God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1079 - I Know How to Use These Powers Too

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Chapter 1079: I Know How to Use These Powers Too

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When one of the sage warriors got killed, there was a notification that came from the system.

Lin Xiu took a good look at it and noticed that his EXP was around 19% now.

If he killed the remaining sage warrior, he should be able to gain more EXP.

Then, Lin Xiu came back to reality and stared at the other warrior who was still inside the array.

When the sage warrior noticed Lin Xiu staring at him, his body trembled.

The strength that Lin Xiu showed a while ago was horrifying.

Now, he regrets messing with Lin Xiu.

“Next, it’s your turn now.”

Lin Xiu looked at him and said in a cold tone.

“Move! Stay away from me!!!”

When he saw Lin Xiu getting closer to him, he looked frightened.

His eyes were filled with fear as well.

As he screamed out loud, the sourcemark on his forehead appeared once again.

With the use of the energy from his sourcemark, all of the ice on the ground quickly gathered together.

However, just when they were coming together and were flying into the air, they were stopped by the arrays.

With the arrays, it was impossible for the ice to enter.

“Well, I know how to use these powers as well.”

Lin Xiu gave a cold smile.

He waved his right hand and all of the ice that was held back by the array quickly entered the space.

Then, they were all gathered together in front of Lin Xiu.

The ice were quickly coming together and soon, they could see a huge ice giant being formed!

The sage warrior was shocked when he saw what happened.

How was this possible?! This was the skill that only he could use with his source mark. How was it that this kid knew how to use it as well?!


At the same time, Lin Xiu commanded the ice giant and it went straight for the sage warrior!

Boom boom – –

The ice giant swung his right arm and went straight for the sage warrior!

Even though the sage warrior already has his ‘sphere’ released, there was a loud thud that can still be heard when the fist of the giant landed on his ‘sphere’.

His body instantly flew to the opposite side.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes when he saw what had happened.

Then, his body shifted and went forward.

With the long spear in his hand, he attacked the sage warrior with the ice giant!

The sage warrior subconsciously tried to block the attack with his machete.

Clang – –

However, when Lin Xiu’s long spear landed on his machete, the huge force that came with it forced him to let go of his machete!

His eyes were opened wide. Before he could react, Lin XIu continued attacking him with the long spear.

As the long spear was being thrusted forward, it turned into a black dragon that attacked the man’s ‘sphere’.

Boom – –

With the loud explosion that followed, his ‘sphere’ immediately broke apart!

Then, the ice giant continued to attack his body.

He had no way to dodge the attack with one punch from the ice giant, he was thrown into the air and hit the walls of the array.

Pfft – –

Mouth started coming out of his mouth.

Boom – –

Then, the dark blue flaming birds headed his way!


Seeing how they were aimed at him, his eyes were opened wide as he screamed on top of his lungs.

His eyes were both filled with extreme fear.

But, there was nothing that he could do to stop them now.

The terrifying flaming birds then landed on the body of the sage warrior.

The horrifying flames that came with it slowly burnt through his combat suit.

He was struggling with the flames but without the protection of his ‘sphere’, there was nothing much that he could do.

Soon, his body was completely toasted because of the horrible flame.

Then, there was a bright sound that appeared in Lin Xiu’s mind and it was the notification that came from the system.

All done.

Hu – –

Lin Xiu took a deep breath and at the same time, he removed all of the arrays around him.

His EXP has gone up to 21% now.

He still has a long way to go.

When he turned around, he noticed that all the warriors who were meditating to recover their energies were all looking at him.

Their faces showed that they were shocked.

They never thought that Lin Xiu could kill both the sage warriors!

Bai Zhan witnessed the fight as well and his face looked awful.

He thought that both the sage warriors would have killed Lin Xiu instead.

As for Elder Gong, his eyes were shining brightly with curiosity and he got even more curious about Lin Xiu’s abilities.

“That’s weird. I can’t see him through.”

He stared at Lin Xiu and shook his head.

“Once everyone is done resting, let’s continue with our journey. We should be there soon.”

Elder Gong stared at the watch in his hand and checked the coordinates.

The frost dragon shouldn’t be too far from where they are now.

The rest of the sage warriors nodded their heads in agreement.

All of them peered at Lin Xiu but they didn’t dare to say much.

Lin Xiu managed to kill three sage warriors continuously which made him the strongest.

This man was a sage warrior at such a young age which meant that he must come from a strong background.

They didn’t dare to offend him.

As for Lin Xiu, he continued walking with the sage warriors toward the mark that has been left on the map but they have no idea how long they have walked.

This was because everything around them was covered in white.

Other than the ice crystal sea snake that appeared earlier, there was no other evolved beast found.

Lin Xiu felt a little disappointed. These snakes may be huge but it wasn’t difficult to kill one.

If there were more of it, he would be able to gain more odd crystals from these saint beasts.

Although he may not be able to use it, he could still bring it back to earth and give it to those men that worked for him on Nano Planet.

“We’re here.”

That’s when Elder Gong stopped and told the rest of the crowd.

He looked at the projection that came from his watch and this was where the frost dragon was located.

However, as they looked around, they couldn’t find the frost dragon.

The entire place was just covered in snow and there were mountains around them.

“Elder Gong, are you sure?”

One of the sage warriors looked around and questioned Elder Gong when they did not see the frost dragon.

“I’m not sure.”

Elder Gong shook his head.

He was looking confused as well.

“It should be around here. Everyone, be careful.”

Although they have not seen where the dragon was, Lin Xiu still warned them.

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