God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 874 - Zhao Gui   

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Chapter 874: Zhao Gui


This was because the man standing in front of them was not from the God Hunters.

“Hmm? You’re finally here.”

Lin Xiu looked at the group of warriors standing before him and asked them.

“He’s not one of us.”

One of the warriors frowned and spoke to their leader, Zhao Gui.

“Finish him.”

Zhao Gui glaced at Lin Xiu for less than a second before giving the command.

It was as if this was just another norm.


The warrior standing closest to him nodded his head and dashed towards Lin Xiu.

Xiu – –

He was quick and within a blink of an eye, he was already standing right in front of Lin Xiu.

He had a sharp machete and he sprung it towards Lin Xiu.

The warrior was prepared to chop Lin Xiu into two!

However, something unexpected happened. Lin Xiu stretched his hand and caught the machete that was swung towards him.

The warrior suddenly felt as if his machete had been caught onto something and he could no longer move it.

What was happening?!

He was shocked as he couldn’t believe his eyes.

His machete may not be the best but it was definitely sharp.

This man, who doesn’t look like he belonged to the Nanor Planet, managed to stop his machete.

“That’s the best that you can do?”

Lin Xiu gave a provocative laugh.

Lin Xiu covered his hands with his source energy and no matter how sharp the weapon was, it wouldn’t be able to harm him.

Smack – –

Then, with a slight twist of the hand, Lin Xiu broke the machete into two.

With the broken piece of the machete in his arm, there was a bloody cut that appeared on the warrior’s neck.

The warrior held onto his neck with his eyes wide open.

Soon, he fell onto the ground, dead.

It didn’t even take more than a minute for all that to happen.

“Damn it!!!”

The rest of the warriors realised that their opponent was much stronger than they had thought and all of them decided to attack Lin Xiu together.

All of them were warrior masters and have all activated their source mark.

Some even released their ‘Yuan’.

None of them belittled Lin Xiu after what happened.

Seeing how he was surrounded by the warriors from the God Hunters, Lin Xiu was still extremely calm.

He picked up his long spear and started swinging it in the air.

As he was doing so, there were thousands and millions of spears that appeared out of nowhere.

Clang clang clang – –

The weapons that the warriors had were all thrown onto th ground.

Before they could react, the long smear that Lin Xiu had were already attacking them.

Boom boom boom – –

All of them had their ‘Yuan’ released but with one slight touch of the spear, it immediately broke their ‘Yuan’.

One after another, the warriors’ heads exploded because of Lin Xiu.

Zhao Gui, who was calm and affected, finally looked shocked after seeing what happened.

He didn’t think that Lin Xiu would be someone so powerful.

“All of you, go!”

Zhao Gui looked at Lin Xiu with cold eyes as he commanded his men.


The rest of them heard the command and immediately attacked Lin Xiu altogether with the weapons in their hands.

They leaped into the air before heading toward Lin Xiu.

There was an array of warrior skills being released at the same time.

However, Lin Xiu was moving around as if he was only a figure and none of them could hit him.

It was impossible to hit Lin Xiu.

In the end, Lin Xiu killed all of them one by one.

“The peak of a warrior king?”

Zhao Gui remained on the same spot as before as he was watching his men getting killed by Lin Xiu.

He was shocked.

Lin Xiu ignored what he asked and asked another question in return.

“You want to make people on earth your slaves?”

Lin Xiu looked at him and asked bluntly.

“You mean the new planet that we found recently?”

Zhao Gui gave another question back to him before offering him a deal.

“If you are interested in that, I can make you the vice of the God Hunters.”

“Come with me and we will take over that planet together.”

He thought that Lin Xiu wanted a piece of that planet.

Earth was just a lowly planet but there were lots of resources and slaves which was a good deal.

“Hmmm…don’t you know where I’m from??”

Zhao Gui’s expression changed when he heard what Lin Xiu had asked him.

“You’re from earth?!”

Zhao Gui asked in disbelief.

That planet only had low rank warriors. He was thinking of heading there personally so that he would be able to conquer it.

But….something unexpected happened.

“That’s impossible. You can’t be from earth.”

Zhao Gui shook his head.

That was a useless planet. How would it be possible that there were such strong warriors from that place?

“Earthlings are much stronger than you can imagine”

Lin Xiu said calmly.

He held onto this long spear and started walking towards Zhao Gui.

“Just because you defeated these men, you think you can kill me?”

Zhao Gui noticed that Lin Xiu was walking toward him and he laughed.

There were about 2 thousand of them that had joined the god hunters and they were scattered all over the planet.

But the real core members were all here today.

Then, they were all dead now because of Lin Xiu.

Zhao Gui, who looked calmed earlier, started getting furious.

The veins on both his arms popped.

Xiu – –

The sword that he carried on his back, flew into the air and was headed towards Lin Xiu.

Clang — –

Lin Xiu quickly swung his spear when he saw the sword.

The huge sword then changed its direction.

However, it didn’t go far as it took a turn and flew back, once again heading toward Lin Xiu.

“You’re dead!!!”

At that moment, Zhao Gui was filled with rage and there was a green source mark that appeared on his head.

When that happened, there was green grass growing from the ground beneath Lin Xiu.

They grew out of nowhere and all of them were long and thick. They gathered around Lin Xiu and had wine themselves on Lin Xiu’s body.

Instantly, Lin Xiu’s body was now covered with grass and he was a huge green ball.

“Go to hell!!”

Zhao Gui roared. The huge sword came from behind and pierced through the centre of the green ball.

Xiu – –

Zhao Gui caught the sword that came back to him and he gave a cold laugh.

“I actually thought that you were strong but I guess you’re not.”

He was confident that he had killed Lin Xiu.

“That lowly earthling killed so many of my people.”

Zhao Gui felt that it was a little wasted.

Boom boom boom – –

Then, there was a weird noise coming from inside the huge green ball.

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