Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! - Chapter 1095: Ive seen this man

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Chapter 1095: Ive seen this man

Seeing the yamen official walk away with the painting, Chu Yan suddenly thought of something. He asked Zhou Awu to immediately prepare the pen and ink. He was at the dock and temporarily painted a painting of Song Lang.

Chu Yan's painting skills were obtained from Dongfang Mu's strict training, so he was naturally very skilled. Especially painting portraits. It was very vivid.

But no matter how vivid his painting skill was, it can't compare to Bai Zhi's painting skills.

If Song Lang's painting was drawn by her, would he still be worried about not being able to find people?

Although Song Lang's face was good-looking, he has no special features. The only feature should be the mole on the corner of his eye.

Another thing was that Song Lang likes to wear plain clothes, with green bamboo embroidered on the neckline and cuffs. Although the style was the style of the state of Chu, it has been changed according to the dressing habits of the state of Jin, so some details were different.

When the yamen official came back, Chu Yan had just finished painting: "His Royal Highness, no one has ever seen this girl." After speaking, he handed the painting back, and his eyes fell on the other painting that Chu Yan had just finished. The ink of the painting haven't dried yet, Chu Yan was about to pick it up and blow it.

"I've seen this person." The yamen official said suddenly.

Chu Yan suddenly looked at him: "What did you say?"

The yamen official's heart skipped a beat at his stare, but he still pointed at the painting in his hand and said: "I've seen this gentleman before. He came here a few days ago and said that he is a merchant from the capital who needed to restock supplies."

Chu Yan asked anxiously: "Have you checked his boat?"

The yamen official shook his head with a pale face: "No, I didn't check."

Feeling the knife-like gaze of Prince Jin, he quickly lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

He saw it a few days ago, so where has this ship gone now.

Chu Yan asked again: "Do you know where they are going?"

The yamen official thought about it and said: "I heard that the boatman said that they were going to deliver goods to Jiangbei."

"Jiangbei? Which Jiangbei?" Zhou Awu asked.

The yamen hurriedly said: "It is the northern bank of the river, it's commonly known as Jiangbei. It is only three hundred miles away from this place. It is a land with prosperous goods trade."

Zhou Awu was overjoyed. He pulled Chu Yan's arm and said: "His Royal Highness, let's go to Jiangbei quickly."

There was no trace of joy on Chu Yan's face, he shook his head: "He won't go to Jiangbei, how could someone like Song Lang let us find him easily?"

The boatman said to go to Jiangbei, he must have deliberately left a false clue.

"You think about it again. When his boat left the shore, which side did it go? Did it really go to Jiangbei?"

The yamen official tried very hard to think about it, but he really couldn't think of it at all.

After the ship left the port, he had to go back for a while to divide things. How could he pay so much attention, and he was too busy to collect money.

"His Royal Highness, this little one can't remember." He didn't dare to speak nonsense in front of Prince Jin. He couldn't bear the consequences.

Zhou Awu kicked the yamen official and said angrily: "What's the use of someone like you?"

It seems that he can't gain anything from this errand, but it was not bad to save his life.

Chu Yan was not in the mood to worry about this kind of entanglement, he said to Zhou Awu: "Send the order immediately to the ports of each state and the prefecture, the inspection efforts should be doubled. Anyone who dares to dereliction of duty will be killed without mercy."

Zhou Awu nodded and asked Chu Yan again: "Your Highness, where are we going now?"

Chu Yan turned his head and looked at the vast surface of the river. Today the wind was strong, and the sky was cloudy. It was spring season, but he felt very cold. His chest was like a rock weighing more than 1,000 catties and he could hardly breathe.

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