Godly Stay-Home Dad - Chapter 1257

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Chapter 1257 Explosion

The Three-tailed Rat was naturally timid. He knew that the Ancient Cursed Roc had been devouring the Ancient Demonic Beasts unscrupulously. Regardless of the elders’ instructions, he did not want to encounter the Ancient Cursed Roc.

Nowadays, any instruction was not as important as his life.

“Easy, easy. Wait.” The Giant-toothed Wolf hesitated. After a while, he took a deep breath and said, “they watched our battles, but they haven’t made a move yet, which means that they don’t have a strong killing desire. Well, we still have to find a way to carry out the instructions for a big reward.”

“You can go, but I won’t.” The Three-tailed Rat shook his head.

“Don’t you want the reward?” The Sword-tailed Tiger asked in a muffled voice.

“I won’t go even if I want the reward.”

“Okay, I’ll go.” The Sword-tailed Tiger was rash, and after thinking for a while, he decided to go over and ask.

Then, the Sword-tailed Tiger walked alone to the hotel area above.

When those managers saw the Sword-tailed Tiger, with a bald head, big ears, round eyes and no eyebrows, come over with a calm look, they did not dare to stop him. They just told the news layer by layer.

After a while, they received a reply. “Let him go.”

“Let them play as they please. As long as they don’t do harm, everything is negotiable.”

There were knocks on the door again.

“Come in.” There was a look of surprise in Zhang Han’s eyes. “What is the Ancient Demonic Beast going to do here?”

The bald, big-eared Sword-tailed Tiger walked in with a cautious expression.

“Sir, please don’t hurt me,” he said first.

“Aren’t you the Sword-tailed Tiger? What are you doing here? Don’t you know that we eat the Ancient Demonic Beasts?” Mu Xue tried to frighten him.

“Hiss!” The Sword-tailed Tiger’s body trembled.

He was a bit scared. He started to question his decision to come here. Facing these fierce human beings, oh gosh, he was really scared and upset.

“Don’t hurt me. The Sword-tailed Tiger’s meat doesn’t taste good. It’s smelly and sour,” he said in a low voice.

“Puff!” Hearing that, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and others burst into laughter.

“What was the Sword-tailed Tiger doing here?”

“Do you have something to say?” Zhang Han asked with a smile, when he saw Mengmeng and Zi Yan laughing.

“Yes, yes,” the Sword-tailed Tiger said, “our elders want to meet you in a friendly, kind, and peaceful manner. We absolutely have no malicious intentions. We’re all juniors who come out to gain experience. They ordered us to send these words to you in case we meet you.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han thought for a while.

Why did their elders want to meet them? Probably, the other side hoped that they would stop killing the Ancient Demonic Beasts outside. Although these Ancient Demonic Beasts were only at the lower class, their numbers were relatively few. Anyone which would probably be eaten was rare.

The other reason was the Ancient Cursed Roc.

“We’ll still hang out for a few more days. When we go back and pass by the Blue Sand Wind Domain, we’ll go and meet them,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Okay, okay, okay, well, if you don’t mind, I will lead the way for you. You can’t cross the light layer, and I can open the passage. There is a huge and quiet landmass inside,” the Sword-tailed Tiger said in a low voice.

“We’ll stay here for a few more days,” Zhang Han said.

“It doesn’t matter. We can wait,” said the Sword-tailed Tiger. “The communication card, the communication card… Please wait.”

The Sword-tailed Tiger fumbled in his pocket and found nothing. After thinking for a while, he turned around and ran out quickly.

He caught a staff member, grabbed his neck, and stared at him.

“Hey! Give me your communication device and communication card!”

“Huh?” The staff member was so scared that he quickly obeyed.

Even if he reported it to his superiors, they would not bother to deal with it. It was just a communication device.

“Sir, this is my communication card. Please contact me after you finish your tour.” The Sword-tailed Tiger carefully stepped forward, put the communication card on the table, and then directly left.

Zhang Han picked up the communication card, looked at it, shook his head slightly, and put it away.

