Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! - Chapter 997 - Drinking tea and appreciating beauty

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Chapter 997: Drinking tea and appreciating beauty

“That’s good.” She sighed and went to serve the tea again. Before her hand touched the teacup, Song Lang snatched the teacup away.

“This tea is already cold, I’ll pour you another cup.” As he said, he poured her a tea and poured himself.

Bai Zhi looked up and stared at the sky gradually lighting outside, then asked, “When are you going to release Princess Qian Fang?”

Song Lang pushed the teacup in front of her, “When did I say I would let them go?”

“You’ll let them go sooner or later, don’t you?” She curled her lips with a meaningful smile.

Song Lang shrugged his shoulders: “Maybe, but not now. You know it too well, don’t you?”

He looked at her face. Her face under the candlelight was not like a mortal face.

“You and Qian Fang have never lived together, so why do you care about her so much?”

Bai Zhi shook her head: “Care about her? I just ask a few more questions. I care much less than you do.”

Song Lang frowned, an annoyed expression on his face.

“Can’t you say two nice sentences? Or even just one sentence?”

Bai Zhi shook her head again: “I am a straightforward person. I can say one or two, but I don’t know how to lie.”

Song Lang was very angry. This girl, obviously doing this deliberately. She wanted to annoy him so that he will leave. He won’t let her succeed this time.

Thinking about it, the irritation on his face immediately disappeared, and he returned to his calmness: “Do whatever you want!”

Bai Zhi stopped talking and only drank tea in silence.

Song Lang was also calm and relaxed, he drank tea while admiring the beauty!

After a while, Xiao Qing came in with two plates. One plate was fried dishes, and the other plate was filled with dough. No, it should be called pancakes. It was a little thicker than the egg roll made by Bai Zhi.

The scent of the dish was also different, completely different from the one he had just eaten.

Song Lang frowned immediately. He was about to speak, but Bai Zhi spoke first: “It looks good, I didn’t expect Sister Xiao Qing to have this ability. You just watched me this morning and immediately did exactly the same.”

Song Lang couldn’t say anything after hearing her words.

Xiao Qing was overjoyed in her heart. She quickly rolled a piece for Song Lang and handed it to him.

Song Lang took it with frowned eyebrows and took a bite. The taste was okay, but it was far worse than what Bai Zhi made.

He reluctantly ate one and refused to eat it again: “I’m full.”

Although their young master only ate one piece, Xiao Qing was still very happy. This was the first time their young master had eaten something she made. She had done it before, but their young master didn’t even look at it.

At this time, the sky outside was already bright, and Song Lang finally got up, “I’m going to see the medicinal bath. Prince Jin must be waiting at the door.”

Bai Zhi just didn’t hear the latter sentence, “Can I go and have a look?”

Song Lang nodded: “It’s okay, you’ll see it sooner or later.” As he said, he turned and walked out.

Xiao Qing followed behind Bai Zhi and suddenly stretched out her hand to pull at her sleeve, then asked, “Can you teach me to make a thin crust like yours?”

Bai Zhi looked at Xiao Qing in surprise. This girl, who used to look at her with a cannibalistic look, now looks like a little wife?

She nodded: “Of course I can, but not now. I’ll be busy for a while, if I have a chance, I will teach you.”

Xiao Qing became excited and nodded quickly, she looked very grateful.

In this era, a dish and a prescription were all treasures that can be used as heirlooms. No one likes to teach others like her.

It’s not strange for this girl to be so happy.

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