Godly Stay-Home Dad - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Only for Members

There were different types of flour, such as high, low, or medium gluten.

Some were suitable for making dumplings and buns, some were suitable for making bread, and some were suitable for making noodles. Different categories were depending on how much the dough was cooked. Of course, there were also some such as snow pollen, dumplings’ flour, bread flour, and so on.

There were many types of flour, but the powder processed by the Mount New Moon was omnipotent.

Zhang Han could control the degree of the flour according to the amount of water he poured into it, and do whatever he wanted to do. Furthermore, the noodles themselves were very fragrant, so the delicacies they cooked could be said to be unquestionable.

“PaPa, what … what should I do?” Mengmeng watched from the side for a while, but she did not know what she was going to do.

“Mengmeng can just press this small dough into a flat round shape.” Zhang Han pointed to the dough.

“Oh.” Mengmeng obediently stretched out her hand and pressed down, “Is that so? Ah, I can’t take it down! What do we do, Papa. ”

When Mengmeng’s small hand pressed down, she immediately stuck the small dough onto her palm. Mengmeng raised her hand, looked at it for a while, then swung it up and down with force, but could not shake it off.

“Hahaha …”

Zhang Han laughed heartily. He seemed to have seen this scene before as if he had also experienced such a view when he was young.

“Here, dad will get it for you.” Zhang Han took off the dough in Mengmeng’s hands and placed some flour on her hands. He said: “Wipe some flour, and it won’t stick to your hands.

“Ugh …” “Is that so?” Mengmeng successfully squashed a small piece of dough, then the little princess raised her head and looked at Zhang Han and said: “Papa, how is Mengmeng’s squashing?”

“Un …” Zhang Han muttered to himself as he carefully looked at the small dough and said: “It’s excellent to press. Mengmeng is so awesome, and it’s really round and flat.”

“Haha …” Mengmeng laughed happily as she continuously pressed down little dough, feeling that it was both fun and fun.

“Papa, look at this, round, Papa, look, it’s so flat, Papa …”

When Zhang Han saw this scene, at the same time as a happy smile leaked out from the corner of his mouth, the depths of his eyes also became somewhat absent-minded.

As a father for the first time, he finally knew how his father felt as a child.

At that time, he had pressed dough, and his father had looked at him with such a gentle gaze. Their family members happily packed dumplings, and the child’s happy appearance. As a father, his heart was happy and satisfied.

‘I wonder how mom and dad are doing now… ‘

‘After a year, no matter where you are, no matter what trouble you have, my son will come and fetch you.’

‘Family reunion, I’ll let you all see your cute granddaughter… ‘

Zhang Han sighed softly in his heart.

He was naturally anxious about his parents, but Zhang Han would never put this emotion on his face. Instead, he kept it buried deep in his heart. It was the same as Zi Yan’s.

Mengmeng pressed the dough very slowly. Every time she finished pressing the button, Zhang Han would roll the dough in two seconds and wrap the dumplings up in two seconds. The dumplings were round and plump, like a gold nugget.

This caused Mengmeng to become a little anxious. While she increased her speed, she pouted and said:

“Aiya, Papa, why don’t you slow down a little …”

“Alright, alright, alright. Daddy will be a bit slower, how about you press the button with daddy?”

“No, I, I press …”

During the interaction time between Zhang Han and Mengmeng, the dumplings had been appropriately wrapped. Because they were mainly made by Mengmeng, the dumpling was very exquisite and was a lot smaller than usual.

Zhang Han took the panel and returned to the kitchen, just at this time, the water also boiled, and then the dumplings began to cook in the boiling water.

Just then, Zhang Han cut the garlic into minced garlic and put it into a bowl. He added soy sauce and placed vinegar, fragrant oil and chili oil beside it.

Zhang Han used two small plates to mix the dipping condiments, and very quickly, the dumplings were placed into a net basin, and Zhang Han put two plates on the table.

“Mengmeng, it’s time for us to eat.” Zhang Han waved to Mengmeng who was on the sofa.

“Come, let’s eat …” Mengmeng ran over happily.


Just as Liang Mengqi opened her mouth, he interrupted her: “Go ahead and get them. There’s no need to ask in the future; I’ll leave some for you guys when I cook.”

“Hehehehe, boss, you’re so nice. I love you.” Hearing that, Liang Mengqi’s face lit up and even said a few ambiguous words in front of everyone. After that, Liang Mengqi’s face turned slightly red, and her heart started beating even faster.

Yu Qingqing looked at Liang Mengqi strangely and laughed meaningfully.

As for Zhao Feng, he was slightly stunned, and his heart stirred:

Does she like the boss?

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart, got up and followed along, preparing to eat a plate of dumplings. The boss’s food was very fragrant, of course, he would not let go of any delicacies.

In the face of Liang Mengqi’s words, Zhang Han did not have any expression, but Mengmeng was a little displeased. She pouted her little mouth and said: “No, you cannot love my Papa.

Mengmeng had already decided not to have anything with the little sister. Although she had played with him a few times, that still wasn’t good.

Hearing that, Liang Mengqi stuck out her tongue, then laughed: “Big sister is joking.”

