Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! - Chapter 996 - Sealing the window

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Chapter 996 : Sealing the window

Xiao Qing stood there stupidly. Their young master stood in front of her and ate all of it, then asked, “Did she really make this?”

Xiao Qing nodded: “Yes.”

“Not bad, but too little. I’m not full.” Song Lang threw the plate back to Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing said, “This slave seen she made a lot. Maybe there are still more.” She regretted it after saying that. Really, she wanted to bite off her tongue. Why did she tell him this? What if he wants to go in? Lonely man and widow… …

Sure enough, Song Lang’s eyes lit up, turned around, and went into the house.

Xiao Qing blurted out: “Young master, I’m afraid it’s wrong for you to go in now!”

Xiao Qing’s voice was very clear. And because of anxiety, the volume of her voice slightly elevated. The people in the room immediately heard it.

Bai Zhi rolled the last piece of dough and gave it to Hu Feng, “Hurry up, come back at dawn.”

Although the sun outside has come out, the sky hasn’t completely become clear. It was winter again, this was a season to have a long good sleep.

Hu Feng nodded his head, took the vegetable egg roll in Bai Zhi’s hand, strode to the window, and jumped out.

At this time Song Lang knocked on the door outside: “Can I come in?”

Bai Zhi brought the tea that Hu Feng had just drunk in front of her, glanced sideways at the closed door, and said in a low voice: “If I say no, you won’t come in?”

Song Lang smiled and pushed the door with his hand.

The door was bolted, but because he used inner strength, the bolt broke.

He strode in, bringing in a cold wind.

Only a gauze lamp was lit in the room, which was slightly dim.

Xiao Qing followed in and quickly lit the other two lights in the room, and the room suddenly brightened.

Song Lang came to her and saw the plates on the table. He immediately stepped up and realized that both plates were empty. Only one of them had some leftovers… …

“Have you finished eating?” Song Lang’s eyes were full of disappointment.

Bai Zhi nodded: “I am, why?”

Song Lang coughed dryly and said a little embarrassed: “I ate what you gave to Xiao Qing, it tastes really good. I thought you still have it, I would like to eat two more pieces.”

Bai Zhi took a sip of the tea, set aside the teacup, and said coldly: “It’s gone.”

Seeing their young master’s appearance, Xiao Qing felt very unbearable, she quickly said: “Young master, this slave saw that this thing is not difficult to do. Why not this slave do it for you?”

Song Lang nodded: “Alright, you can do it. I will say a few words to Miss Bai, you send it here in a while.”

After Xiao Qing stepped back, he also sat down at the table. As soon as he sat down, he smelled a scent that shouldn’t belong in this room.

They were doctors. What’s more, doctors who know how to refine medicine have sensitive noses. Their ability to recognize scent was beyond ordinary people.

This was clearly Prince Jin’s scent. He had smelled it yesterday. It turned out that he had been here, no wonder the food was almost empty.

The smile on Song Lang’s face became a little bit cold. He swept his eyes to the window, and then shouted: “Come here!”

As soon as his voice fell, a tall man came out of nowhere. He should be his secret guard.

“Master what is your order!”

Song Lang pointed his finger to the window and said: “Let someone seal the window immediately.”

Bai Zhi looked up and stared at him. Did this guy find out?

Song Lang smiled and said, “The wind is cold, it will warmer if the window is sealed.”

She was almost certain that this guy must have discovered it.

“Is the medicine ready?” She asked.

Song Lang nodded: “It’s ready, you can test it right away when Prince Jin sends someone out.”

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