He was not very interested in going to the Blue Sand Wind Domain and having a talk. When he went back and passed by, he could go and meet them.

After the Sword-tailed Tiger left, they continued to watch the battle.

They planned to go out for a walk after sitting for a while. After the tour in Hill Stone City, they would visit other special places.

Stefen and his father, who were sitting aside, were stunned.

“Is that cautious man the Sword-tailed Tiger? Yeah, it is. Such a savage Ancient Demonic Beast just looked like a coward here.” They were shocked.

The Sword-tailed Tiger left, walked a few dozen meters sideways and saw the Three-tailed Rat and the Giant-toothed Wolf.

“Wow! Tiger, you didn’t die. That’s great!” The Three-tailed Rat was pleasantly surprised. “They actually didn’t kill you.”

“Humph, of course. I first told them that my meat is smelly and sour.”

The Three-tailed Rat said nothing and thought, “I’ll say the same thing next time.”

“Did they agree?” asked the Giant-toothed Wolf.

“Yes, we’ll wait here for a few days. When they’re about to finish their tour and return to the Sea Dragon Star Area, they’ll go to meet the elders on their way back. I’ve already given them my communication card.”

“When did you have a communication card?”

“I robbed someone of the card just now. Let’s go and have something to eat.” The Sword-tailed Tiger took the lead with a domineering look.

They Ancient Demonic Beasts were all over various planets.

Their spaceships came from the robbery. After entering a spaceship, they could go anywhere they wanted. Also, they could eat, drink, live as they pleased without paying for it.

In this regard, many small bosses hoped to avoid disasters by losing money. As long as they did not make trouble, it was tolerable.

Their deeds completely explained the meaning of the phrase “acting wildly”.

In the Beast Arena, those spectators stayed quiet for quite a while before getting excited about the battles.

The battles just now made them feel slightly depressed. This riot of the Ancient Demonic Beasts finally came to an end. But what if there was a next riot? With that in mind, many people felt their blood frozen.

They watched the battle for a long while, and then dusk was falling.

Zhang Han and dozens of others came to a special restaurant for dinner.

They could basically taste several special dishes at every meal.

The next day, everyone could go anywhere as they pleased. Some went shopping, such as Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, Liang Mengqi and others. Some went to experience technology, such as Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Guangyou and others, who always liked knowing about new things. They thought that if they did not know about with these things, they would not be able to keep up with the Times. Learning was very important.

They hung out separately for two days. Then, they went to the next place for fun. Underwater City.

It was a city underwater.

This city was novel. The streets and alleys were all underwater. What was even more novel was that wearing a small mask worth a low-grade crystal could help people breathe freely underwater. There were also shoes used for experiencing different kinds of resistance. Some of the shoes could make people feel as if they were walking in the air. If someone did not wear the shoes, he could go forward by swimming in the water.

“This place is amazing!”

Chen Chuan had great fun. He took Nina’s hand and ran back and forth.

The room was empty. When he opened the window, he could feel the rhythm of the flowing water.

It was a very peculiar city.

Besides, there was a water amusement park, where different kinds of amusement facilities dazzled their eyes. Even if they were in the God Transformation Realm, they could feel that kind of exciting feeling. Of course, they had to be ready in advance.

This tour lasted for four days.

The Flowing Water Star did not disappoint them. It was very playful.

Instead of going to other planets, they planned to go back to Earth to rest for a few days. After the exam of Mengmeng and the others, they would visit more interesting places for fun.

“Let’s go.”

“Call the Sword-tailed Tiger.”

The communication device was connected.

Moments later, the Sword-tailed Tiger, the Three-tailed Rat, and the Giant-toothed Wolf flew straight from the ground to the space station.

They stood aside obediently and then followed Zhang Han and others onto a king vessel.

“Locate the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

“Get ready to jump into the secondary space, five, four…”

With a bang, the king vessel jumped into the secondary space and quickly headed towards the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

At this time, in a king vessel not far away.

Lu Shuihan stood in the central control room and stared at the picture on the screen, with a cold and cruel look.

