Godly Stay-Home Dad - Chapter 1092 - Queen Nina

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Chapter 1092 Queen Nina

“Okay, let’s go and have a look. Don’t be afraid, Nina. I’ll protect you. If others dare to make trouble, I’ll ask my dad to deal with them,” Yue Xiaonao said airily.

“Thank you.”

A smile appeared on Nina’s face.

A while later, Zhang Han and the others came out of their houses.

“You girls got up early today,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Well, we didn’t play games last night and went to bed early. Today, we’re going to the Cloud Shadow Sky, aren’t we?” Mengmeng said, grinning.

Seeing Mengmeng’s self-satisfied look, Zi Yan couldn’t help asking, “It will take two or three days to get there. Have you finished your homework?”


As expected, Mengmeng’s big shining eyes suddenly froze. She looked a bit dazed.

Then she pouted and said bitterly, “Mummy, you’re doing it again.”


Zi Yan burst into laughter.

Mengmeng was so cute. Sometimes, she just couldn’t resist pulling her leg. She found it quite funny.

“Ah, Sister Mengmeng, you haven’t finished your homework? Neither have I! How about we do it together later?”

Hearing the relieving news, Chen Chuan, who was not far away, bounced his way toward Mengmeng.

“Go away. Who wants to do homework with you?”

Mengmeng rolled her eyes at him.

“Well, please—”

Chen Chuan shook his buttocks coquettishly at Mengmeng.

However, Mengmeng just ignored him.

She then looked Zhang Han’s way, stood up, and said, “Daddy, we’re going to the imperial palace for breakfast in a moment. Uncle Mo Wen just came and invited us over. He said that the King of Elves has an announcement to make.”

“Well then, let’s go and have a look.”

Zhang Han nodded casually.

They sat there and waited for 10 minutes before Zhang Li and Liang Hao, who finally got up, came out of the room. Now everyone was here, the group headed out of Nina’s palace for the imperial palace, which was a short distance away.

When they came near, they saw thousands of members of the royal family standing in the square in front of the palace.

Seeing this, Zhang Han’s eyes narrowed slightly. As if he had guessed something, he inadvertently looked in the direction of the imperial palace.

“This King of Elves…”

Yue Wuwei chuckled and stroked his beard.

“So many people have gathered here. Are they going to celebrate our departure?” Mu Xue curled her lips and asked.

“Perhaps he is under too much pressure when we’re here.” Instructor Liu looked around and said, “Now he is going to hold a seeing-off ceremony for us.”

As they walked toward the imperial palace, they attracted the attention of thousands of people in the square.

All of them looked Zhang Han’s way with different expressions on their faces. Some seemed envious of Nina for her being able to befriend such a strong group of people. They thought she was really lucky.

In fact, many talented disciples in the Cultivation World did not have the luck to find their right mentor. As a result, they frittered away their golden years for cultivation, and their best achievement turned out to be far disappointing given the high aptitude they had. That had happened to a lot of people.

As for Nina, the elves had also heard that the reason she advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm so quickly was that these friends of hers who had high-level strength gave her many resources for cultivation.

Those included sixth-tier spirit treasures, which other elves wouldn’t even dream of having.

Under everyone’s gaze, the group entered the imperial palace.

Near the main entrance, there were several dining tables. The King of Elves, Mo Wen, and some other core members of the royal family were standing at the side.

Today, the King of Elves was dressed very formally. His face was cold. He looked as obdurate as he always was.

People like him were very difficult to be persuaded.

They would not accept others’ ideas.

Zhang Han had no intention of communicating with him anyway.

After all, his mighty power allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

“Welcome, everyone.”

Seeing Zhang Han and others arrive, the King of Elves greeted them with a smile.

But he got no response in return.

After thinking for a moment, the King of Elves continued, “Now, most of our people have gathered here. There are some things I intend to announce before breakfast. Could you give me several minutes?”

“If you want to say something, just say it,” Yue Xiaonao muttered.

She hated to see the King of Elves dawdle.


To their surprise, the King of Elves laughed, not minding this “discourteous” behavior at all.

The Elf Clan had to maintain their tradition of courtesy, but others did not have to. Everyone on the scene also understood this.

Chuckling softly, the King of Elves took a few steps forward to stand squarely in front of the main entrance. He cast his eyes over the several thousand royal members, then at Nina, his wives, and some of Nina’s brothers and sisters. After then, he looked at Mo Wen, then at more than 20 other core members before finally shifting his gaze to the square filled with several thousand people.

“I have something to announce.”

A wand suddenly appeared in the right hand of the King of Elves. His voice was ethereal, while some mysterious auras were spreading.

“From today on, Nina is the new ruler of the Elemental Elf Clan!

“The Ruler’s Seal, show in the sky!”


As if a stone had been thrown into a peaceful lake, these words caused many people’s expressions to change.

