God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 967 - The Power of the Heart of Ice and Snow

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Chapter 967: The Power of the Heart of Ice and Snow

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You’re dead!

Sun Kai looked at Wang Qiang and screamed to himself.

He continued to swing his axe relentlessly.

Every strike coming from him was filled with a large amount of energy.

Since he was a respected warrior, Wang Qiang could only barely block his attack. It was already extremely difficult for him to do so.

Sun Kai continued attacking Wang Qiang but had his eyes on Lin Xiu.

Seeing how Lin Xiu wasn’t going to help Wang Qiang, he became even crazier.

“Thousand Thunders!”

Seeing how things were getting serious, Wang Qiang roared. As he continued blocking the attack coming from Sun Kai, there was also a large number of lightning being released from the spear that was in his hand.

Boom – –

As the lightning was released from his spear, all of them were moving toward Sun Kai through their weapons.


Sun Kai screamed in pain when he came into contact with the lightning.

His body did not have much resistance towards these currants.

He had to bear the effect coming from it and his entire body was covered in intense pain.


Wang Qiang took the opportunity to swing his long spear and attacked Sun Kai!

“The King of Ice and Snow!!!!”

As he moved his spear, there was a white sourcemark that appeared on his forehead.

Puff- –

Then, with the sourcemark released, the entire place was covered with ice and snow.

The snow slowly gathered together and built a large snowman. As Wang Qiang attacked Sun Kai with his long spear, the snowman gave a punch as well!

Koong Loong – –

There was a loud explosion that came from the ground.

It started shaking violently.


Even so, Sun Kai still wasn’t defeated.

With a loud explosion, the huge snowman was destroyed.

With that attack, Wang Qiang’s body was thrown into the distance as well.

“Hu hu – –”

Sun Kai’s body slowly came back into the scene.

He wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and he stared at Wang Qiang with a hideous smile on his face.

“Hmph! I almost ended up dead because of you.”

He looked at Wang Qiang who was lying on the ground and mumbled to himself.

“It’s a shame. My power is actually the same as yours.”

Sun Kai said to Wang Qiang as the white sourcemark appeared on his forehead.

As the loud glow appeared on his forehead, the temperature around them dropped drastically.

A large snow storm appeared and there was a huge snowman that was like an evolved beast appeared before their eyes.

“This is my source mark! The God of Ice and Snow!”

Sun Kai laughed.

“You’re a dead man now!”

With that, the huge snowman started attacking Wang Qiang who was trying to get up from the ground.

He was still trying to get on his feet when he saw the snowman headed towards him.

His pupils shrank unexpectedly.

It’s over!

He was only a warrior king. The difference in power between him and a respected warrior was too much!

“Get over here.”

Suddenly, there was another voice that appeared.

The God of Ice and Snow was about to punch Wang Qiang when he froze on the spot. His body turned stiff!

What’s happening?!

Sun Kai was shocked as well when he saw how the God of Ice and Snow had stopped moving!

Damn it!

He was getting furious. He continued moving the source energy in his body in order to reactivate the energy from his sourcemark so that he could be in control of the God of Ice and Snow.

But even so, the huge snowman wasn’t moving at all!

Boom – –

Then, the huge snowman turned around and walked towards Sun Kai!

Sun Kai was still holding onto his axe and he couldn’t believe what was happening.

What was this?!

He screamed internally as what was happening right now seemed impossible to him.

He has never encountered something like this.

“Kill him.”

Lin Xiu said softly.

Boom –

With Lin Xiu’s instruction, the God of Ice and Snow turned and headed towards Sun Kai instead!

The huge fist of the snowman directly headed towards Sun Kai’s body!

The entire ground started shaking.

Boom– –

This was not the end. The God of Ice and Snow threw another punch towards Sun Kai.

It continued attacking Sun Kai’s body.

“He….was able to control Sun Kai’s powers?!”

The audience were all shocked as well.

This huge snowman, known as the God of Ice and Snow, was a beast formed by the sourcemark energy from Sun Kai but how was it that Lin Xiu could control it?!

“This guy…..is a monster…”

Wu Hao looked at the scene happening before him and he felt his scalp turn numb.

He couldn’t imagine how Lin Xiu did this.

The Heart of Frost.

Lin Xiu had the Heart of Frost and with his rank at such a high level, it would be extremely easy for him to take control of those using the power of Ice and Snow.

When the notification of receiving the EXP from killing Sun Kai rangi n his ears, Lin Xiu snapped his finger.

The God of Ice and Snow disappeared instantly.

Sun Kai’s body laid motionlessly on the ground.

“Master, I lost…”

Wang Qiang stared at Lin Xiu and he was looking extremely sad.

“You did a great job. Once you become a respected warrior, you would be able to him instantly.”

Lin Xiu smiled as he comforted Wang Qiang.

“Victory! Lin Xiu! Wang Qiang!”

The announcer quickly announced the result of the match.

“Well, I didn’t make the wrong choice.”

Wu Hao did not care about the death of Zhang Zhen and Sun Kai.

Seeing how Lin Xiu was able to release such unique and powerful skills, he got even more confident with Lin Xiu looking for the Angel’s Tears.

The match continued.

Due to the overpowering skills that Lin Xiu showed in the previous match, the other warriors who had to face Lin Xiu immediately surrendered.

Lin Xiu didn’t fight much. Most of the time, it would be Wang Qiang fighting instead in order to train him.

As Wang Qiang got stronger, Lin Xiu’s mastering points grew as well

“Those in the top 50 wil be able to enter the sage warrior space after winning this match!”

Wang Qiang looked at the list that stated their upcoming match and he was getting excited.

Lin Xiu was still curious about what the sage warrior space looked like.

He was only one level away from becoming a sage warrior.

There was a large amount of energy inside the sage warrior space. After absorbing them, he would be able to gain even more EXP.

He would also be able to do it by killing other warriors.

“It’s such a waste that we didn’t get to fight you.”

Then, an unfriendly sound came from the other side.

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