God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1101 - Prepare for the Lottery

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Chapter 1101: Prepare for the Lottery

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“Goodbye everyone.”

Lin Xiu bid them goodbye in a calm tone. Then, with the long spear, he drew an arc in the sky.

‘Heavenly Breaking Strike’!!!

As the energy of this warrior skill got released, the space above them felt like it had been sliced open.

The four sage warriors who were on the ground subconsciously released their ‘sphere’s.

However, with the impact coming from the energy, all of their ‘sphere’s exploded!

Their bodies were blasted into halves as well due to the horrifying energy!

Most of the energies in their bodies have been absorbed by Lin Xiu and with the strong energy from the sage warrior skills, it was impossible that they would be able to withstand it.


Chen Jing, who was trapped inside the array, felt his entire body shivering.

They were about to kill Lin Xiu! How on earth did things change so suddenly?!

Elder Bai looked at the scene ahead and he was trembling as well.

His ribs were all broken and if it wasn’t for the energy that was protecting his internal organs, the broken ribs would have punctured all of his organs.

Now, he was thinking of how to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Lin Xiu was getting closer to Elder Bai as he spoke.

After killing all four sage warriors, Lin Xiu had an increase of 10% in his EXP.

This progress was a good one.

Once he killed Chen Jing and Elder Bai, Lin Xiu should be able to get even more EXP.

“Young man! Do you know….what the consequences are for offending the Bai family?!!”

Although Elder Bai was severely injured, he was still screaming on top of his lungs.

“I only know that you are about to die.”

Lin Xiu answered naturally.

Then, as Lin Xiu moved his long spear in the air, there were terrifying flames targeted at Elder Bai!


As he watched what was happened, Elder Bai screamed internally.

However, he had no other way of dodging it at this point.

Plus, he couldn’t release his ‘sphere’ now.

Boom – –

It was a dark blue flame that directly attacked his body.

These dark blue flames completely filled his entire body.

It was burning like crazy.


Elder Bai wailed in pain and he was struggling as he tried to move away from the flames.

But, these flames were terrifying. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t get rid of the flames that were all over his body.

Soon, Elder Bai, who was already injured from the punch earlier, stopped struggling.

As the fire slowly died down, they could clearly see that Elder Bai’s body was now pieces of burnt charcoal.

Chen Jing’s body froze on the spot and looked at the scene ahead of him.

Horrifying! This was horrifying!!!!

Elder Bai ended up being burnt into this state because of the flames!

“Please…. Let me go! Let me go!!!”

Chen Jing started at Lin Xiu who was walking towards him. His legs turned weak and his eyes were filled with fear.


As Lin Xiu said in a soft tone, he caused the array to immediately explode!

Boom – –

There was a loud explosion that followed and Chen Jing’s body completely disappeared in the air.

Lin Xiu only ended up with 5% of EXP after killing Elder Bai and Chen Jing.

Along with the EXP for killing the other warriors, Lin Xiu already had a 20% progress!

“Uncle Ye, are you alright?”

Lin Xiu turned around and looked at the man behind him. Then, he got rid of the array that was holding Ye Kai.

“I’m fine.”

Ye Kai shook his head.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Xiu looked around before suggesting it to Ye Kai.


Ye Kai nodded his head.

After leaving the Chen mansion, Lin Xiu and Ye Kai went to a hotel.

Inside one of the rooms.

“Uncle Ye, do you know how many sage warriors the Bai family have here in Bai Di City?”

Lin Xiu was trying to get more information about the Bai family of Bai Di City through the internet as he asked Ye Kai.

“According to the information that I received previously, it should be about a hundred of them.”

Ye Kai answered Lin Xiu.

As he thought about it, Ye Kai frowned.

With so many sage warriors, it seemed a little difficult for them to overrule the Bai family.

Plus, the Bai family of Bai Di City was merely one branch of the Bai family.

The true Bai family was in another city and the warriors there will be much stronger.

“But, because these warriors are in another area, there should only be about 30 of them here.”

Ye Kai added on to what he said previously.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes and said, “About a week later, I will annihilate the entire Bai family here in Bai Di City.”

He has already killed multiple sage warriors from the Bai family on his own. There would only be about 20 of them remaining.

He was already at level 68 and he even had ‘Silence’ with him now. Lin Xiu felt that there wouldn’t be any difficulty with facing so many sage warriors together.

“Young master, you want to do it alone?”

When Ye Kai heard what Lin Xiu had planned to do, the look on his face changed.


Lin Xiu nodded his head.

That’s right. He will be fighting the Bai family alone.

“Young Master, no!”

“There are too many of them in the Bai family and if you went alone, it would be too dangerous…”

Ye Kai tried to stop Lin Xiu.

“I can’t wait any longer.”

Lin Xiu shook his head.

He has already gotten the Orchid of Heaven. He would have to start looking for the Warrior God Realm in order to find Luo Yue.


Ye Kai was planning on getting all the allies of the Ye family and defeating the Bai family together.

But, Lin Xiu wanted to do it alone now. It was incredibly dangerous.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t do things that I am unsure of.”

“Plus, with my abilities….even if I can defeat them, I can still run away from them.”

Lin Xiu was telling the truth. He had ‘Flashing Souls’ with him and it would be a piece of cake for him to escape.

“Uncle Ye, just wait another week and you’ll see.”

“That there is nothing known as the Bai family.”

Lin Xiu stood by the window and looked into the distance as he spoke.

When Ye Kai left his room, Lin Xiu immediately went into the system interface that was in his mind.

For some reason, he already had 3 lucky draw chances.

Let’s do it first then.

It was still the same interface as before but there were three boxes with a question mark on it.

When Lin Xiu saw the question mark, he was delighted.

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