“Since you destroyed my vessel for cultivation, I’ll destroy your family.

“Zhang Hanyang, others may be afraid of you, but I, Lu Shuihan, am not. Even if you are strong, you can’t defeat the Star-shooting House.

“Having justifiable reasons is the high-end rule of Heavenly Dragon Star Province. If you don’t, it will be a great disadvantage!

“Aha, aha…”


In Lu Shuihan’s laughter, the king vessel he was riding was started, jumped into the secondary space, and advanced toward the Shooting Stars, where the main sect of the Star-shooting House was located.

“Alas…” In the space station, Ma Li, the owner of the Beast Arena, touched his forehead, turned around, and entered the aircraft, muttering, “wish a smooth journey home. No accident, please.”

He knew that what he muttered was just a kind of psychological comfort.


The Lightning was traveling in the secondary space.

In the lounge, everyone was sitting and chatting.

Mengmeng and others also said goodbye to Stefen, who would live on the Flowing Water Star for the time being.

“After we go back and have a rest for a few days, the exam is about to start,” Zi Yan said with a smile, while looking at Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao and others. “Do you think it’s interesting to hang out all the time or to go back to study after hanging out for a while?”

“Of course, it’s interesting to hang out all the time. The longer you hang out, the more fun you’ll have,” Yue Xiaonao said directly.

“Yes, yes, the longer I hang out, the more fun I’ll have!” Chen Chuan raised his hands.

Seeing the carefree children, many adults burst into laughter.

Only when they were young could they enjoy a carefree life.

In high school, there would generally be a lot of pressure, but it was not a problem for straight-A students. And they would have an easier time at college.

“Now I’m about to open the third floor of the Thunder Tower.

“My lightning skills will improve again. However, practicing the Great Void Thunder Scripture alone will always make me feel empty. Shall I hunt for food or absorb lightning?

“In the whole world, those ordinary thunderbolts are already of little use to me.

“The Immortal Body of the Five Elements is constantly improving.

“Currently, I need to focus on practicing the Great Void Thunder Scripture and comprehending the Lightning World.”

Zhang Han pondered over his own cultivation.

He also designed a set of dazzling and cool moves for Mengmeng.

Zhang Han spent a lot of effort to design the secret skill, so it was very powerful.

Mengmeng could make one hundred percent use of the fighting power of the Dark Cold Fire. With the help of the powerful secret skill, her strength would become stronger and stronger.

The little girl’s fighting capacity…

Zhang Han smiled and said, “cultivation alternates with rest. Keeping cultivating will slow down the progress. We are all very young. We just need to cultivate while hanging out. Otherwise, we will miss a lot of wonderful places.”

“You can really brainwash them,” Yue Wuwei said with a snort.

He bridled at Zhang Han’s words. Countless masters in the Cultivation World depended on their hard work.

They were so hardworking that the cultivation basically took up all their time, even for food and poop. In fact, cultivators in the Innateness Realm already needed no food. It did not matter to them even if they ate or drank nothing for a few months. Some people would even cultivate in seclusion all year round and might only come out once every few years.

In Yue Wuwei’s opinion, this team was simply eating, drinking, and having fun.

“Did they spend one-third of their time on cultivating every year?”

The answer seemed to be “no”.

Especially when it came to food, they were all little foodies.

“I’m telling the truth.” Zhang Han smiled while shaking his head repeatedly. “In terms of cultivation, between talent and hard work, the former is more important.”

“It’s not necessarily true. If someone keeps cultivating by painstaking effort during his traveling around the world, he has a high chance of encountering his fortunes and constantly making breakthroughs. His talent will get increasingly better,” Yue Wuwei said.

“That’s true,” Zhang Han nodded, “but that kind of life is joyless for an active person.”

“Yes, that kind of life is basically joyless.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.

“Dad, why are you so stubborn?” Yue Xiao said, “you said that, as if you don’t like to hang out.”

Yue Wuwei was stunned and speechless.

After a few seconds, he said, “It reminds me that I’m also a casual person, aha.”

