Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391: Untitled

“You’re going to have an unprecedented genius in your family! He will outshine even you one day,” the old man said in amazement.

But Feng Wu only smiled at him.

Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily, “What? You don’t believe me?”

Feng Wu was still smiling.

The old man was about to explain, when he heard footsteps outside.

“Old Master, Chief Qiao and Chief Yu are here to see you.”

Those were the heads of Year 2 and Year 1 in Imperial College respectively. What were they doing here?

Taking Feng Xiaoqi’s hand, Feng Wu said, “Old Master, we’ll be on our way.”

The Fang manor was right next door to the Feng manor, and the two siblings only had to jump over a wall to return home.

“Sister, you can have all the glory! All I want to do is protect you!”

The look on Feng Xiaoqi’s exquisite face had never been so serious, and he stared at Feng Wu with his twinkling eyes.

Feng Wu rubbed his head. “I’m wearing my Concealing Jade, which is why Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t detect my level. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that. But he was genuinely amazed by your achievement.”

Xiaoqi was about to speak, when Feng Wu silenced him with a wave of her hand.

Because on the other side of the wall, Chief Qiao and Chief Yu had arrived.

After greeting Grand Secretary Fang, Chief Yu cut to the chase. “Sir, we’re here today to report to you on Feng Wu. She has skipped a grade.”

Feng Wu had skipped a grade? Grand Secretary Fang looked confused, because Feng Wu hadn’t mentioned it to him earlier.

“Skip a grade? She can no longer stay in Year 1, then.” Crossing his hands behind his back, Grand Secretary Fang looked in the direction of the Feng manor, as if he could see through the wall.

Chief Yu smiled wryly. “Feng Wu is too talented for Year 1, and I had to let her go. Moreover, she passed the Dragon’s Gate challenge.”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded slightly.

Seeing how indifferent Grand Secretary Fang was, Chief Yu realized that he must think Feng Wu had passed the normal level only. She sighed inwardly and added, “She made it all the way to the insane level.”


The old steward had just handed Grand Secretary Fang his morning tea, and the old man almost choked on his first sip.

“What did you just say?” After finally swallowing the tea, Grand Secretary Fang stared at Chief Yu in disbelief.

Before Chief Yu could answer, Chief Qiao interjected, “Feng Wu may be a talented student, but she has a very questionable disposition and moral character, which is a very big issue. For example —”

Chief Qiao was about to report to Grand Secretary Fang, when the old man waved him off.

He stared at Chief Yu and asked, “What did you say? The insane level? Why the insane level?”

Knowing that Grand Secretary Fang was on Feng Wu’s side, Chief Yu nodded and said hastily, “Feng Wu was late, and there was only a limited time that the Dragon’s Gate could be open for. With you in seclusion, we could only open the hardest level.”

“And she agreed?” Grand Secretary Fang frowned.

Chief Yu glanced at Chief Qiao.

Chief Qiao nodded. “Yes, she did.”

He couldn’t understand why Grand Secretary Fang was pursuing this issue, because that was hardly the problem here.

While Chief Qiao was still feeling perplexed, Chief Yu saw the light.

It seemed…