Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1727 - Face-slapping, Round 9 (2)

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Chapter 1727: Face-slapping, Round 9 (2)

“All my injuries were from that Demon Chimpanzee! Luckily, I was able to straighten things out in the end. Otherwise, that beast would have killed me!”

Sefiro said angrily, “Feng Wu is heartless! How can anyone be so cold-blooded?! She only brings us disaster!”

Seven completely agreed with her.

Six glanced at Seven and asked, “Did the Demon Chimpanzee let you go? Just like that?”

Seven cleared his throat.

Sefiro asked, “What happened? Is that Demon Chimpanzee so tough?”

Six said, “The beast is unchallenged in this area and no one dares to mess with it. If they do, they have to pay for it. So —”

He turned to look at Seven.

Seven flushed. “My Black Iron Stone is gone. So is my Illusion Sea Dragon Grass and Poisonous Spider Bones…”

Six asked, “What about your Dragon Stream Sword?”

Seven said, “That’s gone as well…”

That was to say, Seven had given the Demon Chimpanzee everything to bail himself out. Feng Wu almost laughed.

No, she couldn’t do that. She had to keep a straight face.

Feng Wu quickly hid her smile, put her serious face back on, and went back to cooking her pheasant.

She had been trying to stay unnoticed, but with two Spiritual Lords here, she couldn’t stay ignored for very long.

“Who is he?” Seven then noticed Feng Wu.

He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw the teenager smiling.

“He’s with me,” said Sefiro.

Seven frowned. “Your Highness, if he’s someone you met randomly in the mountains…” He wondered if this teenager was Feng Wu in disguise, because “his” physical build looked a lot like hers.

At that thought, Seven walked up to Feng Wu, put a hand on her shoulder, and asked the question. “You’re not Feng Wu, are you?”

Feng Wu shuddered inwardly.


Had Seven gained some blind luck? Because he was right!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched.

What should she do now? Should she fight or deny it?

Before Feng Wu could respond, Sefiro chuckled.

“Hahaha, Seven, you —” Sefiro laughed so hard that she was almost in tears. She pointed at Seven and said, “I now see what they mean by ‘once bitten, twice shy’! Seven, you used to be such a confident man, but you’re so jumpy now!”

What she said helped Feng Wu.

Seven’s face turned livid. He then turned around and stared at Sefiro.

Sefiro patted Seven on the shoulder. “He’s Catnine, and my Senior Brother thinks very highly of him. He’s a boy, a teenager. How can he be Feng Wu? You shouldn’t make that mistake even if you’re blind! Don’t insult him like that!”

Seven frowned.

Feng Wu gave Sefiro a big thumbs up in her mind.

That was great news. Who could have known? Sefiro had just done her a great favor. Please go on —

“Look at that face and that body. He’s a boy through and through. How can he be Feng Wu? Seven, were you struck dumb by that beast? How can you mistake him for her?” Sefiro looked at Seven in disbelief.

Seven was speechless.

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