Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 328 - The Surprise Brought by Li Xuan

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Chapter 328 The Surprise Brought by Li Xuan

The clumsy little girl could not figure out the reason no matter how hard she tried. Even after she cleaned up and watched Li Xuan finish setting up the array formation, she still could not understand what was going on.

“Alright, the mission is completed. I’ll go to the Mission Hall to hand in the mission,” said Li Xuan after he finished setting up the array formation.

“Okay… Okay.”

The little girl nodded her head. She was still very confused and could not figure out what exactly was going on.

However, she still hurriedly sent Li Xuan out and returned to the Spirit Geese in a daze. She was prepared to go over and take a look at the situation.

In the end, something unexpected happened.

When the Spirit Geese saw her, they immediately spread their snow-white wings and stretched out their long necks to peck at the little girl.

Their mouths were like pincers as they pecked at her calf.

“Don’t come over!”

The little girl was so scared that her face turned pale. She ran out of the Spirit Goose’s nest in a panic. After running for dozens of meters, she finally dared to look back.

She saw that the spirit goose was growling wildly with its big wings as if it was triumphant.

This scene made the little girl indignant. At the same time, when she thought of the scene when Li Xuan was there, she was puzzled.

“What on Earth is going on? Why didn’t the Spirit Geese peck him? They even brought food to him. Strange.”

The little girl sank into a state of confusion. No matter how hard she tried, her little head couldn’t turn around. Her entire person was in a daze.

“I’m back.”

A loud and clear voice sounded. Immediately after, a handsome middle-aged man walked over from afar. He was none other than Deacon Zhang of the Spirit Beast Mountain.

“Father, you’re back. The people from the Mission Hall have come. They’ve finished setting up 30 array formations,” The little girl hurriedly said.

“Finished setting up the 30 formations? That fast? That’s impossible. Even a First Tier Array Formation Master would need two days to set up 30 array formations…”

“Could it be that the one who came this time is a Tier 2 Array Formation Master?” Deacon Zhang said blankly.

“No, this time it’s a handsome young man who looks like he’s 11 or 12 years old,” the little girl explained softly.

“Handsome young man? 11 or 12 years old? Are you sure?!” Deacon Zhang said solemnly.

“Yes, I followed him to finish setting up the 30 arrays. He even gave me some pointers. He’s such a good person,” the little girl replied again. “Oh?”

Deacon Zhang frowned, feeling a little strange.

It was mainly about the 30 array formations. Even a First Tier Array Formation Master needed two days to set them up. At the moment, an 11 or 12-year-old young man had set them up so quickly. This was really unbelievable.

Even Deacon Zhang felt that his daughter might have been deceived. That youth might have used a well-made Array Disk and placed it directly in the nest, not setting up the array according to the situation on the scene.

“Damn it. If he dares to use such a low-quality method to fool the mission, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson.” Deacon Zhang turned his head angrily and walked towards the Spirit Rabbit Area.

“Eh? Father, what did you say? A low-quality method?” The little girl was at a loss.

“Daughter, you might not know this, but previously, in order to complete the mission faster, a disciple actually used Array Disks that had been drawn beforehand to set up the array formation, resulting in a lot of problems later on.”

“Today, this youth completed the mission so quickly, so it’s very likely that he used this method. I have to check it,” Deacon Zhang said angrily.

“Father, it won’t be like that. I saw the Array Disk he drew, and it wasn’t drawn in advance,” the little girl guaranteed.

“He might have carved on the spot in front of you. He might have secretly changed it. I have to check.”

After he finished speaking, Deacon Zhang raised his hand and attacked the nest.


A muffled sound was heard. A white protective barrier suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his attack.

“Eh? It actually blocked it.”

Deacon Zhang was surprised. He could not believe that the protective shield had actually blocked his attack.

One had to know that he had used Spiritual Power in this attack. Even a simple and crude formation could be shattered with a single punch.

“That’s not right. This formation actually didn’t shake!” Deacon Zhang’s expression became serious.

Normally, even a Small Protective Barrier set up by a Second Tier Array Formation Master would have been shaken by his punch.


This Small Protective Barrier actually did not shake at all. It was unbelievably stable.

With a look of disbelief, he threw another punch. This time, he used even more strength, and it was more than enough to shatter an ordinarySmall Protective Barrier with a single punch.


A dull sound rang out once more. The white protective shield shook twice before stabilizing once more. Other than the fact that some Spirit Stones had been consumed, there was nothing abnormal about it.

“It actually blocked it again.”

Deacon Zhang was shocked. He could not believe what he had just seen, and he even doubted his own life.

In order to check if there was something wrong with him, he took out the Small Protective Barrier Array Disk he bought from his storage bag. After activating it, he threw a punch at it.


With a crack, the Small Protective Barrier he bought shattered and turned into stars.

Looking at the shattered protective shield he bought and the intact protective shield at the entrance of the cave, Deacon Zhang’s expression became more and more serious.

He raised his fist and threw another punch. This time, he increased his strength.


The shaking of the formation became more intense, but in the end, it stabilized and returned to its original state.

“This… this… this…”

Deacon Zhang was shocked and continued to test the formation quickly. In the end, the formation turned into dust after he threw a few punches and completely shattered.

“What a stable formation. This is definitely the best of the best.”

Deacon Zhang’s expression was very serious. He immediately turned around to look at his daughter and said solemnly.

“Daughter, is the person who set up the formation really a youth? What is his name? This matter is very important. You must not hide it. He is very likely to be a super genius.”

“Father, I can guarantee that he’s really a youth, and definitely not more than twelve years old.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know his name, but since he went to accept the mission, there will be a mission record and his identity token.”

“Father, you can go to the Mission Hall to investigate based on this point,” the little girl said clearly.

“Right, how could I forget about this matter? Wait for me here. I’ll go to the Mission Hall and give the mission reward to the Mission Hall while I’m at it. They’ll issue it.”

After he finished speaking, Deacon Zhang immediately stood up and prepared to leave. However, in order to be cautious, he tested the remaining formations and found that each one was very stable.

“Oh right, father, when that handsome youth was setting up the formations, a strange thing happened. Our Spirit Geese usually like to peck people, and they’re especially fierce.”

“However, when he went in, the Spirit Geese actually didn’t peck him. They even gave him food. They even stopped pecking me. It’s very strange,” The little girl suddenly said.

“Oh? There’s such a thing?”

Deacon Zhang was surprised. The Spirit Geese on the mountain were indeed fierce and had pecked many people. However, it actually did not peck that handsome youth. This was somewhat strange.

“It’s true. I promise,” the little girl said seriously.

“I know. It seems that this youth isn’t simple. Perhaps he received the blessing of nature.”

Deacon Zhang guessed, but he was not sure. He was going to tell the sect master about this, and the sect master would verify it himself.

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