Even his wives looked stunned.

“How could he make this announcement without discussing it with us beforehand?”

Two of his wives seemed very upset. They each believed their own sons were more qualified to take the throne.

The King of Elves proceeded to the sacrificial ceremony. He conjured up the Ruler’s Seal in the sky, which was three-dimensional. The seal in midair was exquisitely designed.

It manifested that the King of Elemental Elves was passing his power on to the next ruler.

The one who obtained the seal would enter the sacrificial area and obtain the legacy that he or she was meant to have. Some legacies were extremely powerful, while some were comparatively weak. The quality of the legacy they obtained varied from individual to individual.

If the Ruler’s Seal descended upon Nina, then Nina would officially become the new ruler.

This happened too abruptly. Everyone was still in shock.

Even Nina was in a daze.

She couldn’t believe that her father would pass on the throne to her.

“How could this be?

“But it is exactly what is happening.

“He’s even summoned the Ruler’s Seal. How could this be a joke or something?”

“Your Majesty, please take a moment to reconsider your decision. Nina is a female. Are you sure we elemental elves want a female ruler?” the First Queen said in a hurry.

“Yes, exactly. Besides, Nina has just come of age. Your Majesty, please choose the heir to the throne with more discretion!” the Third Queen hurriedly echoed.

The two of them both had sons who would naturally have a chance to contend for the throne in the future. Becoming the new king would be highly conducive to their sons’ future development. However, never would they have imagined that the King of Elves would make such an unimaginable announcement at this time.

They were really frightened.

Unlike them, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei did not seem very surprised. When they came here, they had surmised that things like this would happen. Sure enough, the King of Elves was smart. Or to be more precise, he had sharp eyes. Although he was stubborn, he did have the best interests of the Elemental Elf Clan at heart. He knew that given Nina’s friendship with Zhang Han and the others, it would do more good to the Elemental Elf Clan if Nina became the new ruler.

Even Zhang Han had to admit that the King of Elves was a very decisive man.

After the First Queen and Third Queen voiced their opinions, the King of Elves acted as though he did not hear them. Now, he had once again become the pigheaded king who would take no advice from others.

He controlled the Ruler’s Seal and made it slowly fall on Nina.


The First Queen trembled, paralyzed with shock. She then hurriedly clapped her hands over her mouth.

She had strongly mixed feelings raging. But the most she felt was anxiety and confusion.

Nina’s brothers and sisters had different expressions on their faces. Her elder sisters were okay with it. After all, the throne had little to do with them from the outset. But some of her brothers did not look happy. They thought that they were completely qualified to be the new ruler. As for who would take the throne in the future, they thought it would take some fights to decide.

They never expected that the throne would be given to Nina just like this. “How ridiculous this is!”

“Nina is now the new ruler of our Elemental Elves.”

The Elf King’s deep and imposing voice reverberated through the palace.

“A thousand years ago, we elemental elves were ruled by a queen. She led our clan to glory. Now, Nina is the new queen. I hope she can also lead our clan to a more glorious future. Now, the Ruler’s Seal has been handed to her. But considering her young age, for now, I’ll be the substitute ruler filling in for her. When she reaches the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, we will hold the inauguration ceremony.”


Under many different kinds of gazes, the Ruler’s Seal fell on Nina’s forehead.


The seal suddenly glowed. Rays of bright light shrouded Nina from head to foot.

Three seconds later, the light dissipated, and Nina returned to her original appearance. With a lost look, she gazed at the King of Elves in front of her.

“Why… I…”

Nina seemed to have understood something, but there were still some parts that puzzled her.

“Well, that’s all for today’s announcement. You’re dismissed.”

The hair on the temples of the King of Elves seemed to have turned a lot whiter, which made him look much older.

This was because he no longer possessed the Ruler’s Seal.

To every King of Elves, the Ruler’s Seal was the key to the transfer of power, so it was extremely important.

Actually, at this moment, they could totally address Nina as the Queen of Elves or Queen Nina.

The thousands of elves in the square looked at one another and started to discuss this matter. Snatches of their conversation could be heard.

“Nina is our ruler now.”

“Never thought this would happen. Looks like she’s benefited from a misfortune, hasn’t she? Only days ago, she was stressed because of her Coming of Age Ceremony. But now, she is suddenly the queen ruling our clan. Seems that His Majesty has decided to side with Zhang Hanyang wholeheartedly. That means we’re now one of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family’s enemies. I guess our Elf Clan will soon be involved in a war.”

“Are there really gonna be a war? Well, perhaps.”


Many people sighed with emotion, for some things were really hard to predict.

Nevertheless, there were also many who were pleasantly surprised.

Mengmeng’s big clear eyes became brighter.


“One of my besties is the Queen of Elves. This is cool.”

