the same time, she helped Li Xuan pass something over and carefully watched the process of Li Xuan’s array formation.

Seeing how serious the little girl was, Li Xuan occasionally gave her a few pointers and shared some knowledge about array formations. Immediately, the little girl’s eyes lit up.

The two of them continued to set up array formations from the first cave to the twenty-ninth cave at an unbelievable speed.

One had to know that even a First Tier Array Formation Master would need two days to set up these 29 array formations.

However, Li Xuan actually completed it in one day and even strengthened it slightly.

This caused the little girl to look at Li Xuan with admiration. She felt that Li Xuan was even more powerful than her father.

“It’s the last array formation. Let’s go.”

Li Xuan turned around and headed toward the last cave. However, when he reached the vicinity of the cave, Li Xuan realized that the little girl did not dare to leave.

“I… I’m a little scared. Why don’t I wait for my father to return before setting up the array?” The little girl said fearfully.

“Why? You weren’t that scared of the Spirit Elephant just now. Now, there are only some Spirit Geese here. Why are you scared?” Li Xuan raised his eyebrows.

“Those geese are always pecking people. Even my father pecked. I’ve been chased and pecked several times,” the little girl said worriedly.

“It’s fine. They won’t peck people with me around.”

Li Xuan walked to the last cave entrance carelessly.

“But they’re really fierce. They peck everyone. Be careful. Don’t go near them. Eh?”

The little girl was worried and reminded Li Xuan to be careful. In the end, the little girl was quickly stunned. She looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief.

She saw five or six Spirit Geese standing quietly around Li Xuan. They were constantly sizing up Li Xuan. They even brought food from not far away and handed it to Li Xuan.

The little girl was stunned by this scene. Her little head was a little muddled.

“Strange, why aren’t they pecking you?”

The little girl could not figure it out. She did not understand what was going on.

“Don’t worry about them. Clean up the entrance of the cave. I’ll start setting up the array formation,” Li Xuan said as he drew the Array Disk.

“Okay… Okay.”

The little girl could not figure it out, but she still walked over obediently

She originally thought that she would be pecked, but what surprised her was that these Spirit Geese actually stopped pecking her, which made her very surprised.

“What’s going on?” This time, the little girl was really confused. She felt that the way she went out today was somewhat wrong. The Spirit Geese that had always been fierce actually changed their nature on this day. It was really strange that they stopped pecking people.

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