God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1207 - 1207 An Offering

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1207 An Offering

Lin Xiu looked at where everyone was. Then, he noticed that most of the warriors were gathering together at the same spot.

“What are they looking at? Oh! The space is about to close. Let’s go.”

Some of the warriors from Manhuang City noticed that Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling were still here and told them the reason.

“Leave? Has it been that long?

Lin Xiu was stunned. This was because when he entered the odd dream, Lin Xiu thought that it was only for a short period of time.

“Yes. You sat motionlessly over there. I thought that you were cultivating, which was why I didn’t wake you up.”

Baili Haoling said helplessly.

Lin Xiu sat cross-legged on the ground. He didn’t know how long time had passed. Plus, he didn’t move at all.

She only woke him up when she noticed that something wasn’t right with him.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Xiu got up as well.


As the both of them walked towards the crowd, most of them turned towards Lin Xiu.



Most of them were congratulating Lin Xiu for his success in acquiring his divine soul.

This was because he had received a black grade divine soul. Lin Xiu has now suddenly become a popular warrior.

With such a powerful divine soul, his future would be limitless and bright. It wouldn’t hurt to build a friendly relationship with him now.

Well, of course, other than those who wanted to be friends with Lin Xiu, there were also some who looked at Lin Xiu as enemies.

For example, the city lord of Tianyi City was now staring at Lin Xiu with vicious eyes.

Lin Xiu was the one who killed Sun Qi that he brought to this city. He wanted to slice Lin Xiu into pieces.

“The time allowed to see the divine souls engravings here is over. Please leave in an orderly manner.”

“Otherwise, I would no longer be able to open this space again.”

Fu Tianyuan announced it to the crowd.

He was telling the truth.

With his abilities, he would only be able to open the portal twice a year. Once from them to enter and the other one for them to leave.

With that said, he stretched out both his arms.

Boom – –

Then, there was a loud explosion that was heard and suddenly, there was a huge hole before them!

“Let’s go!”

Fu Tianyuan was the first one to jump through the hole.

The rest of the warriors turned around one last time to look at the spirits that were sealed on the wall. Although they were hesitant to leave, they had no other choice but to do so.

They would have to wait for another year before this space would be opened again.

There were some warriors who tried to hide in this space but a year later, when they returned, they only found his bones.

Ever since then, no one dared to do such things.

When Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling jumped through the hole, they finally left the space.

“Huuuuu~ We’re finally out of that place!”

Baili Haoling took a deep breath as soon as she was out of the space.

Although the energy in the air around them was much richer than what was found in Manhuang City, it gave them an uncomfortable feeling.

It felt as if there wasn’t enough oxygen in the air.

“The annual meet has come to an end. Everyone is welcome to stay in Manhuang City to visit and there is a banquet tonight. Please come and have an enjoyable time together.”

Fu Tianyuan looked around at all of the warriors who followed him out of the space.

“City lord Fu, you are being too kind.”

“Thank you, City lord Fu.”

The rest of the warriors thanked him respectfully.

Then, Fu Tinayuan waved his arms, telling them that they need not be so polite.

“Right. City Lord Lin, there’s some things that I would like to discuss with you. Would you be willing to meet me at my place?”

After talking to the rest of the warriors around him, Fu Tianyuan turned around and invited Lin Xiu.

The warriors around them turned and stared at Lin Xiu as well after hearing what was asked.

Lin Xiu remained calm on the surface but in fact, he was a little surprised.

What did this man want?

“Don’t go.”

Baili Haoling told Lin Xiu in a soft voice.

She felt that Fu Tianyuan was definitely up to no good.

After all, his younger brother, Fu Tianling, wanted to kill them. As Fu Tianling’s elder brother, he might not have shown any murderous intentions now, it was still obvious that Fu Tianyuan would stand with his brother.


Lin Xiu smiled before nodding his head.

Baili Haoling’s eyes were opened wide with shock.

“Just wait for me.”

Lin Xiu gently patted Baili Haoling’s shoulder.

Lin Xiu had a feeling that Fu Tianyuan was different from his brother, Fu Tianling.

If Fu Tianyuan wanted to kill Lin Xiu, he would have done it just now. It was impossible that Fu Tianyuan would wait until Lin Xiu had acquire a black grade spirit.

“This way please.”

Fu Tianyuan left and it was his warriors who led the way for Lin Xiu.

“City lord Fu is trying to rope City Lord Lin over to his side.”

Ling Yu and Sun Ruo stood next to Baili Haoling and told her what might be happening next.


Baili Haoling furrowed her brows.

“En. The champion of the tournament every year will be offered a position here in Manhuang City.”

“Now that City Lord Lin had acquired such a powerful spirit, it is highly likely that they want him to stay here in Manhuang City.”

Ling Yu mumbled to himself.

Sun Ruo nodded his head, “It isn’t a bad idea to stay here in Manhuang City. At least in the warrior god realm, this is one of the biggest cities. It is definitely better than Lingxian City…”

He wouldn’t agree to it.”

Baili Haoling rebutted them firmly.

With the two warriors leading the way, Lin Xiu arrived at the City Lord Mansion.

“Have a seat.”

Fu Tianyuan was seated next to a small tea table.

Someone else has already brewed the tea. Fu Tianyuan picked up the kettle and poured some into the cup opposite him.

“It’s good.”

Lin Xiu did not hesitate. He sat opposite Fu Tianyuan and took a sip of the tea.

The sweet aroma of the tea lingered in his mouth. Although Lin Xiu didn’t know much about tea, he could still tell that this was a good cup of tea.

The tea culture was something that was left behind by Hua Xia. He didn’t think the people here in the warrior god realm would enjoy tea as well.

“I have already heard of what happened between you and Fu Tianling.”

Fu Tianyuan stopped pouring tea and started the conversation.

After hearing what Fu Tianyaun said, Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

What did he mean by saying these now?

Just as Lin Xiu was still trying to guess the other party’s intention, the words that Fu Tianyuan said next was something that really confused Lin Xiu.

“I apologise to you on behalf of him. He has indeed made a mistake and I have already punished him for it.”

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