Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! - Chapter 1097: The antidote

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Chapter 1097: The antidote

Bai Zhi first hid the antidote for the cartilage powder. Maybe it will be useful in the future, then she changed into a dress, pretended to be sick, and walked out of the hatch with difficulty.

This difficulty was not fake. After staying in a swaying boat for so long, she felt like she was floating.

Song Lang was waiting outside, while Xiao Qing was standing behind him. The two seemed to be talking about something, but when they saw her coming out, they immediately stopped.

Bai Zhi just pretended that she didn't see it. The two were master and servant, it was normal to talk about something that she didn't want to hear. She had no right to intervene.

Song Lang quickly stepped forward to help her, but she pushed him away: "Don't touch me!" Her voice was cold and low, with a determination that could not be ignored.

Song Lang's hand shrank back again when he was ruthlessly rejected. It had become a common occurrence. but he couldn't get used to it. He didn't think there was anything wrong with liking Bai Zhi.

Those women who were as docile as kittens, even if they throw themselves in his arms, he can't put them in his eyes.

Xiao Qing quickly stepped forward to support Bai Zhi. She helped her out of the bottom cabin step by step and went up to the middle cabin.

Walking out of the dark passage in the middle cabin, a dazzling light came in. It was so bright that she immediately closed her eyes, and the spring breeze came over her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath greedily.

Finally, she can breathe fresh air.

The weather looks good today.

Her tightly closed eyes slowly opened. She tried to adapt little by little to the light. The liveliness in front of her dragged her back to her senses. She felt that she was alive again.

The days when she was locked in the cabin at the bottom of the boat made her feel like a walking corpse. She either ate or slept all day long. There was no sound she wanted to hear, and she has nothing she could do.

Xiao Qing helped her ashore, she was already standing on the ground, but she felt that the ground under her feet was still swaying.

The feeling of being top-heavy did not completely dissipate as it came to land.

She doesn't know how those people who have been at sea for a few years survived. This taste was too uncomfortable.

Song Lang followed and said to Bai Zhi: "You haven't eaten well these days, what do you want to eat now?"

Bai Zhi raised her head and looked at the words engraved on the horizontal plaque above her head, Jiangbei Port.

This Jiangbei Port was two thousand miles away from the capital.

Further on, where is it?

Can Chu Yan find her here?

Will she and Chu Yan see each other again?

What day is tomorrow? What will happen tomorrow? She has no idea. Even if she escapes Song Lang, what challenges will she face next?

Bai Zhi lowered her head, thought for a while, and said, "I heard that Jiangbei's a pan-fried bun is a must to eat, so let's eat that."

Song Lang looked up and smiled: "I heard that you have never been to Jiangbei before. How did you know that Jiangbei's pan-fried bun is delicious? Could it be that you have come here secretly?"

"I haven't eaten pork, but I have seen a pig run. I haven't eaten Jiangbei's food, can't I hear it from others?"

When she was recuperating in Dongfang Mansion, she had nothing to do, so she read some interesting records of the Chu state. The records were about the different customs of the various states and regions of the Chu state. Among them were Jiangbei area records.

It turns out that fried buns were popular in ancient times.

She doesn't know how the pan-fried buns here compare to what she made herself.

Song Lang said to Old Yuan who was beside him: "Go and find out which one has the best-pan-fried buns."

Old Yuan smiled and said: "I have already inquired about it. There is a pan-fried buns shop on Chunfang Street. The shop only sells fried buns. They said that it is the best in Jiangbei City."

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