Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! - Chapter 1096: Jiangbei Port

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Chapter 1096: Jiangbei Port

At this time, he can be sure that the one who kidnapped Bai Zhi was Song Lang. If it was someone else, he would be able to find Bai Zhi in the shortest time and bring her back to him. But it was Song Lang who kidnapped Bai Zhi. This person's strength was unfathomable, shrewd, and cunning. There were smoke bombs set up everywhere. In front of the truth, there will always be layers of fog. He let out a long breath and swore to himself that he will find Bai Zhi. Even if went to heaven or the depth of hell, he would find Bai Zhi. Song Lang, you'd better not fall into my hands, otherwise, you will live a life worse than death. "Go to Jiangbei!" Although he knew that it was the smoke bomb that Song Lang set up, he had no other choice. Jiangbei was the only clue. * Jiangbei Port Song Lang's ship was parked in the middle of the merchant ships. It was inconspicuous and not prominent. It was exactly like an ordinary merchant ship. But there was one difference. Other merchant ships were unloading their cargo, but they didn't unload their cargo. Instead, they sent people ashore to buy water and food. Bai Zhi hasn't been out of the cabin for several days. The boat was swaying every day, she was very dizzy. No amount of seasickness medicine can help her. She spat out every food in her stomach. She lost a lot of weight. Song Lang was distressed when he saw her. So as soon as the ship docked, he entered the cabin and said to Bai Zhi who was lying drowsily on the bed: "The ship has docked, do you want to go out for a walk?" Bai Zhi immediately opened her eyes: "Are you willing to take me out?" Song Lang nodded his head: "I can take you out, but you have to promise me not to mess around, otherwise, I will bring you back immediately. Even if you attract officers and soldiers, I will have my way to get rid of them, but from now on, I won't let you go ashore again, do you understand?" Bai Zhi nodded without hesitation: "I understand, but I can't even walk, how do I get out? You can't let Xiao Qing carry me all the time, right?" Song Lang took out a red elixir and handed it to Bai Zhi: "This is the antidote for cartilage powder, but it only has an effect of two hours. After you take it, you will have strength immediately, but after two hours, your strength will disappear again, so you'd better not try to run away. Even if you run away, you will only harm yourself." He held her hand and said affectionately, "Zhi'er, as long as you stay by my side, you will always be safe." She was so cold that she wanted to spit on his face, but she was so weak that she couldn't even spit out her saliva. She wanted to forcefully withdraw her hand, but she was afraid that he would find out that her cartilage and poison had been resolved, so she could only endure nausea and let him hold her hand. "Put down the medicine, you go out first, I want to change clothes." Bai Zhi didn't look at his face, she doesn't want to see the deep emotion in his eyes. Song Lang let go of her hand, which was soft and boneless, white and smooth. Once he held it, he never wanted to let go again. When he turned around, he sniffed the palm of his hand, and there was no smell, but he felt it was particularly fragrant. When the door was closed, she hurriedly sat up, opened the pill Song Lang gave her and smelled it. It was the antidote for the cartilage dispersal, but it was not an antidote for only two hours, but a real solution to the cartilage. The antidote for toxins. He said that because he was afraid that she would run away when she regained her strength. Hmph, of course, she wanted to run, but she will not run away right now. There were a lot of her things here, so she has to take them away. There will always be opportunities.   Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. ^.^ No spoilers, please! Please support the author by reading the original version on their official site, or buying the book. ^.^

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