God of Fishing - Chapter 1938 - Two Kings Died In A Row

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Chapter 1938: Two Kings Died In A Row

At this moment, Gong Zhan was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He had never thought that Han Fei would come to his door at this moment. This was clearly a slap to Bei Luochen’s face!

However, that was how it happened.

Li Chaofeng probably didn’t expect that he would die here. Seeing that Li Chaofeng’s soul was collapsing and shattering at a terrifying speed, Gong Zhan knew that Li Chaofeng was dead for sure.


At this moment, the Five-Elemental Divine Fire turned into a five-colored knife light and was attacking Han Fei’s Sky Dharmakaya crazily. However, the Sky Dharmakaya also had a body, which was as strong as its master’s.

With a thought from Han Fei, the Sky Dharmakaya condensed two axes and hacked down angrily. On the axes, the Great Dao of Gravity was added. As the saying went, strength was everything. Although the axes were blocked by an invisible barrier, the Hundred War Divine Hammer turned into an axe strike and struck down continuously.

Knock, knock, knock!

In the Five Elements World, above the main city, in the sky, power shook.

Everyone looked up, wondering what had happened in the sky.

Ordinary people couldn’t understand, but many Venerables in the Five Elements World were shocked. What happened in the Heavenly Palace?

In the Five Element Sect, the top school in the Five Element World, several youths looked surprised.

Someone exclaimed, “Zi Liu, did something happen in the Heavenly Palace?”

The guy called Zi Liu was one of the Five Elements Disciples. He looked solemn, thinking to himself, This is clearly the sign of a battle. The power of vibration is actually transmitted from the Heavenly Palace to the outside world. How powerful is it?

At this moment, not to mention going to the Heavenly Palace to take a look, even approaching it would probably be crushed to death by that terrifying power.

Zi Liu thought of something. “I’ll find a way to take a look. You stay here.”

With that, the guy disappeared. A moment later, he popped his head out from afar and muttered, “How can a powerhouse who can enter the Heavenly Palace be ordinary? With the identity of the Five Elements Disciple, I have to run!”

In the Heavenly Palace.

Gong Zhan knew that Han Fei was here to kill, so he didn’t expect Han Fei to let him go. At this moment, he couldn’t care less.

In the Heavenly Palace, a five-colored ring of fire suddenly emerged, wrapped around Gong Zhan, and disappeared into his body.

Han Fei felt that the power of the entire Five Elements World was pressing down on the Sky Dharmakaya. No matter how strong the Sky Dharmakaya was, it couldn’t break the confinement power.

With a thought, a drop of Infinity Water in front of Han Fei, like a nail, nailed directly at Gong Zhan who was in the middle of an outbreak.


At that moment, a Five Elements Dragon Fish erupted. The dragon fish spewed out strange flames, but it couldn’t resist the penetration of the Infinity Water.

In the end, it slapped its tail hard.


Rumble! Rumble!

How strong the Infinity Water was depended on how strong Han Fei was. Therefore, when the Infinity Water exploded, a destructive power erupted in the Heavenly Palace.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ka ka ka!

Two of the five pillars of fire of the Five Elements Heavenly Palace were destroyed, and hundreds of cracks appeared in this small world.

Han Fei was surprised. He didn’t expect the small world to be so strong that it could withstand such a violent explosion.

However, the self-destruction of the Infinity Water crushed all the means Gong Zhan used to control the Sky Dharmakaya.

Li Chaofeng, who was about to die, failed to survive the terrifying explosion.

Rumble! Rumble!

In the sky above the Five Elements World, a blood-colored crack that stretched across the sky appeared with a bang, and a rain of blood poured down. This was the typical sign of a king dying.

“Hiss ~”

Someone was stunned. “Who died?”

Someone was shocked. “Our king is dead?”

It was not until this moment that countless Venerables realized that something was wrong and prepared to leave the Five Elements World for the time being. Suddenly, a king died, and it was in the Five Elements Heavenly Palace. Any normal person would think that Gong Zhan had died.

Zi Liu, who had just run out, sweated and looked horrified. “Teacher died?”

At this moment, in the entire outer sea, many kings of the Heavenly Palaces sensed something. Sea Establishers in the Raging Sea had the same status as Venerables in the Yin-Yang World.

A Sea Establisher had died, and there were too many people who could perceive it.

The kings of the Heavenly Palaces were all stunned. What had happened in recent years? One Sea Establishment realm powerhouse after another had died. Why did another one suddenly die today?

The Hundred Demons and the undersea humans in the outer sea were all surprised.

A sea demon looked at the sky. “Does the human race have an internal strife again?”

An undersea human elder sneered. “The Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds only exist in name. Let’s see what will happen this time.”

Bei Luochen held a broken jade slip in his hand and looked at the trace of blood in the sky. His face was livid. Li Chaofeng was dead, and another Sea Establisher of the Infinity World had died. How long had it been? In just a few decades, two Sea Establishers had died in a row. Which world could stand it?

“Five Elements World?”


