Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 1102 - Close neighbors are better than distant relatives

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Chapter 1102: Close neighbors are better than distant relatives

The fried rice was stir-fried with the remaining ingredients. Yuan Zhou had completed the mission with great difficulty. If he didn’t use it anymore, he would suffer a great loss. Yuan Zhou wasn’t a person who was willing to suffer losses. Therefore, he racked his brain to think of a solution and only provided one serving a day … “I suddenly have a bold idea.” Yuan Zhou asked the system in his mind if it could be operated in this way and the system gave him an affirmative answer. Having solved a difficult problem, Yuan Zhou started his daily repetitive training. After three rounds of practice, Yuan Zhou changed his clothes and went out. He had an important matter to complete. Yuan Zhou walked to the nearest newspaper stand. Due to the rise of the online reading era, the newspaper office had suffered a great loss. In the past, the news of the newspaper could be used as long as the website was changed. People didn’t care. But this year, Southern Daily relied on it to Sue today’s headline and made a profit. Therefore, the nearest newspaper stand also required some effort. 10 minutes later, Yuan Zhou arrived at the destination. “Boss, does ‘culinary arts hero’ have it?” Yuan Zhou asked. “Of course there is. If you want the latest issue, then you have to get the old ones.” The shop owner asked. “It’s the latest issue. ” “I want 10 books,” Yuan Zhou said. “Ten books?” Although the shop owner found it a little strange, he did not ask much. After all, he had encountered such things before. For example, when a celebrity appeared on a magazine, his fans would buy many copies to collect. “I have to see if there are ten books.” As the shop owner spoke, he squatted down to look for it. It was a small newspaper stand selling point, and the storage of magazines was not large. “There are only eight books.” The shop owner said after counting. “Eight books will do.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and prepared to buy all of them. “There were originally nine books. I sold one before.” Seeing that Yuan Zhou was really going to buy all of them, the attitude of the restaurant owner became much better. Yuan Zhou suddenly asked with interest,””There are more people buying this magazine today than usual, right?” “Not really, other than the eight books you bought, it’s pretty much the same as usual.” The shop owner replied. Then, he seemed to have thought of something and asked,””Is there an exclusive interview with a celebrity in this magazine?” “It’s fine. That’s all. Goodbye. ” In Yuan Zhou’s mind, he thought of the three consecutive hits of a certain expression package, but in the end, he didn’t say it out loud. He just shook his head and then left with the eight magazines. Yuan Zhou was very hurt. He had thought that with him around,”culinary arts heroes” would be out of stock this issue. But it turned out that the fairy tales were all lies. Of course, when Yuan Zhou saw his tall and sturdy back on the cover of the magazine, his unhappy mood immediately disappeared. Strictly speaking, he was a person who was easily satisfied. That’s right. Yuan Zhou didn’t like to be on camera. Therefore, the latest issue of “culinary talent” featured his back while he was sculpting. According to Wang Keyi, this was also the first time in the history of their magazine that he was sculpted. He accidentally made history again. Yuan Zhou bought all eight magazines and only took one to put on the shelf. On the shelf that Carpenter Lian had built, there were boxing gloves, puppy toys, and a small box. The other seven books were not placed in the bedroom on the second floor. Instead, they were placed in the most conspicuous position on the first floor. As for which spot was the most eye-catching, they would know during dinner time. “A spoonful of sugar for Sichuan cuisine, then for Jiangsu cuisine …” Yuan Zhou had already taken the time to observe the Jiangsu cuisine course. It was really convenient now that there was the internet. It was very easy to distinguish between those with bad hands and those who were not. If a dish could be made according to the tutorial video, it was not a dish with bad hands. However, no matter how many times he watched the tutorial video, if he couldn’t complete each action, he would be considered a handicapped person. “Just like Sichuan cuisine, the online teaching of Jiangsu cuisine is a simplified version with many steps omitted.” Yuan Zhou came to a conclusion. In fact, sometimes Yuan Zhou thought that some people felt that the time was long while others felt that it was not enough. It would be great if he could give the time that he felt was long to those who did not have enough time. For example, Yuan Zhou himself had originally intended to cook something, but when he looked at the time and realized it was time to prepare dinner, he had no choice but to give up. While they were preparing dinner, director Wu brought two pieces of good news. “Boss Yuan, this year, the landmark food of our Street will still be master chef Restaurant.” Director Wu was elated. She wanted to keep him in suspense, but after a pause, she couldn’t help but continue. “Not only in our area, master chef Restaurant also won the title of the landmark delicacy in the whole Chengdu. Boss Yuan, let me tell you, in the whole Chengdu, only three restaurants have won this title,” she said. It was indeed good news. A rare smile appeared on Yuan Zhou’s poker face. After all, he had been recognized. The gourmet landmark plan was also officially recognized. At present, only Chengdu was recognized as a landmark. He believed that if there was a whole Sichuan Province, his restaurant would definitely be one of them. “Boss Yuan, for such a good thing, have you considered holding an activity to get a discount?” Director Wu asked again. Then, the smile on Yuan Zhou’s face disappeared instantly. “Yes, I’ll definitely work harder to make more delicious food. Don’t worry, director Wu.” Yuan Zhou said with a righteous tone. Did he agree or not? Director Wu didn’t quite understand Yuan Zhou’s words, but she didn’t ask further and just mentioned it casually. “There’s one more thing. Huang Ling’s China Knot has been identified by the Chengdu police as a designated security decoration. Therefore, Huang Ling is very busy now.” Director Wu shared another piece of good news. Huang Ling was a very kind and good girl. Yuan Zhou couldn’t help nodding his head. If he could cooperate with the government, he wouldn’t have to worry about sales. “Huang Ling has completed the supply of the first batch of China knots and red ropes. With the money, she’s ready to change her residence.” “Huang Ling is embarrassed to ask,” director Wu said.”So I’ll help you ask if you have time to drink the moving wine on the 3rd of next month.” “The 3rd of next month …” Yuan Zhou muttered to himself for a while and then asked,””What time is it?” “I won’t delay your business hours. Don’t worry.” Director Wu said. “I don’t have anything to do. I’ll make up for my leave.” Yuan Zhou explained. He muttered to himself as he was thinking about what kind of gift he should give to the moving house wine. “You don’t have to ask for leave. I’ve arranged the time. Huang Ling is a very honest girl. Although she said that it was a moving wine, in fact, it was to thank the neighbors who had helped her and her brother in Taoxi road for the past two years.” Yuan Zhou thought for a while. Actually, he had only met Huang Ling and her brother a few times. If he had to say what help they could provide, it could only be the 1 yuan white fungus. The kindness of a drop of water would be repaid with a fountain. Many people knew about this saying, but there were too few people who could really do it. “A close neighbor is better than a distant relative,” director Wu concluded. Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly and added in his heart,”just like aunt Tong.” “Alright, I’ve already informed you of the news. I still have to go back and handle some documents.” Director Wu said goodbye and left. Dinnertime began, and the customers who had lined up to get a number entered the restaurant one by one. “Why is there a magazine on the table? who lost it?” Yes, the most eye-catching place was the dining table … [Ps: I hope that all kind people in the world can have a good ending like Huang Ling.] The noob cat is very grateful to all the little angels who have completed the mission and increased the combat power of the team.

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