In the past few days, Yue Xiaonao had also been on good terms with Nina. They were friends now. At this moment, she was smiling heartily, because she was happy for Nina.

Chen Chuan didn’t really understand what this event meant. But when he saw Sister Mengmeng was looking at Nina and smiling, he also smiled and eyed Nina with great interest.

“Sister Nina has become the Queen of Elves.

“That’s bravo!”

The First Queen and Third Queen looked a bit pale. Yet, since things had already gone this far, it was pointless to raise any more objections.

Now Nina already had the Ruler’s Seal, it was too late to change it.

They thought furiously, “This stubborn king takes no advice. He is too arbitrary!

However, in the eyes of Zi Yan, Mu Xue, and the others, the unpleasant temper of the King of Elves seemed a little cute now.

The King of Elves was very realistic. He would do anything that would benefit his clan. That was why he chose to marry Nina off in a very cowardly way back then, and also why he had directly made her the next ruler of the Elf Clan today.

Zi Yan and the others had come to a realization that the King of Elves made decisions solely based on his clan’s interests, not his relationships with others.

“Have a seat, everyone. Nina, you’re going on a trip with Zhang Hanyang and his people, right? Since you’re with them, I won’t worry about your safety. Don’t forget to cultivate hard and try to make a breakthrough as soon as possible. When you reach the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, you will really be our queen,” the King of Elves said with a smile.

“Father, I, I… I can’t do it.” Nina looked conflicted. She didn’t know what to do.

She had never thought she would become the ruler of the Elf Clan. At this moment, she was under a huge amount of pressure and felt that she might not be able to be a queen who could lead everyone to glory.

“Don’t say that. Why can’t you be the queen?”

Before others could speak, Mengmeng quickly comforted her, “Nina, you’re so awesome. Why can’t you be a queen? Anyway, you’ll be with us for the coming trip. You can totally ask Auntie Lisa for advice. She’s also a queen, and she is amazing.”

Hearing this, Lisa was a little taken aback. Then, she chortled and said, “Sure, the Elemental Elf Clan don’t have a large population. It’s easy for your clan to have fast growth. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me at any time.”

“Yes, you can ask my mother if you have questions,” Yue Xiaonao said casually. “My mother is the Black White Palace Master. There are more than 100,000 disciples in the Black White Palace. When we were on a continent with millions of people, no one dares to provoke us.”

Regarding the population of the Black White Palace, Yue Xiaonao had only recently heard about it from others when they were talking about the battle in the King’s Domain.

Before, she only cared about having fun and never paid attention to these matters.

“She is a queen?”

The King of Elves looked surprised. He glanced at Lisa, who did not seem to be very ostentatious.

“Wow, now I do feel that she has the demeanor of a queen.

“She has more than 100,000 disciples. She is also an overlord in a place with a population of several million. Geez, that’s impressive.”

He then took a look at Zi Yan and gasped.

“She also has a majestic air. Could she be a queen, too?

“Then what about that senior and Zhang Hanyang? Aren’t they leaders of a sect?

“Oh my god, Zhang Hanyang can’t be living off his wife, can he?”

The King of Elves suddenly felt that he had discovered some sort of secret.

A peculiar look appeared in his eyes.

Nina took a deep breath, pushed her jumbled thoughts to the back of her head, and sat down.

The two dining tables were very long, so there were seats for everyone.

However, some people had no appetite for this meal.

The First Queen showed an awkward smile and said, “Your Majesty, I’m not feeling well. I’m going back to rest now.”

“Fine,” the King of Elves replied indifferently.

“Father, I’ll go take care of my mother,” the First Queen’s son hurriedly said.

This time, the King of Elves did not say anything.

Soon, his second and third wife, as well as their sons, left one after another.

It was because they felt like sitting on tenterhooks on this occasion.

This change occurred too suddenly.

It was like a bolt from the blue.

However, the order of the King of Elves could not be questioned. Anyway, the Ruler’s Seal had already entered Nina’s body.

There was no chance or method to change the result at all.

They had no choice but to accept it. However, the pain in their hearts made it impossible to yield to reality. Compared with staying here, they might as well go back and quietly lick their wounds.

“Nina, when do you suppose you will be back after the trip? I heard from Mo Wen that you may go visit Zhang Hanyang’s hometown, right?” The King of Elves asked in a low voice.

“I… I do want to go and have a look,” Nina replied.

“If you want to go, then go,” the King of Elves said, “although you have had the Ruler’s Seal, it’s not time for you to really take charge as a queen. When you reach the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, we will go to the Sacrificial Land. Perhaps you will obtain a great legacy there. But that will take some time. As for your itinerary, I don’t want to interfere. You can do whatever you want. Yet, I have one request. It’s about the Tiger Talisman Royal Family. If they prepare to take action against us, I hope you can bring your friends over to help us. Without them, our clan can’t be a match for the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

These words were undoubtedly made for Zhang Han and his people.