As he spoke, he began to laugh. He could not keep cultivating by painstaking effort, but he was still expecting others to do it.

“Well, I really miss the hometown after hanging out for some time. I’ll go shopping and eat some special food after I go back, especially the food on our mountain. I want to eat the white radish. It’s sweet and crispy.”

“Aunty Feifei, if you eat too many white radishes, you will fart a lot,” said Mengmeng.

“I won’t fart around you,” Zhou Fei said with a grin, “and Mengmeng, don’t forget that you once did it to me…”

“Okay, okay, you win. I won’t say it again.”

Mengmeng touched her forehead to show that she was convinced.

“Aunty Feifei always talked about those things when she was a child. Humph.”

The peaceful atmosphere and happy talks made the three Ancient Demonic Beasts sitting in the corner feel much more at ease.

Their mood was affected by the atmosphere.

They looked at each other with their eyes wide open.

It turned out that the ruthless man was not very fierce at ordinary times.

Phew… they were safe now.

As long as the group of people did not eat them, they would not be afraid.

“Oh?” A head suddenly popped out of Mengmeng’s bag.

It was Dahei.

Dahei yawned and climbed out on its own. It sat down on the sofa beside Mengmeng. Then, it grew bigger, about over one meter tall. It lazily leaned against the sofa and shouted, “Whoa, whoa.”

“Master, I’m hungry. Is it time for dinner?”

“Murmur. Murmur.” Swoosh! Tiny Tot also crawled out, waving its wings.

Clang! It had a fall and sat on the ground.

That was okay. It did not hurt. Then, it got up and ran onto Dahei’s belly.


When Tiny Tot suddenly saw the three Ancient Demonic Beasts, it sank into deep thought.

“Coo.” Black mist suddenly rose around Tiny Tot’s body.

It seemed that a certain kind of curse was about to be shot.

“Hiss!” “Oh my god! It’s the Ancient Cursed Roc!”

“Please show mercy! My lord, don’t kill me.”

The Giant-toothed Wolf, the Sword-tailed Tiger, and the Three-tailed Rat were so frightened that their expressions changed dramatically and they shivered.

The strong pressure from the Ancient Cursed Roc made them too frightened to resist.

“Tiny Tot, don’t eat them. They are leading the way.” Mengmeng also knew about the three Ancient Demonic Beasts, so she stopped Tiny Tot.

“Murmur. Murmur.”

Tiny Tot pondered for another two seconds before withdrawing the mist.

It fluttered its wings at the three Ancient Demonic Beasts over there.

“Humph, since Little Master doesn’t allow me to eat you, I’ll spare your lives.”

“Are you hungry?” Zhang Han smiled, took out a large piece of meat, and asked Tiny Tot, Dahei, and Little Hei to roast it.

“Huh?” When the Three-tailed Rat smelled the meat, he was so frightened that he felt as if his heart was about to be shattered. “That, that, that’s Pi’s meat?”

“Oh my god, it scared me.” The Sword-tailed Tiger covered his eyes and did not dare to look at the scene.

He felt that if he was disrespectful to the Ancient Cursed Roc, he would be swallowed up, and then… his body would be on the barbecue rack.

How intimidating!

Gradually, an aroma filled the air.

However, Zhang Han and the others had just finished eating and were not hungry, so they were not ready to eat.

With a sizzle, the aroma of roasted meat was getting stronger and stronger.

Even Dahei began to drool. They could eat it very soon.

Little Hei was also sitting aside and watching intently.

It could not only eat meat, but also chew the bones, which was greater.

Tiny Tot was puffing fire from its mouth. “Whoa.”

“Let’s eat!”

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Just as Dahei was about to reach out, the red light lit up the entire lounge.

“War…” Bang!

Before the alarm shrieked, a muffled sound had been heard, and extremely intense fluctuations had been spread.

In an instant, before everyone reacted, the wave of flames, accompanied by some compressed murderous moves, had whistled over from all directions.


It seemed that the world was filled with dazzling beams.

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