Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2283: Untitled

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Chapter 2283: Untitled

Qiuling nodded and led the lady back into the house.

Lord Gu followed her with his eyes and even took a few steps forward.


Qiuling slammed the door behind her, blocking Lord Gu's sight.

"Lord Gu, did you hear that? My mother doesn't like you." Feng Wu crossed her arms and sneered at Gu Guanjuan.

Gu Guanjun was Lord Gu's name, and "guanjun" meant champion. That was how much expectation his family put on him.

Lord Gu didn't let them down. He had single-handedly raised the Gu family to its current position.

He frowned and said affirmatively, "I'm going to marry her."

Feng Wu said sarcastically, "Lord Gu, you still have a wife, don't you?"

Lord Gu nodded in silence and looked confused.

Feng Wu smirked. "If you still have a wife, and you don't want another one, my mother will only be a concubine. I wouldn't call that 'marrying her'."

Lord Gu met her eyes. "Do you mind that very much?"

Before Feng Wu could reply, Lord Gu nodded and said, "Your wish is granted."

Feng Wu's eyes widened, and she was confused.

What did he mean?

Before she could do anything, Lord Gu took Feng Qi down from the pole. He promptly left after that.

"Miss Wu…" Granny Zhao was worried when she saw the look on Feng Wu's face.

Feng Wu had always been very confident, and she had never frowned like this before.

"Let him take Miss Feng Qi, and this thing will end here," said Uncle Qiu.


Feng Wu smiled grimly. Things were just getting started.

When Lord Gu arrived at Flying Snow Building with Feng Qi, Feng Yanfeng had already received the news. He lay in bed and pretended to be severely injured.

Lord Gu didn't beat around the bush. He only said, "I'm going to marry Lady Ling on New Year's Eve. Master Feng, thank you for your support."


Lord Gu left after that, and Feng Yanfeng couldn't stop him.

"For real?" he asked Lady Wang as he ripped off the blood-stained bandages wrapped around him.

Lady Wang nodded. "That's right. If Lord Gu says so, it has to be true."

"But…" Feng Yanfeng walked back and forth in the room. "But Lord Gu still has a wife! That lady is going to be a concubine! Isn't that a humiliation to our family?!"

Lady Wang said, "Then what should we do?"

Feng Yanfeng murmured, "What would Feng Wu say? She won't have it!"

Lady Wang suddenly remembered something, and she stared at Feng Yanfeng. "Don't we still have that letter to expel them from the Feng clan? Even His Majesty knows about it!"

Feng Yanfeng looked at Lady Wang. "What do you mean?"

"Expel Feng Wu and her family from the Feng clan! Don't you want to get revenge for Liu? Just use that as your excuse!"

Lady Wang grew more excited as she spoke, and even her cheeks twitched. "If they're no longer members of this clan, no matter what that woman becomes, our reputation won't be affected!"

Feng Yanfeng had the habit of sitting on the fence. Hearing what Lady Wang said, he hesitated.

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