God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 888 - Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (1)

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Chapter 888: Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (1)

There was slight disbelief on his face.

Because his attack just now only hurt the skin on Lin Xiu’s arm!

You must know that his long sword is extremely sharp and the ‘Sphere’ unfolded by ordinary warriors will be directly split by him.

Lin Xiu actually blocked it with his body.

And this broken skin isn’t really an injury at all.

“found it.”

Lin Xiu, who had been paying attention to the expressions of these four Zhao Yongyuans, obviously noticed that the expression of one of them had changed slightly.

This person, without a doubt, is the real Zhao Yongyuan.

Without the slightest hesitation, the Dark Edge spear in his hand attacked him!

When the body’s source strength was mobilized, the body of the Dark Edge spear instantly turned into amethyst glass.


The moment the spear’s head was about to stab Zhao Yongyuan’s head, he directly blocked Lin Xiu’s attack with the body of his sword.

And at this moment, the three surrounding Zhao Yongyuans holding long swords attacked Lin Xiu from the left and right and the rear.

“Get lost!”

Lin Xiu, who felt all this, roared angrily at this time and the ‘Sphere’ unfolded instantly!

And the ‘Sphere’ that Lin Xiu unfolded was different from the general ‘Sphere’.

The whole ‘Sphere’ is dark blue and the outer layer is all hellfire!

All three of Zhao Yongyuan’s clones attacked Lin Xiu’s ‘Sphere’.

boom boom boom —

Their attacks were instantly blocked by ‘Sphere’.

And those hellfires on the ‘Sphere’ burned directly along the weapons they attacked.

Instantly burned to their arms!

In an instant, these three clones became Burning Man!

The power of hellfire is very powerful. Those three Zhao Yongyuan clones were instantly burned into black mists under the scorching fire of hell.

“It turns out that they’re just paper tigers.”

Lin Xiu looked at the real Zhao Yongyuan in front of him and said.

All of these clones were just as strong as the real Zhao Yongyuan by using perception ability, but when they really fought, these ‘Zhao Yongyuan’s were all paper tigers.

They didn’t have the same strength as the real Zhao Yongyuan at all.

However, Zhao Yongyuan’s skills were still very strong. If he were an ordinary warrior, he would be really frightened.


Zhao Yongyuan let out a cold snort at this time and there seemed to be a slight killing intent in his eyes.

With a slight force, the blade blocking the head of the Dark Edge spear swung Lin Xiu’s spear away.

And at this moment, the long sword swiftly attacked Lin Xiu like a poisonous tongue spitting venom.


Lin Xiu raised his brows. He didn’t plan to dodge his attacks at all. He waved the spear in his hand and attacked him directly!

‘Overlord Spear Art’!

This kind of spear art was so domineering that it simply abandons all defenses and just wants to kill Zhao Yongyuan.

And Zhao Yongyuan also seemed to feel that Lin Xiu was not so easy to deal with and at this time he also directly unfolded his ‘Sphere’.

Taking a closer look, his ‘Sphere’ turned out to be khaki, like a translucent loess rock, surrounding his body.

Lin Xiu’s Dark Edge spear attacked his ‘Sphere’ from time to time, making a strange sound.

But there was no way to do any harm to him.

“‘Thousand Thunder’!!!”

At this time, Lin Xiu took a step back, then directly released his skill power.

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