God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 887 - Zhao Yongyuan (two)  

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Chapter 887: Zhao Yongyuan (two)


And at this moment, the Dark Edge spear in his hand was immediately enveloped by a large amount of dark blue flames.

The surrounding air seemed to be distorted suddenly because of the flames on the body of the Dark Edge spear.

Lin Xiu snorted coldly, holding the Dark Edge spear in both hands, and directly attacked Zhao Yongyuan, who had turned into a black mist and charged toward him!


But at the same time that Lin Xiu’s spear swung past, this cloud of black mist split up in an instant, turning into several clusters, which fell on the other positions.

And in the next moment, it divided into several groups of black mist, and slowly, it became five people!

These five people are exactly the same as Zhao Yongyuan.

Moreover, Lin Xiu can still feel that Zhao Yongyuan, who has become a warrior, seems to have the same strength…

how can that be!

Even if he used ‘Mirror Clone’, the ability of the clone is less than half of the strength of your own body.

How did he do that?

“Tell me, how do you know my name.”

Zhao Yongyuan continued to speak.

His words seemed to be very cold, and he sounded terrifying.

“You don’t need to know that.”

Lin Xiu snorted coldly, and as soon as his mind moved, the ‘Heavenly Array’ was activated directly.

With the use of ‘Heavenly Array’, with Lin Xiu as the center, a large amount of white light was suddenly released.

These white rays of light instantly covered the entire ground of the eighth floor.

As Lin Xiu’s current strength has increased, when he uses ‘Heavenly Array’, the increased strength is even greater.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yongyuan seemed to be slightly stunned.

He clearly felt that this was not something from the realm, and seemed to have provided Lin Xiu with a lot of power enhancement.


But at the next moment, five identical Zhao Yongyuan simultaneously drew long swords from their backs and stared at Lin Xiu in the middle.

In the next moment, they all moved like shadows at the same time, rushing directly in front of Lin Xiu in an instant!

On the sharp long sword, there is also a white light, which looks like it is enveloped by a strange energy.

The long sword slashed with a loud swoosh!

Dang dang-

Although the attack of the five Zhao Yongyuan looked fierce, Lin Xiu’s reaction speed was very fast.

The long spear in his hand drew an arc at an extremely fast speed.

All the long swords that directly slashed over were blocked!

‘Torrential storm of rose flowers’!

And while blocking their attacks, the Dark Edge spear was like a dragon emerging from its cave, attacking one of the Zhao Yongyuans!

Whoosh whoosh—

The moment the spear was pierced, it turned into a hundred spears!

It’s so fast that you can’t even see the shadow!

Only the swishing sound could be heard.

That one Zhao Yongyuan’s reaction speed was obviously not faster than the spear that Lin Xiu stabbed. In the next moment, Lin Xiu’s spear penetrated his entire body, causing a lot of holes.

Instantly became riddled with holes.

But even so, this Zhao Yongyuan did not bleed out.

In the next moment, it turned into a cloud of black mist and disappeared.

At the same time, the four Zhao Yongyuan behind him continued to attack Lin Xiu!

The speed of their swords was also very fast. Lin Xiu was accidentally scratched by two of the long swords that stabbed at his arm.

His clothes had a hole in an instant, and the skin on his arm also tore.

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