God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1081 - The Terrifying Ice Crystal Snake

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Chapter 1081: The Terrifying Ice Crystal Snake

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Lin Xiu nodded his head. He started using his spear to realise the flaming birds.

All of them were targeted at each ice crystal snake.

At the same time, the ice in the cave slowly started melting as well because of the heat.

Fortunately, nothing collapsed inside the cave.

The ice crystal snakes that were targeted by the flaming birds instantly melted into a pool of water.

“You! Come here and get rid of all these snakes with your flame!”

One of the sage warriors by the side noticed that there was a large number of snakes heading his way.

These snakes were small and they were moving quickly. The weapon that he was using made it impossible to kill them.

Although his body was protected by the ‘sphere’, the little snakes started chewing on his ‘sphere’,

As there was a cracking sound that came from his ‘sphere’, he felt his scalp turned numb.

“Can’t you hear me?! Kill them with your flames now! You, idiot!”

Seeing how Lin Xiu was not killing the snakes with his flames, the sage warrior got furious.

Lin Xiu turned around and scoffed, ignoring what that warrior said to him.

As for the rest of them, they were looking at him as if he was an idiot.

From the time that they got here, Lin Xiu has already killed 3 sage warriors which proved that he was someone that you shouldn’t mess with.

This sage warrior was commanding Lin Xiu instead which meant that he gave himself a death sentence.

Crack crack – –

Soon, there were numerous snakes that were chewing on his ‘sphere’ and they could clearly see that his ‘sphere’ was slowly turning opaque like ice.

Crack – –

With another crisp sound that came from it, his ‘sphere’ instantly exploded.

The sound of it was similar to glass breaking.

As soon as his ‘sphere’ broke into pieces, these ice crystal snakes rushed toward his body and started biting him instead.


Another loud painful cry came out of his mouth.

The rest of the sage warriors couldn’t help but shiver when they heard him scream.

Within a minute, the sage warrior’s body had turned into an ice sculpture!

His vitals had disappeared.

It was naturally because he died.

The rest of them shivered with fear. These little tiny snakes that were much smaller than the snake that they met previously but their powers were stronger and scarier than the one before.

“Go to hell!”

The rest of the sage warriors noticed that there were still lots of ice crystal warriors getting closer to them and started attacking the snakes with their warrior skills.

Other than Lin Xiu, there were still quite a few sage warriors who were using fire element warrior skills.

Following that, there were no other warriors that were bitten by the snakes.

Lin Xiu continued swinging his black spear around. The flaming birds were getting released continuously and were targeted at the snakes.

The snakes that were coming out in groups were soon killed as they were all melted by the flames that Lin Xiu had released.

Lin Xiu kept hearing the notifications that came from the system after killing the snakes.

He raised his right hand and all of the odd crystals that were on the ground went onto Lin Xiu’s palm.

With the control of his mind, he kept all of it in his expansion space.

Hu hu– –

When all of the snakes around them had completely disappeared, the sage warriors were trying to catch their breath.

These snakes were terrifying. Not only were they tiny, they were moving very quickly as well and they could chew on their ‘sphere’, turning it into ice.

Just like how the sage warrior turned into an ice sculpture.

“Save me…..save me…”

There were two warriors who turned into ice sculptures.

There was one more where only both his legs had turned into ice and he was crying for help.

Elder Gong walked closer to him and took a good look at his legs.

Both of his legs have completely turned into ice instead of just being frozen by ice.

“Your legs….are completely useless now.”

Elder Gong sighed as he told the young man.

“Save me…”

The sage warrior looked afraid as he begged for help.

Elder Gong then lifted up his long sword.

He aimed it at the man’s legs and chopped them off!

Crash – –

With one clean slice, his legs that have turned into ice were completely smashed into tiny pieces.


The sage warrior seemed to be in a lot of pain as he cried.

When they took a closer look, he had lost both his legs and there was blood continuously spilling out from his legs.

Elder Gong took out a bottle filled with blue fluid from his bag and then poured it over his legs.

Due to the intense pain, the sage warrior started wailing once again.

But, the bleeding quickly stopped.

“This is the most that I can do to help. Take some rest. Get an artificial leg installed once you return home.”

Elder Gong looked at the young man before telling him what to do.

“Thank you…”

The sage warrior was trembling and his lips turned pale.

He lost both his legs but he could still have artificial ones when he goes back.

In this world where there are high-technologies everywhere, it was something that could be easily done.

But, artificial legs definitely wouldn’t be as good as his own.

This meant that this sage warrior’s career as a warrior would be over now.

But, it was still good news that he was alive.

“Let’s continue then.”

Elder Gong looked at the rest of them and spoke to them.

“Elder Gong, we’re still moving forward?”

After experiencing what had happened, they were all afraid.

Hearing how Elder Gong wanted to continue, all of them were shocked.

Lin Xiu was the only one that did not hesitate and continued walking.

The rest of the warriors, including Bai Zhan, frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

When Elder Gong saw that Lin Xiu was the first one to continue, he wasn’t surprised at all.

Then, he turned to the rest of them before telling them…

“The frost dragon should be inside.”

When they heard what Elder Gong said, they couldn’t believe their ears.

“If my guess is correct, it should be inside.”

Elder Gong told the rest of the group.

From how the temperature dropped significantly once they entered the cave and also the attacks from the ice crystal snakes, there was a 90% chance that the frost dragon was in his cave.

The frost dragon would be hibernating now and the ice crystal snakes were protecting it.

“Let’s go.”

The sage warriors might have hesitated but they still nodded their heads.

All of them wanted to kill the frost dragon so that they could get ‘Silence’.

Legends say that this was an extraordinary warrior skill. It was a tempting offer and so even if there was a huge risk, they didn’t mind it at all.

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