Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2284: Untitled

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Chapter 2284: Untitled

"And!" Lady Wang tugged at Feng Yanfeng. "Yes, Feng Wu has been making fast progress and will become the hope of this family, but have you forgotten something? She still remembers how we treated her when she lost her ability five years ago!"

That shocked Feng Yanfeng.

Lady Wang knew that her words were effective, and she went on persuading him.

"She's only a Spiritual Lord now, and she's already bold enough to destroy Yanya's house, kidnap her cousin, and cut off her aunt's hand. What will she do when she becomes a Spiritual King? Do you think she wouldn't want to replace you?"

Feng Yanfeng's stomach lurched. "Nonsense. A woman can't be the leader of a clan!"

Lady Wang said, "Even so, there's still a male heir in her family. Feng Xiaoqi is still alive."

Feng Yanfeng said, "He's no more than fourteen…"

Lady Wang snorted. "Have you forgotten about all the young emperors in history? If they could be controlled by the actual ruler hidden behind the curtain, why can't Feng Xiaoqi?"

Those words hit Feng Yanfeng in his sore spot.

He said, "Well… Let me discuss it with the elders."

Once he was gone, Lady Wang sat down at the desk, wrote two letters, and gave them to Granny Gui.

"Send this to the Wang family. They need to get busy now.

"And make the preparations. I'm going to see Mrs. Zuo now."

Because of what Feng Wu had done, an elaborate plot against her was forming.

Wave Yard was still being repaired, so Feng Qi and her family moved into Sea Yard for the time being.

"Dad! Mom!" Feng Qi ran toward her parents, crying loudly. "You have to get revenge for me! I'd rather die if we can't kill Feng Wu!"

Lady Gu had just come back from the Gu family, and she was thrilled to see Feng Qi.

She touched Feng Qi's face and nodded. "Don't worry. We can't let it drop either! Death would be too easy! I'll make her wish she were dead!"

"But Mom, Feng Wu is so powerful now…" Feng Qi burst into tears. "What should we do now?"

"Expunge her from the Feng clan," someone said affirmatively from outside.

The family of three turned around and saw that it was Lady Wang.

"Sister-in-law?" Lady Gu wasn't very pleased to see her.

She finally saw that Lady Wang only cared about herself.

She blurted out, "Now that my brother has saved my daughter, you're finally here. I thought I could rely on you and Master Feng Yanfeng, but I see now that I can only count on myself."

Lady Wang didn't seem to hear her complaint.

She said, "We'll remove Feng Wu and her family from our clan. What do you think?"


Lady Gu and Feng Yanya looked at each other in astonishment.

"Sister-in-law, do you mean it?" Despite his injury, Feng Yanya jumped out of bed.

If Feng Wu was expunged, Feng Qi would become the most talented child in the Feng clan!

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