God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 889 - Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (2)

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Chapter 889: Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (2)

With the Dark Edge spear in his hand as the center, a powerful source strength was suddenly released.

In the next moment, the terrifying source strength was directly transformed into thousands of thunder and lightning and it directly charged over!


Because of the appearance of these bolts of lightning, the air smelled scorched.

Thousands of lightning bolts all hit Zhao Yongyuan’s “Sphere”.

In an instant, his whole person seemed to be covered by thousands of thunder and lightning.

But even so, those lightning bolts seemed to be isolated by his ‘Sphere’ and could not cause any damage to him at all.

Zhao Yongyuan snorted coldly. The lightning that was originally attacking his ‘Sphere’ suddenly turned and charged towards Lin Xiu!

What is this!?

Lin Xiu was startled, but he didn’t expect that Zhao Yongyuan would be able to bounce back all his skills!


That thick and terrifying lightning charged toward Lin Xiu’s body instantly.

However, Lin Xiu, who was very resistant to electricity, was not injured at all.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes and the source strength of his body continued to mobilize.

This Zhao Yongyuan was also at the level of Respected warrior. It was obvious that Lin Xiu couldn’t use this kind of ordinary skill to deal with him.

Now Lin Xiu has murderous intent in his eyes.

As the source strength in his body was mobilized, at this moment, the entire nine-story pagoda seemed to vibrate.

boom boom boom —

Zhao Xiaoqing and the others outside the nine-story tower clearly felt the surrounding ground begin to shake.

And this kind of tremor seems to be transmitted to the surrounding ground because of the shaking of the nine-story tower.

“Father, this is…”

“The nine-story tower, someone used a powerful force in the nine-story tower…”

Zhao Lin’s face also became solemn at this time.

How terrifying is the power that it could cause an earthquake?

“That kid, don’t tell me he reached the ninth floor…”

The rest of the warriors also raised their eyes to look at the eighth floor, which emitted a bright white light.

They never imagined that Lin Xiu’s strength was so powerful.

“Not necessarily. There are probably powerful things guarding the eighth floor, otherwise the ground will not shake now.”


Some warriors said aloud at this time.

After all, no one has been able to break into the ninth floor of the nine-story pagoda for so many years.

The highest record is only the eighth floor.

They didn’t believe that just such a young man could break into the ninth floor so easily and get the legendary holy-level skill card!

And counting the time, it took Lin Xiu less than an hour from entering the ninth-story tower to reach the eighth floor!

This speed is simply too terrifying.


Seeing that the power mobilized by Lin Xiu made the entire nine-story tower vibrate, Zhao Yongyuan couldn’t help but frown slightly.

In this situation, he cannot use his power to fight against Lin Xiu.

Because if two warriors at the level of Respected warrior use their skills to fight against each other with all their strength, the entire nine-story tower will be destroyed!

Lin Xiu ignored his words and as the source strength of his whole body was mobilized, the Dark Edge spear he was holding in his hand also made a clanging sound at this moment.

Clang clang-

A large amount of source strength gathered towards the Dark Edge spearlike a surging tide!

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