God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 806 - Engagement  

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Chapter 806: Engagement

Luo Yan could clearly feel that something was wrong with Luo Yue and she asked out of curiosity.

Luo Yue was surprised.

She kept quiet for a moment before saying, “When….are we going home?”

When Luo Yan heard the word ‘home’, she was stunned as well.

Then, she gave a bitter smile and said, “I want to go home as well but….”

Those from the Luo family wouldn’t allow that.

This was because the Luo family was the ones who saved Luo Yue. From the beginning, they didn’t hesitate staying here and so had to continue staying here after that.

Then, the Luo family noticed that Luo Yue was a talented, skilled young woman and got her into Xuanfeng Academy.

Within a short period of time, not only has she broken through being a rank 9 warrior, she was already a warrior master now.

The speed at which she was escalating was so fast that it shocked the entire Luo family.

It would be impossible if they wanted to leave now.

Luo Yue seemed to know what was going on inside Luo Yan’s mind and she kept quiet as well.

“You can train a little more here. When you get stronger, maybe we’ll have a chance to return home.”

Luo Yan tried comforting her sister.


Luo Yue nodded her head but her mood was still down.

As she looked into the distance, she seemed to be thinking of something and looked depressed.

“What is it? Are you thinking about him?”

Seeing how Luo Yue was acting, she asked subconsciously.

After hearing what her sister said, Luo Yue had a change of expression. There was fear of being exposed in Luo Yue’s eyes and she looked nervous.

“But… I don’t think that he’s here.’

Luo Yan answered helplessly.

Although she messaged Lin Xiu once, he was in a difficult situation himself and it would be impossible for him to be here.

Plus, the danger on this planet was much higher compared to back on earth.

Even if he got here, he would be in great danger as well.

She was curious about the person who allowed travelling between both planets. If there was another with a plan to ruin earth, that planet would have been in chaos now.

“He will be here.”

Luo Yue said flatly.

“Who is it that will be joining us?”

At the same time, there was a middle aged man that walked towards them as he laughed.


Luo Yan looked at the man and greeted him politely.


The man nodded his head and said to Luo Yue, “Looks like you have been getting good results in the academy.”

“It’s just average.”

Luo Yue replied flatly.

The man seemed to be used to how Luo Yue was and continued speaking, “I have come here today to tell you both good news.”

“What is it?”

Luo Yan was surprised and asked immediately.

“The nephew of the royal family, Huang Zhen has asked for our hand in marriage.”

The man gently stroked his beard and chuckled.

“Oh ….Congratulations.”

Luo Yan smiled as well.

On the Marqi Planet, the royal family was the absolute ruler of the planet.

The king was a respected warrior and his abilities were extremely terrifying.

The Luo family might be a respectable family on this planet but it would definitely make them stronger if they were able to be allies with the royal family.

“The congratulations should be extended to both of us.”

The man looked at Luo Yue as he said with a smile.

“You’re saying that…..”

Luo Yan was a little confused but she soon understood what was happening.

“That’s right. Huang Zhen has asked for Luo Yue from our family.”

The man continued stroking his beard as he laughed.

It was obvious that this man was extremely happy with the news.

However, the smile on Luo Yan’s face turned frozen.

“I refuse.”

Luo yue’s face turned cold as well and she said calmly.

“The one who asked for it is Huang Zhenn, he is one of the best amongst the younger generation.”

“Right. Both of you are in the same class. You should know him.”

The man continued saying with a happy tone.”

“I refuse.”

Luo Yue repeated herself and glared at the man with a determined look in her eyes.

The man suddenly looked awful.

“Uncle, Luo Yue isn’t even 18 yet. I think that…”

“In another three weeks, it will be her birthday. We will hold a birthday party for her followed by the engagement.”

The man continued speaking.

Luo Yan was struck by the news but she gritted her teeth as she said, “Luo Yue already has someone that she likes…..”


Before Luo Yan could finish, the man sneered and said, “The rubbish back on earth isn’t good enough for Luo Yue!”

“Your father, who is useless, would be the only people who would want to stay on earth!”

“Three weeks later, the engagement will be held.”

He said it with a solemn look on his face and did not leave any room for negotiation.

“Both of you…stay in Fengyuan City. You are not allowed anywhere else.”

As soon as he was done, he left.

“Damn it!”

Luo Yue cursed to herself.

The look in Luo Yue’s eyes changed and with the sword in her arms, she was ready to leave this place.

“Miss Luo, where are you going?”

At that moment, there were a few men who stood by the exit of the mansion.

Luo Yue frowned. When she tried to leave the place forcefully, they immediately released their domain forces.

There were multiple domain forces that were released and soon it covered the entire ground.

Their domain seemed to compliment each other and soon there was a special force formed.

It immediately suppressed Luo Yue’s energy.

Not only Luo Yue, even Luo Yan felt as if she had lost all of the energy in her body.

“Miss Luo, we are only doing what we are told.”

The men apologised to Luo Yue and Luo Yan.

“You’re putting us on house arrest!”

Luo Yan screamed.

But, their energies were suppressed and they had no other solutions.

If that boy got here…

Luo Yan suddenly thought of Lin Xiu.

However, she quickly shook her head.

This is Fengyun City on the Marqi Planet. How is it possible that the boy would be here?

“Hahaha….Brother Lin, Happy Birthday!”

At the same time, on the other end, it was already night time.

Lin Xiu and Liu Pan were sitting on a patch of empty land and were drinking a blue fluid.

Both the android tigers were sitting behind them.

“Thank you.”

Lin Xiu thanked Liu Pan for it with a smile on his face.

Although he was already in his late twenties back on earth, he was only 18 in this world.

As he looked up to the sky, there were stars that covered the sky. Lin Xiu thought of something as he picked up the crescent pendant on his neck and looked at it gently.

In another three weeks, it would be her birthday.

“Brother Lin, what is this?”

Liu Pan looked at Liu Pan and asked out of curiosity.

“It’s nothing.”

Lin Xiu subconsciously tucked the pendant back into his shirt and smiled.

“Someone’s coming.”

At that moment, Liu Pan felt something and the look on his face changed.

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