“Hmph.” Mengmeng snorted lightly and ignored her.

Liang Mengqi did not mind as well and returned to the table happily with a plate of dumplings.

“Eh? Qingqing, why don’t you get some dumplings? ” Liang Mengqi asked curiously when she saw that Yu Qingqing did not get up.

“I… “I don’t like leeks very much.” Yu Qingqing shook her head slightly.

Not only did she not like it, but she was also very bored. She felt that the leek was a bit spicy, and it would even taste like leek in her mouth.

“Then forget it, I didn’t have much left. I’ll eat it all later.” Liang Mengqi said as she complacently picked up a dumpling, dipped it in dipping condiments and placed it in the end.

After eating, the dough was smooth. When you bit down on it, the fragrance of the leek and egg lingered in your mouth.

What kind of feeling was this?

The dumplings with the leek and egg stuffing already tasted very good. The leek and egg filling with the Mount New Moons tasted even purer.

With the help of the fragrant wood, the taste of the ingredients was enhanced. This taste was so strong that Liang Mengqi was no longer able to use words to express it.

“How could this be …” After Zhao Dahu ate a dumpling, his gaze became incredibly gentle, and he muttered softly: “This is the most delicious dumpling I’ve ever eaten, the taste is delicious.”

“Truly formidable.” Even with Zhao Feng’s personality that did not like to praise others, he could not help but exclaim in praise at this moment.

Seeing the expressions of the three, Yu Qingqing’s stomach violently rumbled twice.

Even the speed of eating the Egg-Fried Rice on the plate slowed down. Eventually, they gradually stopped and stared eagerly at the three people who were eating happily.

In her heart, she apparently did not like eating leek, but under the support of the three of them, she had thought that Zhang Han’s food could not be measured by common sense.

‘Perhaps, the boss’s leek is the best in the world. That taste should… Very good, isn’t it? ‘

Yu Qingqing’s gaze swept across the three people’s plates and then looked at their expressions. She intentionally coughed lightly and asked: “Mengqi, sissy, are the dumplings delicious?”

“Delicious.” Liang Mengqi replied vaguely while eating the dumplings.

“It’s too fragrant!” Zhao Dahu replied.

After they finished talking, the two continued eating the dumplings on the plate.

‘It’s over just like that? ‘

Yu Qingqing was slightly taken aback.

She was still waiting for one of the two to say, “Qing Qing, why don’t you try one of them?”

However, the reality was ruthless. The two of them only had eyes for the dumplings in front of them.

Therefore, Yu Qingqing looked at Zhao Dahu with some anger.

You still want to chase after me like this!? Humph! Just you wait! This bastard was completely unreasonable!

“I’ll go and get it myself!” Yu Qingqing said snappily as she stood up and walked towards the kitchen counter.

Just as she took a step forward, Liang Mengqi’s words came from behind: “Qing Qing, didn’t you say that you don’t like to eat leek? Just try two of them, and leave some for me.”

Yu Qingqing’s body shook, and she muttered angrily:

“Losing friends!” What a bad friend! No loyalty, no sisterhood! This was the end of the line! Humph! I will bring it all out! ”

In a fit, Yu Qingqing placed all the dumplings that were worth about a minute and a half into her plate.

After sitting back down, Yu Qingqing picked up a dumpling and looked at it.

All the dumplings were a size smaller than usual. They looked like little ingots and looked pretty good.

Without touching the dipping condiments, she directly took a bite.

At that moment, Yu Qingqing’s eyes slowly widened, and in the next moment, she activated her berserk mode and started to eat her dumplings frantically.

At the same time, the bullet screen in her heart floated past once again:

“So the dumplings made from leek and eggs are so delicious!”

“No, no, no. It should be said that the dishes made by the boss are the real leek, egg, and dumplings.”

“What I’ve eaten before is fake. It’s all fake! It’s all fake!”


The several of them continued to savor their food, causing the customers sitting at the small white table by the window to raise their eyebrows.

They also wanted to have a taste of the dumplings.

The surprise that the Egg Fried Rice gave them was too strong.

Especially for Sun Dongheng, he could not endure the temptation of the taste buds any longer. He turned his head to look at Zhang Han and said:

“Boss, that… I want dumplings too. ”

At this moment, the beautiful lady in front of him strangely said, “If you want to eat it, go and get it. I also want to try it. The Egg Fried Rice is so delicious, and the dumplings will definitely be fragrant.”

But Zhang Han’s answer made Sun Dongheng laughed bitterly:

“Members can only eat it; nonmember only has Egg-Fried Rice and milk for now.”

“Eh …” Sun Dongheng’s face stiffened as he shook his head helplessly.

“A member?” At this time, the woman at the innermost area pondered for a moment and said, “Then help me get a member. I also want to eat dumplings. How much is the member?”

When she arrived, she was playing with her cell phone, so she didn’t notice the billboard in the front of the restaurant.

“One million yuan.” Zhang Han replied indifferently without even turning his head.

“One million yuan? Are you sure it’s not 100 yuan? ” The woman was stunned. She had never heard of a restaurant asking for a million membership cards.

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