Bei Luochen’s figure moved, and a projection stayed here, while his original body flashed towards the Five Elements World.

He knew that Wang Yijian would take revenge, but he didn’t expect Wang Yijian’s revenge to be so precise and come so quickly. If he let a strong master like Wang Yijian slaughter wantonly outside, who could stop him?

However, Bei Luochen didn’t have much hope. Even if he rushed over at full speed, the battle might have already ended when he reached the Five Elements World. However, he still had to go.

At this moment, Gong Zhan’s Five Elements Dragon Fish was blown to pieces, and Gong Zhan himself was dripping with blood.

With a flash of golden light, Han Fei came to him. But as soon as Han Fei appeared, five-colored mystic light erupted from Gong Zhan’s body and rushed at Han Fei.

However, Han Fei didn’t even look at the five-colored mystic light but thrust his sword through Gong Zhan.

Although he was also pierced by All Great Daos in One Sword, Gong Zhan wouldn’t die so easily. Although he couldn’t beat Han Fei, this was his Heavenly Palace after all. An invisible array in the Heavenly Palace lit up, and Gong Zhan’s body recovered somewhere.

Han Fei sneered. “Smash you.”

The Sky Dharmakaya was like a violent Hercules, and the giant axe in his hand never stopped.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Hundred Array Divine Hammer struck thousands of times, and Han Fei controlled the Infinity Water to drill into the array like a drill.

Although Han Fei really wanted to beat Gong Zhan out with the Immortal Fiend Saber, that was his trump card and the cover of Wang Yijian’s identity.

Therefore, Han Fei also went to battle. He grabbed the Embroidery Needle and activated the Monkey King’s Three Thousand Sticks. At this moment, the Embroidery Needle was different from before. Every time it struck down, shadows would appear. The full power of the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure was fully unleashed here.


Faced with the powerful attacks of Han Fei, the Sky Dharmakaya, and the Infinity Water, Gong Zhan was no match for Han Fei. He vomited blood.

Ka ka ka ~

Seeing that the small world was about to collapse, Gong Zhan had no choice but to decisively abandon this void and intended to directly let the Heavenly Palace descend.

At the moment of life and death, Gong Zhan shouted, “Han Fei, if you’re not afraid of karmic fire, destroy the entire Five Element World if you have the guts.”

Crack ~

At this moment, the void shattered. Above the Five Elements World, the Five Elements Heavenly Palace appeared in front of everyone. Gong Zhan tried to make the Heavenly Palace descend.

However, the Sky Dharmakaya actually held the Heavenly Palace with his shoulders and desperately tried to push it back to the sky, preventing the Heavenly Palace from descending.

Under the shocked gaze of countless people, Han Fei’s voice was icy. “The lackey of Supreme Clearness and Infinity should be executed. I, Han Fei, am the human king. How can I allow you to destroy the Five Elements World? Kill…”

“Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel.”

In the distant sky, a huge Yin-Yang symbol pressed down, and cracking sounds kept ringing.

This time, it was a real battle between the Great Dao of Yin-Yang and the Great Dao of the Five Elements. In fact, in the Sea Establishment Realm, the strength of the Great Dao couldn’t be seen because individuals had different degrees of mastery of the Great Dao.

But the power that Han Fei erupted with was too strong. It completely crushed Gong Zhan.

Therefore, the Five Elements Barrier failed to block the impact of the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel and was shattered.

However, at the last moment, Gong Zhan roared, “Han Fei, even if I die, I must destroy your Dao heart… Explode…”

Han Fei secretly cursed. This guy is crazy.

Gong Zhan was going to take the billions of human beings in the entire Five Element World to be buried with him, so as to create a karmic fire in his heart.

But how could Han Fei let him?

Blue light intersected in front of him, and golden light flashed on Han Fei’s body, and he and Gong Zhan disappeared from the Heavenly Palace at the same time.

In the next moment, 600,000 kilometers away from the Five Elements World, Han Fei’s golden blood was dripping.

Rumble! Rumble!

In the sky, another bright red crack appeared.


This time, countless people were shocked.

“Another king has died?”

In the Ice Snow World, the Snow Lady’s hands trembled. Han Fei had caused such a huge uproar the moment he appeared? Which world had he slaughtered?

In the Million Poison World, Huang Jie looked up at the sky and murmured, “Chaos, the human race is going to be in chaos. I don’t know if Han Fei is a lucky star or a jinx!”

Bei Luochen was still on the way. Seeing that another king had died, he knew that something had happened to Gong Zhan. It seemed that even with the power of the Heavenly Palace, Gong Zhan couldn’t resist Wang Yijian for long!

An hour later.

Han Fei reappeared in the sky above the Five Elements World.

At that moment, Han Fei’s hundreds of projections descended on all the places of the Five Elements World where important supplies were kept.

Then, Han Fei’s voice shook the world, and he said, “My name is Han Fei, the current Human King. I’m going to destroy the Supreme Clearness and Infinity, and unify the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces of the human race. Gong Zhan of the Five Elements World helped them do evil and deserved to die, and I’ve finished him…”

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