What a realistic statement!

It made them feel awkward when he made such a request in their presence.


Nina did not know what to say at the moment.

Feeling self-conscious, she lowered her head.

It was because Uncle Zhang and the others had come to attend her Coming of Age Ceremony that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was annoyed. It was hard to say who was right and who was wrong. Therefore, Nina had complicated feelings about this.

“If you can’t win, then run away. We can’t stay here forever,” Mengmeng muttered. “We will go back to our hometown in a few days. We won’t come here until the winter vacation arrives. There is more than half a year to go.”

“When are you planning to head back?” the King of Elves looked at Zhang Han and asked tentatively.

“In a month or so,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

He continued to help Mengmeng and Zi Yan to some special dishes.

Zhang Han didn’t like the King of Elves very much. He just thought of him as a passer-by in his life, even though he had just made a fairly wise decision.

“Okay, I see.”

The King of Elves nodded slightly.

There were some things that were on his mind, yet he did not have the face to ask too many questions.

He felt like he had just taken part in a big gamble. Now he was already in the game, he might as well let go of all his worries and play. After all, no outsiders were here. He thought he’d better privately build a good relationship with Zhang Hanyang and the others first. Then, he would make other preparations to guard against the Tiger Talisman Royal Family. After that, he could only play it by ear.

The vibe at breakfast was quite good. Except for the King of Elves, everyone else quietly changed their attitude toward Nina.

Now Nina had the Ruler’s Seal, she was already the new ruler.

It was only natural that others treated her differently.

In the Elemental Elf Clan, there was no such thing as the seniors having to be superior to the younger generation. The King of Elves was just their ruler. When Nina succeeded the throne, the current King of Elves would lose that status. At most, he would become one of the core members.

After breakfast, Zhang Han and the others boarded the aircraft.

On this trip, they only took Nina and Mo Wen with them. They didn’t take Yue Wuwei’s boat but traveled by Nina’s fleet. This time, like before, there was just one main vessel in the fleet. After taking a look at it, Liu Qingfeng thought for a moment and knew that this main vessel was a product of the Sea Spa Alliance that was worth more than 20 million crystal stones, which was just an average one.

“To go to the Cloudy Shadow Sky, if we take this route, we’ll pass by the Snowfall Star Area. The trip will take us nearly three days. But if we choose this more direct route, we will get there in two days and a half.” Nina tapped on a button, and the map of the void popped up, showing two routes.

“Then let’s go to the Snowfall Alliance first,” Zhang Han replied.

Generally speaking, it would take some time to manufacture main vessels before the buyers could receive the products. Zhang Han reckoned that there were perhaps not many ready-made Thunder Kings in the Snowfall Alliance.

He would go take a look first and book some main vessels. But more importantly, he wanted to go there to buy the Blue Butterfly for his daughter.

“Wouldn’t it be better if Mengmeng can tour the Cloud Shadow Sky in the Blue Butterfly she loves?”

After seeing the routes, Mengmeng was still a little confused.

“Daddy, the Cloud Shadow Sky is quite close to us. If we went to the Snowfall Alliance, we would take a big detour.”

“We have to go, of course. I’m going there to buy you the Blue Butterfly.”


She was in raptures at once.

But the next second, someone put a damper on her enthusiasm.

“Sister Mengmeng, we are on the way to the next fun place. Come and do your homework with me!” Not far away, Chen Chuan took out his textbooks and urged Mengmeng.


Mengmeng’s face darkened. If Chen Chuan had been near her, she would have kicked him to the other end of the room.

He certainly deserved a kick.

Seeing Mengmeng’s expression, Nina covered her mouth and giggled.

At the same time, she wondered, “What is doing homework anyway? Why did it make Mengmeng’s face fall so quickly?”

For Mengmeng, doing homework was rather tedious.

Most of the questions were very easy for her. Only one or two questions in every exam paper required her to do some thinking. Thus, it was indeed a boring thing.

If the questions were all highly challenging and Mengmeng had to ponder over each question, she would perhaps show a bit of interest in getting her homework done.

But that could not be the case.

To challenge Mengmeng, her teachers would have to give her questions that involved knowledge beyond the first grade in junior high, such as questions in Olympic Mathematics. Unfortunately, Mengmeng was not very interested in these subjects.

She was satisfied to be a mere top student in her class. She didn’t want to become a research scholar.

Otherwise, when she saw all these high-tech products, she would probably have started to do deep research on them a long time ago.

After setting the route, Nina ordered some of her subordinates who were controlling the spaceship to drive them to the Snowfall Alliance.

After entering the secondary spaces, not long after, Nina finally saw what the so-called doing homework was.

“It turns out that it’s the activity of studying.”

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