God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 891 - Token  

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Chapter 891: Token

Lin Xiu directly flipped into the inner pocket of his clothes and quickly took out a diamond-shaped token.

The Namir family, the once powerful but declining Ye family’s head token!

This token looked simple and unpretentious, but the word ‘Ye’ engraved on it gave one a sense of strength and imposing manner.

Looking at the token and looking at the groove, Lin Xiu was shocked to find that the token could just fit into the groove!

“It’s such a coincidence…”

Lin Xiu took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in his heart.

Holding the token in his hand, he slowly put it into the groove.

Perfect fit!

clack clack——

And at this moment, a strange sound suddenly rang out.

It was as if some kind of mechanism was operating at this moment.

boom boom boom —

At this moment, the entire nine-story pagoda shook even more frantically.

This kind of vibration was far more terrifying than the vibration caused by Lin Xiu when he used his power just now.

“Damn it, why did the earthquake happen again!”

The warriors below, feeling all this, couldn’t help but say aloud at this time.

This vibration was much stronger than the previous one, making them lose their balance slightly.

“No… no way…”

Zhao Lin stared at the ninth floor and his lips trembled slightly.

He saw a scene that he found unbelievable.

Because at this moment, the ninth floor seemed to begin to emit a faint white light.

The light is getting brighter.

Obviously, someone has set foot on the ninth floor!

Zhao Xiaoqing’s reaction was even more exaggerated, her eyes were wide and round.

Her mouth was wide open as if it could fit an egg.

She originally brought Lin Xiu here because she wanted to renege on the reward for that holy-level skill card.

After all, she really couldn’t take it out.

Even the entire Zhao family didn’t have a holy-level skill card, not to mention Zhao Xiaoqing.

After all, that kind of skill card was too precious and the power of this skill was also terrifyingly powerful.

It was simply impossible for ordinary warrior families to own it.

Only the nine-story pagoda had a holy-level skill card and because it was almost impossible for anyone to get it, Zhao Xiaoqing brought Lin Xiu here.

But what she didn’t expect was that Lin Xiu broke into the eighth floor at an extremely fast speed and now it seems that he has set foot on the ninth floor!

The holy-level skill card is on the ninth floor!


On the eighth floor, Lin Xiu saw that the ceiling above his head was cracked and soon, a stairway extended down.

The stairs exuded a white light, which seemed to be composed of a substance of some kind of energy body.

Lin Xiu hesitated for a while, then stood up directly.

This staircase felt weird, but he could stand firmly in it.

Moreover, Lin Xiu could vaguely feel that the ninth floor was where the holy-level skill card was at!

With this thought, Lin Xiu was a little excited.

He took a deep breath and walked straight up!

As Lin Xiu stepped into the ninth floor, what caught his eye was the figure of Zhao Yongyuan.

“I didn’t expect that you have a token.”

Zhao Yongyuan looked at Lin Xiu who came up and said aloud with complicated eyes.

It seems that Lin Xiu is able to get here, which is very incredible.

“This nine-story pagoda was built by the Ye family?”

Lin Xiu also said lightly at this time.

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