God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 972 - Absorb The Power of the Warrior God

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Chapter 972: Absorb The Power of the Warrior God

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As the power of Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian erupted, they were emitting golden rays of light at this time.

“‘Destroy the Sky’!!!”

The two of them roared at the same time, the strength of their whole bodies gathered on their fists, then they flew toward Lin Xiu!


A pair of fists formed by huge golden energy smashed directly at Lin Xiu!


But at this moment, Lin Xiu’s body disappeared directly in place.

That pair of huge golden fists slammed directly on the battlefield.

The entire battlefield was instantly shattered!

Some of the warriors around were blown away by the shock.


Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian had their eyes wide open at this time and full of disbelief.

Their skill were not ordinary ones.

The speed at which the skill impacted was extremely fast.

In this situation, there was absolutely no way to dodge!

But this kid actually dodged!

And they didn’t know where he went.


Huangfu Lin’s face became extremely ugly.

“over there!”

Huangfu Tian seemed to sense something and suddenly raised his eyes to look high in the sky.

You can clearly see that Lin Xiu’s figure has appeared in the air.

And at this time, Lin Xiu was holding a Dark Edge spear and the source mark on the spear burst out with dazzling light.

“Even if you’re a god, go to hell!”

With the volley of the spear in Lin Xiu’s hand, a terrifying force burst out directly from the spear!

The surrounding space was directly pierced by Lin Xiu’s spear and a huge hole was directly pierced towards Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian!

‘Heaven Breaking Strike’!!!

“The skill of the Ye family!?”

Huangfu Lin seemed to have sensed something and the expression in his eyes changed drastically.

The current Lin Xiu’s own strength is about to break through to become a Sage warrior. In addition to that, with ‘Fury’, ‘Power of the Stars’ and the source mark on the Dark Edge spear, his overall strength has reached the extreme.


Huangfu Tian said humiliatingly.

For a warrior of their level, to dodge is a very humiliating word.

But there was no way. The skill power that Lin Xiu unleashed was simply too powerful.

If they don’t dodge now, they will be killed directly!

“Where are you guys going!”

And at this moment, a loud shout continued.

A black light bloomed on Lin Xiu’s forehead and a black source mark instantly appeared on his forehead.


The two matrices directly frame the bodies of Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian inside.

At this moment, there is absolutely no way for them to break through!


And that terrifying force of skill has already attacked!

With a loud noise, their bodies, like a space that was torn apart, were directly torn apart by the terrifying power of skill!

“What a terrifying skill…”

Wu Hao watched this scene from a distance and his body trembled slightly.

A huge hole was opened in the entire sky because of the skill that Lin Xiu unleashed.

This is too scary.

At this time, Lin Xiu, who was high in the sky, looked at Huangfu Tian and Huangfu Lin who were torn apart by the skill power that he released.

In their bodies, there are two light golden light groups, which seem to be about to fly high into the sky.

“Where are you guys going!”

When Lin Xiu saw this scene, his thoughts were triggered and his body instantly flew toward the two groups of light.

Now the ‘Fury’ time was not over yet, Lin Xiu’s flying speed was very fast.

In an instant, he rushed to one of the light groups.

He opened his mouth wide and directly absorbed the light groups into his body.

“Courting death!!!”

There seemed to be a voice coming from the light group.

But Lin Xiu didn’t care at all and continued to absorb the other group of light.

Lin Xiu could feel the extremely powerful energy the light groups contained.

This powerful energy made Lin Xiu excited.

Just after absorbing them all into the body, the two groups of light seemed to be madly running around in his body.

But at this moment, the ‘Engulf’ skill was automatically used!

And if you look closely, the Engulf skill has been upgraded to LV.15!

Level 15 Engulf Skill!

The icon of the Engulf skill appeared at 0.1% at this time, then quickly changed to 0.5%, then changed to 1%.

This Engulf skill quickly absorbed these two energy groups!

“let me go!!!”

“Let us out!!!”

At this moment, the voices of those two people just now came out from Lin Xiu’s body.

Sure enough, he guessed it right! Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian used special methods to transfer the power of the others to their own bodies.

And these two people, most likely, are the energy clones of the legendary warrior god.

“Let you guys out, do you think it’s possible?”

Lin Xiu sneered, then continued to endure the severe pain in his body, while frantically operating ‘Cultivation Technique’ to absorb this energy, the engulf system was also in constant operation.

The Engulf skill that has been upgraded to level 15 was also very fast in devouring energy.

Soon, Lin Xiu felt that his body gradually became more and more full of power because he absorbed the energy.

The pain disappeared at this time.


Meanwhile, on another planet.

The two old men in very weird costumes opened their eyes at the same time and blood spit out from their mouths.

“Our strength was swallowed up by that kid…”

One of the old men said with a grim expression at this time.

“Kill him, we must kill him.”

The other old man also looked extremely ugly at this time.

“But Planet Namir is sealed and there is no way for a warrior of our level to pass now.”

The old man who had just started speaking said with a gloomy expression.

Because of the special sealing rules, people of their level have no way to set foot on the planet Namir.

He can only use a special secret technique to directly transmit part of his power to that planet as before.

But what they didn’t expect was that they suffered a defeat!

“Then break the seal!”

“Sooner or later, our Divine Domain will unify those lowly planets.”

“And that kid, he must die!!!”

At the moment, Lin Xiu was still in the air, closing his eyes, madly absorbing those powerful energies, not knowing what was going on on the other side.


At the next moment, a crisp sound from the system sounded!

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