God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 890 - Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (3)   

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Chapter 890: Respected Warrior Against Respected Warrior (3)


The source strength reached a certain extent and it has been materialized at this time.

It showed a strange light red.

Just by feeling, you can sense its terrifying power.

Zhao Yongyuan’s eyes flickered at this time, but he didn’t seem to want to continue fighting with Lin Xiu.

In the next moment, the light-red materialized source strength in Lin Xiu’s hands slowly changed into black energy.

As soon as his tense body moved, he attacked Zhao Yongyuan with the Dark Edge spear!

‘Heavenly Dragon Wrecks the City’!

With Lin Xiu’s strength, the power of this skill was many times stronger than before!


The moment the spear he was holding stabbed out, it instantly turned into a huge black dragon.


The giant dragon opened its mouth wide as if it was about to let out a huge roar.

Zhao Yongyuan watched this scene and instead of dodging, he took back the long sword in his hand.

His lips moved slightly as if he was muttering something.


Just when the huge black dragon was about to attack and bite Zhao Yongyuan’s body, the entire nine-story tower suddenly burst into blue light.

A light curtain directly blocked his body.


The black giant dragon that bit him, at this moment, also instantly disappeared like smoke.

And Lin Xiu also felt his attack. It seemed that he had hit somewhere. The powerful impact made Lin Xiu’s body retreat several steps.

“Don’t use your power anymore, the ninth floor, it doesn’t belong to you.”

Zhao Yongyuan stared at Lin Xiu and said with no emotion.

“Just because you said so huh.”

Lin Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

On the ninth floor, there is a holy-level skill card, which is what he needs.

Now that he has finally reached the eighth floor, this person said that the things on the ninth floor did not belong to him – Lin Xiu was obviously going to ignore him.

Zhao Yongyuan frowned slightly at this time, then his right hand volleyed something.

The eighth floor trembled slightly.


Soon, a groove appeared on the wall in front of him.

“Only those who have obtained the token can enter the ninth floor. Otherwise, if you break in by force, the entire nine-story tower will be destroyed automatically.”

“Including what you want.”

Zhao Yongyuan said lightly.

In the next moment, his figure disappeared.

A token?

Lin Xiu raised his brows, then walked in front.

On the wall in front, Lin Xiu could clearly see a groove.

Looking at the shape of the groove, Lin Xiu found it a little familiar.

He stretched out his hand and put it in the groove, but Lin Xiu didn’t feel anything strange.

It’s like a very ordinary groove.

And this time, he didn’t know where Zhao Yongyuan was hiding.

Lin Xiu couldn’t feel his aura at all.

It was as if he really disappeared into thin air.

According to what Zhao Yongyuan just said, if he uses his strength to force himself to the ninth floor, the entire nine-story tower will collapse.

He felt that Zhao Yongyuan wasn’t lying.

He must have the holy-level skill card on the ninth floor. It is indeed a pity to destroy the ninth-floor tower like this.

But what did he mean by the token…

Continuing to look at the groove, Lin Xiu seemed to sense something and the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly.

Is this…

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