God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 713 - Leaving for Fengyun City

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Chapter 713 Leaving for Fengyun City

Terror, fear and also…

“I have just helped you get rid of rubbish from the Liu family.”

Lin Xiu said flatly.

This was how the world works. With extreme strength, it wouldn’t matter if he had just killed Liu Cheng

As he swiped and swung off the blood that was hanging on his blakc spear, Lin Xiu headed in the other direction.

“Lin… Saviour, you…”

Liu Yanran looked at Lin Xiu’s figure who was getting smaller and wanted to say something to him before he left. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she saw Lin Xiu stopped and turned around before waving at her. “Goodbye for now.”

Lin Xiu said with a smile.

He will be leaving for Tianlong City tomorrow and if there were no other accidents, he would not return to this city ever again.

For Lin Xiu, there was nothing left for him to reminisce about in this foreign city.

“Chief Liu, I believe that Liu Yanran is a good choice as well. You can consider making her the next chief.”

Lin Xiu thought about it before saying it to Liu Shen.

As soon as he was done, Lin Xiu left without seeing what their expressions were on their faces.

Seeing how Lin Xiu had finally disappeared out of her field of vision, Liu Yanran felt a little empty.

He will never come back here?

“Get rid of Liu Cheng’s body.”

Liu Shen told the rest of the Liu family members.

Then, he looked up at Liu Yanran and was reminded by what Lin Xiu had just said. That’s when he made a major decision.

A warrior that could kill another warrior master….. If the Liu family were able to get his support, then…

On the other hand, Lin Xiu arrived at a river bank. He sat cross-legged on the ground and activated his ‘Cultivation Technique’. On the Marqi planet, other than the gravity being different from earth, the energy particles in the air were also thicker than those on earth.

This may be the reason why the warriors on this planet were much stronger than those on earth?

Time passed and soon the sky had already turned bright. It felt as if it had only been a blink of an eye.

As he arrived at the designated spot, Lin Xiu could see the rail tracks of the Marqi planet. When he arrived, there was already a huge crowd gathered together.

The rail tracks looked huge and the security staff that were guarding it were at least rank 8 warriors.

This was something that surprised Lin Xiu.

The average strength of the people in this small city was comparable to planet earth and it was terrifying.

If the people on this planet start having any ideas…

Lin Xiu’s hair was about to stand on its end as he thought about it. With the earthlings abilities, it would be impossible for them to fight against those from the Marqi planet.

Even the technologies were more advanced in Marqi Planet.

With the pass that he had been given before, Lin Xiu had access to the place.

Pak – –

As soon as he got in, Lin Xiu felt someone tapping on his shoulder.

Lin Xiu’s eyes narrowed and subconsciously pierced his black spear backwards.

“It’s me.”

Qian Jing looked at the tip of the spear that was only inches away from him. Instead of being frightened, he laughed instead. When Lin Xiu noticed that it was Qian Jing who was behind him, Lin Xiu was surprised and quickly pulled back his spear. “Hey, why are you here so early?”

Qian Jing chuckled helplessly as he asked.

At the same time, he was quite surprised. This was because he could clearly feel that Lin Xiu’s strength had become stronger than he had expected Within a short amount of time, he had improved so much.

“When should we leave?” Lin Xiu ignored Qian Jing’s question and asked another one.”


Qian Jing looked at the time before answering Lin Xiu.

“The members of the Tianlong List. Please gather here!”

Right at that moment, there was a man who screamed at the crowd.

It was a middle-aged man who was dressed in a special black uniform. He looked like a solemn man.

Standing right next to him was that old man called Huang Ji.

“En. Let’s head over there.”

Qian Jing pointed in the direction of the man. Lin Xiu nodded his head and followed behind Qian Jing.

The ten people who won the match naturally became the top ten of the Tianlong List.

Within a short amount of time, he could see that most of the people who were on the list were already gathered together.

Huang Ji saw Lin Xiu and Qian Jing who were walking towards him and he had an unhappy look on his face.

It was his first time where someone else had rejected his offer into Xuanfeng Academy and it was an embarrassment. “Where’s the old master of the Wu family?”

Seeing how Lin Xiu was standing right in front of him unharmed, he sneered and asked Lin Xiu.

“What did you say?” Lin Xiu pretended to be confused and lost after hearing his question.

“Hurry up! Gather now!”

Huang Ji couldn’t help but frown when he saw the look on Lin Xiu’s face but decided to ignore and shouted at the rest of the warriors.

That’s impossible. If Master Wu had gathered men to fight this brat, how is it that he is standing unharmed right here?

Perhaps they couldn’t find him yesterday? Huang Ji had questions but this wasn’t the right place to ask them. “This time, you will be representing Tianlong City to participate in the finals at Fengyun City. The train will be leaving soon and we will pass by Ice and Snow City before arriving at Fengyun City. The journey will at least take 8 hours.” The middle-aged man continued speaking.

“Alright! If everyone is here, please follow me.”


There were at least 7 staff that were accompanying Lin Xiu and the gang to the entrance of the train.

“The rest of them are going to Fengyun City as well?”

Lin Xiu noticed that there were a lot of warriors entering the train which was why he asked Qian Jing.

“Some of them are headed to Ice and Snow City, the rest are to Fengyun City because there are a few spots open for them to watch the finals.”

Lin Xiu nodded his head.

The rest of them were seated in the normal passenger seat. They were just like the trains that he had seen back on earth.

As for Lin Xiu’s seat, it was in a cabin and each cabin could fit 2 people.

“Fengyun City is about half a planet away.”

“This is why it takes such a long time for us to travel.” Qian Jing sat opposite Lin Xiu with a table in between them.

“Why don’t you use aircraft then?”

Lin Xiu was confused.

“There are a large number of terrifying monsters in the air, here on Marqi planet. It would be a dangerous choice of transportation.”

Qian Jing explained it to Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu nodded his head and starting looking up for more information with the computer that was found inside the cabin.

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